Stealing Spree Book 3 Chapter 128

Volume 3 Chapter 128 House Visit Again

"Next station in 5 minutes. Press the button if you will get down."

The announcement from the Bus Driver woke me up from watching Satsuki's current sleeping face resting on my shoulder.

After the Cake Shop and determining that her family already went out, we rode the bus to their house. On the way, Satsuki fell asleep on my shoulder. The practice game took a toll on her and knowing I'm next to her, she thought of resting her eyes but instead, she drifted to sleep. It's only a short ride from the station near the cake shop to here. It's not even 15 minutes. For her to fall asleep, it just showed how tired she was. Maybe not only from practice but also from thinking about our situation. Sakuma included.

The next station is the one near their house so when I heard that announcement, I woke her up.

"We're almost here."

I whispered to her and that made her look out of the window. Seeing the familiar neighborhood, she nodded and fixed her posture.

After we disembarked she's still a bit sleepy so I became the one to lead her to her house. There were a few of their neighbors outside so when they saw us, they immediately teased Satsuki about bringing a boy home.

Looks like my visit this time will be known by her family when they get back.

"They saw us"

Satsuki muttered as soon as we entered through their front door.

"Just make up a reason?"

"Idiot. They already saw us holding hands."

And even now, our hands were locked to each other, even with what happened, neither of us wants to let go.

"Then. There's no other choice but for me to be introduced as your boyfriend."

I closed our distance and circled my free hand to hug her.

"Stop dreaming, idiot."

Using her free hand, she smacked my head and pushed me away.

"Why? Either way, your parents will ask you if they heard about this from your neighbors."

I asked her as we went to their living room.

"I can't have one yet."

Eh? What's this? Then why do you want Sakuma to confess to you?

"What do you mean? You asked me to have Sakuma confess to you, didn't you want to date him?"

She pointed to the sofa from before and gestured for me to sit there and this time, we finally released our hands.

Satsuki then dropped her bag before sitting next to me.

"If it's Sakuma then it's fine but if it's another guy they'll only be meeting for the first time, they'll be against it."

That reasoning, why is it like that?

"You came here to know about our past, right? It's because of that."

When she saw me confused, Satsuki mentioned the reason why I am here.

Their past. The reason why she fell deeply in love with him and the reason why Sakuma couldn't make up his mind.

"I see. Then let me hear about it. So I can find a way to be accepted by them, if ever."

But will they really accept that Satsuki will be just one of the many girls I have? I don't know and I don't think she will want me to tell them that.

"You're really persistent, Ruki."

"You already know why I'm like this, Satsuki."

I whispered to her ear as I moved closer to her. I could see how she shivered from it when I blew on her ear.

"Ugh. You're going to tease me again."

"Why? I just love teasing my Satsuki."

"So will you just keep teasing me or hear about it? Choose."

"Can I choose both?"

"Idiot. No."

"Then, let me tease you for now."

After saying that, I turned towards her and pushed her down the sofa. Our position reverted back to when I first kissed her here in this very room, on this same sofa.

Looking at her reddened face, I couldn't resist myself to kiss her. At first, Satsuki tried to resist it but when I didn't let go, she eventually succ.u.mbed to my kiss.

From the somewhat awkward atmosphere around us, it quickly turned this passionate. There are no more eyes who could see us so the restraint we had placed was already released. My hand immediately went to work, exploring her body as our tongues entangled each other.

"Hey, save it for now. Hear me out first."

After that passionate kiss, Satsuki stopped me when I was about to undress her.

"Sorry. I got carried away."

Pulling myself up and releasing her. I couldn't help but show my disappointment and that didn't escape her eyes.

"Don't be disappointed, pervert. There will be time for that. But let's get to the main reason why you are here first."

Her second sentence lifted my spirits up and like an obedient dog, I nodded as I started behaving myself.

Satsuki somehow found that funny. She giggled as she placed herself on my lap, with her body facing me.

I looked up to gaze at her but her lips dropped to mine on her own initiative. Her aggressive nature took over her as she sucked on my lips and tongue before biting it lightly. Only when she was fully satisfied did she release me.


I tried teasing her but I was only met with her l.u.s.tful face nodding at me. She just told me that we should get to the main reason but it's her who couldn't restrain herself. But yeah, let's go along with what she wanted for now. We have plenty of time.

