Stealing Spree Book 3 Chapter 130

Volume 3 Chapter 130 The Incident 1

The silence of Satsuki's room was slowly filled by m.o.a.ns and sighs of pleasure. There's also the sounds of ruffling sheets as we move along on top of her bed.

Taking our mind off from what had just happened, we drown ourselves with our l.u.s.t. Satsuki's aggressive nature was let loose as she hungrily sucked on my tongue while trying to undress me.

Unlike in school, we could do more and not restrain ourselves in here. Her legs were already clinging to my back as my growing bulge kept rubbing on her.

Soon, our clothes were all lying on the floor with both of us n.a.k.e.d on top of her bed.

Spreading her legs open, my hand immediately traveled to it. Feeling her most sacred place using my hand. It's already wet.

I rubbed it using my fingers and Satsuki started letting out more pleasurable m.o.a.ns. By how turned on she is right now, this place became more sensitive. With just my touch, it kept on twitching as if it's asking for more.

She then looked up at me with pleading eyes. Even without any words exchanged, I understood what she's asking of me.

I smiled at her and put down a kiss on her lips. And while our lips were locked, I once again put myself on top of her.

Her hand immediately circled around my back as her legs spread wider. With my c.o.c.k aimed at her entrance, Satsuki lifted her butt up to let me insert it easily. Pushing the tip inside, a warm and tight feeling immediately enveloped my c.o.c.k. And from there, it easily slid inside her like it's waiting for my c.o.c.k.

Once the whole shaft reached her deepest part, it clenched tightly as if she didn't want me to pull out.

Satsuki's e.r.o.t.i.c face was in my full view as I started moving my h.i.p.s.

She tried to bite her lips in a bid to restrain herself from m.o.a.ning. Seeing her doing that, I couldn't help but tease her. My head went down on her neck and started licking and sucking the part that was most sensitive there. My hands then went on her twin hills, rubbing it as my h.i.p.s gradually grew faster at pounding her insides.

Being attacked in her three sensitive spots, Satsuki already gave up on restraining her m.o.a.ns. And along those m.o.a.ns she made was the voice of her calling out my name sweetly, urging me to do her more.

From our first time here last week, Satsuki already grew this e.r.o.t.i.c from our sneaky s.e.x on school.

And with that, we spend 2 hours satisfying ourselves with each other. C.u.m.m.i.n.g inside her twice, Satsuki's bed was already stained by my s.e.m.e.n that spilled out of her. But even then, Satsuki was satisfied by what we did. She's now resting her head on my chest and her whole body was on top of me as she fell asleep after our second round in which she's the one who took the lead.

Staring at her pretty face up close like this, I'm really glad that I stole her from Sakuma. There's no regret about it, I came to love her. Maybe it was my desire who started it but thinking about it, I already planned to steal her even if they're not a couple yet. And that was before all of the changes and realization I went through.

Maybe like Aya, even without Sakuma in the background, I will make Satsuki mine.

I kissed her forehead before I also drifted to sleep. Being here in her bed while she's on top of me was also comfortable. And after my almost sleepless night with Akane at the hotel, I'm also a little tired.

When I opened my eyes again, I saw Satsuki tracing my lips with her fingers. When she saw me open my eyes, she gave me her sweetest smile before kissing me again.

"How long was I asleep?"

I asked her when our lips separated, she already put on her underwear and shirt, other than that she didn't put on her pants again leaving me with a view of her with only her panties on down there. Her plump thighs that I love were in full view and by how s.e.xy she looks right now, my c.o.c.k couldn't help but react to it.

Since I was still n.a.k.e.d, she immediately noticed it.

"Pervert. It's only 30 minutes."

She answered while she moved her hand onto my erect c.o.c.k.

"This guy here is lively again, Ruki."

Satsuki started stroking it and without even me urging her, she opened her mouth and started licking it. After seeing it lubricated again, she started to give me a blowjob. Putting the tip inside her mouth, She started to take it in slowly.

When she couldn't go any further, she started bobbing her head up and down as I watched on, feeling the pleasure from what she's doing for me.

I could see my c.o.c.k going in and out of her mouth and her eyes that kept staring at me as she did it earnestly.

"Ahh. Satsuki don't we need to clean up?"

Feeling the pleasure again, I couldn't help but m.o.a.n from what she's doing.

"I have to calm this down first."

Satsuki answered as she took it out for a bit to continue licking it.

This is her first time doing this, I could still feel her teeth somehow grinding on my c.o.c.k but she's learning as she goes. She's probably imitating something she watched. This girl

Letting her do what she wanted, I gave in to the pleasure as I guided her to be better at it. Every instruction I told her, she took it to mind.

