Start Selling Jars From Naruto Chapter 841

Chapter 841: : Onlookers Watch The Butterflies Open The Can

Misaka Mikoto flushed and was knocked down by this sentence.

Money seems to be easy for members.

But if you don't want to rely on special means, not everyone can make so much money.

is used to recruit newcomers, you can't even afford the novice welfare money.

"Also, do you have any misunderstandings about the guild?" Toni continued to attack. "Have you never played the game? In addition to the local tyrants, how many of them have established their own guild? Join the guild, you are still my companion It's not a subordinate, and doesn't have too much responsibility. At most, it's like doing tasks together, fighting together, why you have to build your own guild."

Toni's remarks are also considered distracting.

She really likes Misaka Mikoto.

also saw the shining spots on this girl.

After all, a woman in her thirties, who hasn't had any maternal love yet, if Misaka Mikoto joins the rest of the guild, or builds a guild by herself, she will also be worried.

"I will think about it again." Misaka Mikoto lowered her head.

She is still too competitive and doesn't like the feeling of inferiority.

Toni was originally the object of her admiration and pursuit.

If you join Tonis guild, you will always feel like you have completely lost. It would be better to agree to the invitation of the bee-eater, she still has the confidence in front of the bee-eater.

"Okay." Seeing her like this, Toni didn't say much.

the next day.

Butterfly Ninja, found Toni.

"I have already decided." With a relieved expression, Butterfly Ninja bowed respectfully, "Please allow me to follow you after removing all ghosts."

Yesterday, she had a long conversation with Yoya Shiki.

I really want to see my sister sooner.

In addition, the first meeting with Toni gave her a very small impression of Toni. At that time, she only faced her as weak as an ordinary person. Toni also showed respect and patience, and even helped.

And Sanya Shiki Yoshiya also expressed encouragement to her after understanding the idea of Ninja Butterfly.

Although he is not much older than Butterfly Ninja, he is already the father of five children. He treats these younger pillars like his family, and naturally hopes that they can find a good future and belong.

And Toni, even from his sunshine, is a nice person.

At this moment, Toni is naturally overjoyed.

"Don't say anything about following or not following." Toni held the butterfly tightly in his arms, "I will be a companion from now on, just call me Sister Toni."

Facts have proved that there are still many differences between the female Tony and the male Tony.

Although the same suspicious.

But in terms of emotion, it is also more delicate.

Butterfly Ninja was a little embarrassed, but did not refuse.

She felt a little sister's feeling.


Toni is better for softness and size.

Thinking of her sister, Butterfly Shinobi quickly raised her head, some want to say, but she didn't seem to say anything.

After all, I just joined, but the money thing seems to be a bit bad.

But Toni could not see her thoughts.

"I have given you the money." Toni smiled, "As long as I agree to use my money to pay for you, you can directly buy the jar. Let's start. Everyone is there. You can also show the jar. What is it like."

The Chamber of Commerce is not an inconvenience, and there is no need to spend any specific money.

As long as Toni agrees.

Butterfly Ninja can use her money to sell cans.

And looking at the pillars coming around, the smile on the corner of Toni's mouth also became a little interesting.

Opening a can has its unique charm. She has experienced this firsthand. Watching others open a can will only increase her desire to open a can. How can such a good publicity opportunity be let go.

Take a good look.

can't help it, I want to open the jar, so I join her.

Butterfly Ninja is naturally plunged into joy.

Will there be a chance to meet her sister soon?

Just thinking of her sister, Butterfly Ninja does not care about anything, the closer to that time, the more excited.

She took out her membership badge and chose to buy it directly on the interface. It was not the mind of opening the can, but the real can.

for an instant.

Two hundred first-class pots, five hundred second-class pots, and ten third-class pots appeared in this courtyard.

laid out the floor full.

All the columns, including Yoya Shiki's attention, were suddenly attracted by these jars.


Immortal Kawa Minya even swallowed.

He also ran out of all his possessions yesterday. Except for the knives and clothes on his body, all the other things that could be sold were sold, and only a few jars were opened. But just those jars. He has a feeling of opening the door to a new world.

and before my eyes.

there are hundreds!

"Go ahead," Toni said softly.

"Huh!" Butterfly nodded vigorously.

began his happy journey of opening cans.

What she bought was the medicine series. The jars contained precious and various medicinal materials. As a master of medicine in the ghost killing team, most of the things in the jars can give her a surprise expression, even from time to time. the sound of.

Although the rest of the people can't understand the various things in the jar, they can see it roughly from the expression of Ninja Butterfly.

is definitely a good thing.

Immortal Kawasumi even walked around uncontrollably, scratching his head.

"When will the resurrection come?" He couldn't help but say ~ wuxiaworld.online~ Many of the pillars here actually have their relatives killed by ghosts.

Especially him.

The mother who was killed by his own hands and turned into a ghost is, to some extent, the nightmare in the heart of Undead Kawamiya, and the source of his hatred of ghosts.

"It's too early." Toni glanced at him, "Even in the Chamber of Commerce, resurrecting non-members is not a simple matter. There is only one person I know who can trigger the resurrection."

Tsunade's cherish degree is evident.

is precisely because of this.

Toni's tension at this time is not much worse than that of the onlookers.

She has high hopes for Butterfly.

Butterfly Ninja opened the cans one by one, all the pillars were watching, from morning till evening, no one left, no one felt boring, especially when Butterfly Ninja opened good things, he would explain it from time to time. .

The red bottle that can quickly heal all injuries, heal skills, and even a potion to soothe the mood...

All these make these pillars breathtaking.

Every pillar is a warrior who has experienced many battles, and he can naturally understand the meaning of these things for battle.

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