Satsuki never left that position as she started talking about their past.

It also started on the day Sakuma started living here.

In Satsuki's perspective. She found him a bit irritating at first. But when he kept stopping her to beat up those who bullied her or teased her about her height. She started to understand what it was he was trying to do.

And soon, she just enjoyed beating Sakuma up and ignored those who tried to tease or bully her. She admitted that at that time, she's slowly seeing him as someone reliable. She's starting to like him by then.

When she arrived at the point where the incident happened, Satsuki paused for a moment. Her face is somewhat complicated as if she didn't want to remember that moment.

But then, before she could start at that important part, we heard someone knocking at her door.

Satsuki became alerted as she stood up from me and fixed her slightly disheveled appearance. She then told me to go upstairs and wait in her room.

I didn't make it difficult for her so I followed what she said and started making my way to the stairs while Satsuki went to answer the door.


Before I could set my foot on the first step, I heard Satsuki exclaim.

Eh? Sakuma? Did that guy come here? Why? I thought he couldn't set his foot towards here. And isn't he still in his practice?

"My mother told me to bring this here."

Though the volume was a bit low, I could still hear their voices from where I am.

"I see. Tell her I said thanks."

I don't know what it is he brought but it might be another basket of fruits. For him to make a reason like this to come here. I guess he's really wary that I'm here with her. Alone.

"I thought there's no one here, your dad's car wasn't here eh. Did they go out?"

What? Is this really Sakuma? Why is he somehow different today?

"Yes. They did. So. What brings you here after all these years of avoiding our house?"

Satsuki also found it unusual for him to suddenly show up after years of refusing to go here. She probably already knew the reason. It's because of me.

"Can I go in?"

He didn't answer her question, instead, he asked permission to go inside.

"Huh? What for?"

That guy. What is he thinking?

"Onoda is in there, right?"

Now he specifically mentioned me. Of course, I'm here, I even told you I'll come and meet her.

"Yes. Want to talk to him? I can call him down."

Satsuki also didn't deny that I'm here. Well, I also told her about me mentioning my visit today to Sakuma.

"Down? Where is he?"

"At my room."

Err. I'm still at the stairs eavesdropping on you.

"You let him inside your room"

His tone sounds like someone who couldn't believe Satsuki will let me in her room.

"What's wrong with that? And why do you care?"

Satsuki's voice was also starting to carry a hint of irritation. Maybe it's because of his sudden appearance here or because I was here and she was stuck between the two of us. She still loves him, yes but they haven't even talked properly for how long?

"Maemura, What is he to you? Did he do something to you"

He probably thought I won't hear him so his suspicions were all being brought out by him. He's really wary of me being this close to Satsuki.

"Huh? What are you talking about? That's none of your business, idiot. Go back now. I'll be closing the door."

I could feel Satsuki was slowly getting annoyed at his questions. Maybe because of his interrogative tone or because she somehow felt guilty of what we did and that she couldn't tell him what I am to her.


Sakuma raised his voice and the sound of some struggle happening was heard from where they are.

At this point, I decided to show myself in front of him to calm things down. It's not right to leave this all to Satsuki.

Should I try to quell his suspicion or should I come clean about my relationship with Satsuki? Either way, I need to calm him down.

"Sakuma? I heard raised voices from upstairs and I thought something was happening here. What's wrong?"

I saw Satsuki trying to close the door, the basket of fruits he brought was already on the floor while Sakuma was trying hard to stop the door from closing.

When I showed up, they both loosened up and Satsuki picked up the basket before going in, leaving me alone with Sakuma.

"You handle that idiot. I'm going in."

Leaving those words, Satsuki disappeared into the living room. Maybe she will also eavesdrop but I guess it's fine.

Sakuma was standing there as he watched our interaction towards each other. It's just a normal interaction so I don't think he could pick up something from that so I went to him and asked.

"What's wrong? I told you I'll come here. By the way, how's practice?"

I started with that and Sakuma only stood there. Staring at me.

I don't know what's going on inside his head. Did he finally break? In any case, for him to show up here is really something I didn't expect, I tried to confuse him with her sister but that's probably not enough. With that inquisitive tone of his, if not for considering Satsuki's feelings, I would've already shown him and confirmed that his suspicions were all correct.

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