Stealing Spree Book 3 Chapter 162

Volume 3 Chapter 162 Informing Shio

When the lunch break ended, the three girls went ahead of me. Even if the three were already comfortable with each other, it will surely be bad to be seen with all of them.

With the class going on as usual, time passed quickly and the day was already soon to end. I have that appointment with Shizu-senpai to spend time with her but first, I want to see Shio and tell her what happened.

Satsuki, Aya and Nami already went to their clubs after saying goodbye to me. Though Nami's friends always urged me to visit their club again, I opted not to. It's not always fun to look at the gloomy face of Ogawa. He will surely be more aggrieved if even at their clubroom, Nami will be all over me. That might break his character and had him evolve from being the dense harem protagonist to an active one. He might start to put his hands on the girls around him.

But yeah, if that happened it will be a question of will they accept that change in him? Considering Mori, she will probably like it.

However, his type rarely changes and if he does, he already did when he mustered his courage to confess to Nami. And well, if he found out that his first confession and first girlfriend was stolen by someone else, that will be a huge setback for him. It might become the cause for him to be more scared of confessing to someone else.

Sakuma and Tadano still have hopes though. Sakuma already got his guts but with him giving up at Satsuki easily, I thought of having to let him learn something. I'll ask Satsuki to tell him her previous feelings for him when that supposed meeting of them happened. It's to make him grow. Of course, it would be dependent if Satsuki wanted to do that as well.

Err I don't know why I want to do that but I somehow want him to succeed at wooing Satsuki's sister if ever. Knowing Satsuki, she can probably accept any girls but if I also go after her sister, it might hurt her. Considering what happened when she even asked her sister to give Sakuma to her which her sister did. That memory was something that can pull Satsuki down. It will hurt her and it's something I don't want to happen. I'm supposed to care for them not hurt them.

About Tadano, he just needs to switch his target of affection and he'll be good to go. He's too fixated on Nami, even now after his confession. Nami is already one of my girls and neither him nor Ogawa can take her back.

When I arrived in front of Shio's room, the door after my first knock. Upon seeing me, she looked outside first before pulling me inside with her.

"Why are you here, Ruru? I didn't call on you. Some teachers were already teasing me about having you come here. They just thought you became the Teacher's Pet but it might escalate soon."

Ah. Right. The other teachers are those who I need to be wary of.

"Sorry Shio, I just wanted to check on you."

"As you can see, I'm doing well. Thanks to you."

After hearing my words, she loosened up and the worry that was on her face about the teachers finding this odd disappeared. She smiled beautifully with a refreshed look on her face

"No. That's on you. Your own effort."

"...Can I hit you once, Ruru?"

"Eh? Why?"

"Take credit if it's due. My state right now is really because of you. Stop telling me that it's just my own effort. I wouldn't be standing here if you were not by my side."

"I see. That was really hit-worthy, eh? Okay. I'll stay still."

"Haa this idiot."

Instead of hitting me, Shio slipped her hands to my side and embraced me. Resting her head on my shoulder Shio made herself comfortable by hugging me.

"This is better than hitting you. Forget what I said earlier. Thank you for coming, Ruru. I was actually wishing just now for you to come here and my wish was immediately granted."

"You don't need to wish, you know? Send me a message if you can't make an excuse in class. We're not a teacher and a student anymore, right?"

She was refraining from messaging me because of that relationship. Now that we crossed that line, nothing should be limiting her anymore.

"Right. I can do that now."

"Do that next time, okay? I'll watch out for it."

"Un. Did you miss me, Ruru? Is that why you came here to see me?"

Shio lifted her head and looked at me. With this kind of atmosphere, my head moved unconsciously and took her lips into a kiss. My hand also slipped to her sides to pull her closer.

While our lips were locked, we moved from the door down to her sofa with me falling on top of her.

"I do miss my Shio, of course I always wanted to see you. But that's just one of my purposes for coming."

After a satisfying passionate kiss we ended up lying on her sofa together and only then did I manage to answer her.

"What is it? The other purpose?"

"Uhm. It's done, Shio. I met your husband earlier. He won't be bothering you anytime soon."

Giving her this news, Shio first became surprised but she quickly calmed herself down.

"How did you"

She then turned back to me to hear my next words.

"Earlier during lunch break, I saw his car arriving. I talked to him. I won't tell you what I did but please trust me. You now have the time to think about what you wanted to do. No matter what it is, I'll respect your decision."

Telling her about the threat that I faced will just worry her. Not just her but everyone who will hear it so, I'll keep that to myself and just tell her the result.

"Didn't you tell me that I should check if he's really sincere?"

Ah. Is she talking about my advice in her hobby room?

"That was when last night hadn't happened yet. If the decision lies on me, no matter what happens, I won't give you back to him. But you see, I want you to have your own choice, I won't take that away from you."

