Spirit Hunters Of Maoshan Sect Chapter 309

Chapter 309

Chapter 309          The Xue Wu and The Big-Eyed Spirit 2

Xiao Ma and Zhuang Yuning exchanged a stunned look.

Wait, do you mean a sorcerer was using it to spy on us?

Ye Shaoyang nodded in approval, The combination of a Xue Wu and a Big-Eyed Spirit; the former helped to make them invisible while the latter spied on us. What a combination the sorcerer thought of.

Xiao Ma scolded, Damn, I should check around before I bathe next time.

Zhuang Yuning sighed, I wouldnt be able to believe that such creatures exist in our world if I did not see them with my own eyes.

They do not belong to the mortal world. The Underworld has a lot of extraordinary creatures. These two are just the tip of the iceberg. Ye Shaoyang paused for a moment and continued explaining to them, Now, I am confident that the culprit is a sorcerer. From the way he acted, especially with these three Xue Wus feathers, I can say that he is a powerful sorcerer.

Zhuang Yunings brow crumpled as she pondered; she muttered to herself, Since when have I offended such a powerful sorcerer?

I dont think you offend them. Some sorcerers are willing to work for someone who can offer high pay. Sigh, I regrett asking for only three hundred thousand from you. Such a powerful sorcerer but such low pay.

Zhuang Yuning panicked at once. She grasped his wrists and cried, Big Brother Shaoyang, please, please save me. I can pay you more.

Umm I was just joking. Ye Shaoyang hurriedly withdrew his hands from her grasps.

Nah, Little Ye, stop playing a fool. You havent settled with this creature. But, strange, why is it curling at the corner instead of running away? Xiao Ma pointed at the Big-Eyed Spirit.

I told you. It is very timid. The moment I defeated it, it knew that trying to run away from me is useless, said Ye Shaoyang as he walked toward it and looked at it with his head a little tilted, I knew you were threatened to spy on us, so I should be considered your savior. You may go back to the Underworld.

The Big-Eyed Spirit was dumbstruck. It had never thought of having a chance to live. It nodded vigorously like a chick pecking on rice. Ye Shaoyang quickly drew a Soul Guiding Talisman Paper. When he was about to stick the paper on it, the Big-Eyed Spirit dodged to one side and shook its hands.

What happened? Ye Shaoyang frowned.

The Big-Eyed Spirit immediately squatted, his mouth wide open, and a blue shining slice exite its mouth. The slice slowly floated toward Ye Shaoyang.

What?! You want to take me as your owner? This time, Ye Shaoyang was shocked; he jumped and shouted.

The Big-Eyed Spirit nodded relentlessly.

Too late; if he did not accept the soul crystal, it would dry and wilt moments after it was out from a spirit. Ye Shaoyang could not help but shake his head. Extending his arm and opening his palm, he accepted the soul crystal, which it transformed into a faint light at once and permeated into the skin of his palm.

Ye Shaoyang sighed and spoke to the Big-Eyed Spirit, Well, back to where you come from. Be a good boy and do good. I will look for you if I go to Underworld in the future.

The Big-Eyed Spirit nodded and dived into the talisman paper and flew out the window.

Moments later, Xiao Ma and Zhuang Yuning finally recovered from the shock.

What do you mean when you said it decided to take you as its owner? And whats the shining thing? Xiao Ma asked.

It means it decided to be my spirit servant. The shining thing is a soul crystal. Only spirits from Underworld have it. Once they give to a sorcerer, the sorcerer can summon them at any time.

Xiao Ma paused to digest his words. After a while, he asked, Ah, I remembered that Heji gave her soul crystal to you too. Did she choose you as her owner? But, why did the Big-Eyed Spirit want to become your spirit servant? Was it because you spared it and let it back to the Underworld?

That was one of the reasons. But, I guess that the main reason was. It knew that I am a Heavenly Master. It chose to become my spirit servant so that I would save it if it meets any danger in the future. explained Ye Shaoyang as he shrugged helplessly.

Ye Shaoyangs answer left Xiao Ma speechless. Nowadays, even a spirit would like to follow a powerful sorcerer.

The sorcerer suffered losses. Instead of using it to spy on us, you made it ours.

Battle of crafts is like playing games. But, he only lost a Big-Eyed Spirit. If I did not discover the Xue Wu, he could have continued to spy on us and obtain a lot of useful information. I cant even imagine the consequences.

Xiao Ma thought for a moment and asked, But why did you send it off? Since the sorcerer sent it here, it must know where the sorcerer stays and could lead us there.

Ye Shaoyang shook his head, No. The sorcerer is cunning. He cut off every connection with the Big-Eyed Spirit when he realized I had captured it. Furthermore, the Big-Eyed Spirit has low IQ, it would not know where he stays.

The three of them went into silence, pondering on different matters. Moments later, Zhuang Yuning nervously looked around the house, Is it the only one? Or there are more in my house?

The Big-Eyed Spirit and the feathers of Xue Wu are not easily found. He couldnt have more than one. After Ye Shaoyang replied, he gave the matter a second thought. To be safe, he got a glass of water and transformed the water into mist with the power of talisman papers and checked every corner.

After making sure there was nothing, he asked Zhuang Yuning for four mirrors and he climbed up to the roof. He checked on his Eight Trigrams Mirror and found four good locations. Tying cinnabar thread onto the four mirrors, he hung them on each spot.

Then he adjusted the mirrors and went down to the main door. He hung his Eight Trigrams Mirror at the center above the main door. A simple but powerful formation had been set up.

By setting this formation, you can block all kinds of evil beings from coming into the house? Xiao Ma asked curiously.

Impossible, dude. The formation is directed against the Xue Wu. The sorcerer might have more feathers of Xue Wu, so we have to be more cautious.

Xiao Ma scratched his head and asked, Why dont you set up a powerful formation that can protect the entire villa and prevent all evil beings from coming in?

Ye Shaoyang instantly rolled his eyes, I thought you would at least understand the basics after you have been with me for so long. Formations depend on the surrounding current to maintain. The current will form a focus point of a formation. Therefore, there is no perfect formation as there is always a way to break a focus point of the formation.

Such a sophisticated concept. Xiao Ma said as he pouted his lips.

Not long after, the bell rang.

I think it is Sister Yuqing. I will go and open the door. Ye Shaoyang got to his feet and walked across the pavement. When he opened the door and looked around, he was puzzled. It was Xie Yuqing, but... she looked a little different today.

She did not wear her police uniform. Instead, she was wearing a white close-fitting t-shirt and pants that perfectly accentuated her sexy, slim figure. She had loosened her shoulder-length hair and put on some faint makeup on her face. She looked gorgeous and a faint fragrant smell emanated from her.

Ye Shaoyang held on the door knob and stared at her.

Yes? Never seen a pretty lady before? Xie Yuqing smiled at him.

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