Soon enough, I could feel myself c.u.m.m.i.n.g again. And for the third time, I shoot everything inside her mouth. Just like that time in the bathroom stall.

"Haahh... That was amazing, Satsuki."

Giving her an honest praise at this time, Satsuki was too embarrassed to look up at me, she still had my s.e.m.e.n inside her mouth.

After a while, Satsuki gulped it down before hitting me. She took that praise as me teasing her.

"Idiot, pervert. I won't do it again if you keep teasing me."

She threw me her pillow and I acted like it hit me hard to satisfy her.

Dropping back down to bed, Satsuki climbed on top of me again.

"We did it again here in my room"

She murmured as her eyes stared at me intently, it's like she's trying to remember my face that's currently only focused on her.

"Un. Next time, let's do it in my room."

"Pervert. That's not what I meant. It's only been a week and we're back here again."

Ah. She's right, it's only been a week since I took her first time here. But compared to before, there's no more resistance from her, she already accepted me.

"Ah. Well, my Satsuki is always irresistible. If it's possible I would like to take you everyday."

"This guy... You're really a pervert, right?"

"I couldn't deny that. But if you want, we could slow this down. Spending time with you like in that cake shop earlier. It's enough to satisfy me. As long as I'm with you, Satsuki."

Spending time normally, that's really not bad. I already did it with Aya at the bookstore and Kana at the karaoke. Then with Akane yesterday during our date. Even without being put in an e.r.o.t.i.c situation, we enjoyed each other's company.

Today with Satsuki, just watching her eating the cake and then feeding me, there's that fluffy atmosphere I also felt during those times with the other girls.

"I also liked that, Ruki. The owner thinks we're a couple."

Satsuki visibly blushed upon remembering it. Well, she acted like a tsundere there but I already noticed that she was happy from how the owner saw us.

"We're already a couple, right?"

Planting a kiss on her lips again. Satsuki nodded as her answer.

"About Sakuma, don't blame yourself over it. It's all my fault. I took advantage of his indecisiveness to steal you from him."

Before she went to that idea again, I reaffirmed her.

"You really won't let me blame myself?"

I shook my head as an answer to her. Even if she wanted to blame herself, I don't want her to be stuck in it.

"Think about it. If I didn't appear before you, you'll still be stuck to waiting for one another."

"You're right. You broke that situation. I should be happy that he's now actively pursuing me but with you here. Making me yours, I don't deserve to be with him anymore."

She still loves him but she chose me. And the way she reacted to me, it's clear to me that she also fell in love with me. But even then, I made her give up on her love for him. I guess, I still did something despicable.

"Satsuki, what made you love him that deep? That even now that you're in my arms like this, you're still thinking about him."

Now we're back to our previous topic. Their past.

"That Sakuma. He saved me."

He saved her? Then how did that turn to love? Isn't it supposed to be gratitude?

"Is it that incident?"

Satsuki nodded to confirm my guess.

"Shouldn't it be gratitude? How did it turn to love?"

This is the point I couldn't understand. But yeah, it's related to that incident so let's hear her out.

"He's the only boy in class who never teased me and protected me. Maybe I already love him back then but that incident made me love him more."

Satsuki started, she's staring at me, maybe gouging my reaction or she just wanted to tell me about their past and see if I could take it.

"Ruki, I was almost violated by someone and Sakuma saved me from it."

Hearing her words, I somehow blanked out for a bit before my hold on her tightened. She felt it and that made her reach her hand on my face to ease my tension.

"Your reaction You don't have to worry, nothing has happened since Sakuma arrived at the right moment. That's why my love for him grew this deep, I couldn't forget his face as he desperately fought to save me. Even now, I could still remember it. Even if that's supposed to be a traumatic experience for me."

I see. So he's her knight in shining armor. She already liked him from what he did for her in grade school and adding that incident, it cemented his position in her heart. I guess I didn't expect it to be like this. Erasing him in her heart? That's her saviour while I'm just a bastard who took advantage of their situation.

"Who was it?"

I took my mind off about how I lost to Sakuma in that department, for now, to know the whole story. Satsuki is already determined to tell me everything so I'll hear everything from her.

She's mine. Even if she couldn't erase Sakuma, I'll still get Sakuma to stop pursuing her. I didn't exist in their past so I couldn't change that but I could change this present, I will still push him to her sister or to other girls if that's what will make Satsuki be mine.

"My sister's ex-boyfriend."

Huh? So it not only involved the three of them but also another person. A bastard who tried to get his hands on both sisters? I guess, I gotta hand it to Sakuma here. He did a great job stopping that.

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