That advice has already expired. Shio's mine now. He could now only hope to rely on his memories to remember her. However, I still want her to decide for herself.

"Haa I already told you my plans last night. Ruru, aren't I one of your girls now?"

Shio sighed and buried her face on my chest before saying that in a low voice.

"Yes, you're mine now. I managed to make his rage subside. He'll back off from you and Nao starting today. That is if he upheld what we talked about earlier. So starting now, you're free to do what you want."

If he's sensible then he will do what he said. It's easy to expose him now that's why I'm quite confident that he wouldn't do anything rash.

"I'll go to my parents this weekend. And I'll look for a place where I can move this Friday so can I still stay at your place until Friday?"

Ah. Right. She had to move to avoid problems in school. Maybe if I have time I can accompany her to choose for a place to move into.

Err we might also go back to their house to bring out everything in her hobby room as well as her other things. Well, that could wait after she resolved everything.

"You know you don't need to ask about that. Your luggage was still in my room, right? And I'm expecting you'll give me a ride home today since Akane and I will not be eating dinner at home. We're going to have dinner with her parents."

Telling her my plans, it made me reinforce the idea that Shio is really mine now. She's not just my teacher anymore. As one of my girls, I won't treat her differently from the others. Focus on her when we're alone.

"I see. Then I'll wait for you later. Don't you have somewhere to go to?"

"Are you trying to kick me out now?"

"Of course not. I already had my fill so I'm trying to also become considerate."

Shio looked up and smiled. Seeing that, I couldn't help myself but kiss her again.

She can be considerate later. Being this close to her made me want her

"But I'm still not satisfied Shio."

After saying that, my hand started moving to explore her body.

"Eh?! Your hands"

Shio exclaimed upon feeling it, however, she didn't resist and just bit her lips to prevent herself from m.o.a.ning.

"We always couldn't finish something here, right? Let's do it today."

Whispering these words to her, Shio's little resistance went down as her face reddened further.

She was holding herself back but with those words from me, she stopped.

" Naughty Ruru."

"I just can't resist my Shio when you're acting this adorable."

Being this close to her, I couldn't restrain myself again. Err it might just be me being horny for her, but seeing Shio's e.r.o.t.i.c face as she responds to my actions, she also wanted this.

" We have to be quiet, Ruru."

Shio whispered as a soft m.o.a.n escaped her mouth when my hand rested on her butt.

"Un. I'll seal your lips like this to not let your m.o.a.ns escape."

Taking her lips once again, the room soon welcomed the sounds of rustling clothes and the soft sighs and suppressed m.o.a.ns. Reliving what we had last night, Shio also became respondent to what we're doing. But because we have to keep the noise down, we did it at a slow pace which somehow became too stimulating for us because of the risks we're taking.

With me in my school uniform and Shio in her outfit, it's really something forbidden. But yeah, none of that matters. Having s.e.x here in her private room, we indulged ourselves to each other while stimulated with the thoughts of the risk of being caught.

After we're done, both of us have that satisfied expression on our faces. Though it might've satisfied her fantasies, our feelings for each other right now were genuine and not forced by acting into that role.

But yeah, we shouldn't always do it here. Sooner or later someone might notice our unusual closeness. Though we could act oblivious, someone might connect the dots if I keep showing up here.

After we both calmed down, we cuddled for a little longer before I left her room.

With Shio's scent lingering all over me, I made my way to the Student Council Room.

It's the time to face that cousin of Nami.

Err. She won't be mad that I was a bit late, right? I already had experience being in the student council because of Haruko but yeah, High School and Middle School are different from each other, I just have to watch and learn, right? And it's not like I'll have an official position. I will be her secretary so I will stay by her side all the time.

The Student Council Room is located on the top floor of the Club Building, Err. The building only had 4 floors so it's just a floor above the Literature Club. Well, the building is quite large so every floor has a lot of clubrooms which were divided into four sections.

However, the top floor only consisted of the Student Council and many empty clubrooms.

It's not that it's not allowed to choose a clubroom up there but students were scared of the council that's why they tended to choose a clubroom on the lower floors.

After checking in the Book Club and the Literature Club, I arrived at the somewhat desolate 4th floor.

With no other students on sight, my feet led me in front of the Student Council Room.

There was a huge plaque on top of the door which contained their motto.

After knocking on the door and not receiving any reply, I pushed it open.

From outside of the door, I saw Shizu-senpai sitting behind her table, with a somewhat high stack of papers on her side. She was wearing reading glasses which made her already beautiful face have an added charm.

When she heard the sound of the opening door, she raised her head and that made our gazes meet each other.

Upon seeing me, her already knitted eyebrows because of the papers she was working on knit even further as she started glaring at me...

"You're late. Stop standing like an idiot there and come in."

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