Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1059

Wu Yu saw this and rejoiced. He thought that if Ye Mo didn’t take back the flying sword, he would need to exert some effort to annihilate the sword rays, but this guy was an idiot and used an ordinary kitchen knife.
“Take my strike!” Zi Xu brought very long purple sword rays and hacked outwards. Countless whirlpool sword rays formed from around it, sealing Wu Yu’s exit off.
The dense, bleak chi was melted away by the purple sword rays like the scorching sun. Wu Yu felt his cultivation essence weaken and was shocked to find that the bleak chi which his spirit sense was attached to had completely disappeared.
Before he could do anything, the purple kitchen knife appeared before his eyes. Wu Yu immediately began to worry, he even felt that he wasn’t able to break free from the purple sword ray surrounding him, much less face this huge purple sword.
At this moment, Wu Yu realized that this Ning Xiaoma wasn’t as ordinary as he looked. Without hesitation, his fan exploded.
Even Ye Mo didn’t expect this move. After the explosion, an extremely putrid smell wafted out. Even Ye Mo had to retreat, it was too disgusting. He even felt some dizziness, there must be some really strong poison inside.
Ye Mo used his cultivation essence and refined the poison, but Wu Yu used that brief moment to escape like a shooting star enveloped in frost chi. Clearly, he felt that after the brief clash, he was no match for Ye Mo, despite not using a lot of his other moves.
Seeing that frost chi flow about to disappear, Ye Mo hacked out with Zi Xu again and the sword chi in the distance gathered again. They seemed to be alive and turned around, stopping the frosty chi flow that Wu Yu turned into. That frosty chi flow materialized into Wu Yu again, but his face was pale.
“What sword technique is this? It can gather a dissipated sword ray?” Wu Yu asked.
“Illusion Cloud Exert Will Strike,” Ye Mo sneered.
How could he let this guy run? He didn’t take back the dispersed sword chi before to prevent Wu Yu from escaping. He didn’t expect to actually have to use it. If he wasn’t prepared, Wu Yu would’ve really gotten away.
“You’re nascent soul state tertiary stage, not nascent soul state level three.” Wu’s fan had broken and now he released another extreme grade spirit artifact flying sword.
Ye Mo didn’t say anything. The reason he didn’t kill Wu Yu was because he wanted to ask him a question.
Wu Yu said, “I’m the core disciple of Eternity Sea Sect, ranked 267 on the nascent soul state trial tablet. If you kill me, you will be forever hunted by the Eternity Sea Sect.
Ye Mo sneered. “Rank 267 doesn’t mean shit. There was a ranked 219 Lu Jianqiang and I killed him, why would I care about a trash like you?”
“You killed Lu Jianqiang?” Wu Yu was shocked. Although he was ranked 267, he knew that he was no match for Lu Jianqiang at all. If Lu Jianqiang wanted to kill him, it would be very easy. He didn’t expect that demon cultivator Lu Jianqiang to be killed by this Ning Xiaoma. He finally understood why Ning Xiaoma said, “Don’t let me meet you as well.”
“I’ve really never heard of the Eternity Sea Sect, so don’t threaten me with that. I just want to ask, who took in Cheng Nana?” Ye Mo asked calmly.
Wu Yu heard this and immediately blurted out, “Brother Ning, if you want to go after Cheng Nana, I can get it done for you, I promise”
Ye Mo slapped him twice in the face after seeing that Wu Yu was still trying to be smart.
Before Wu Yu said anything, Ye Mo asked again, “There was a man with Cheng Nana, did your sect send people to kill him?”
Wu Yu felt insulted by this, but he unconsciously answered, “I don’t know, I didn’t go take in disciples and I wouldn’t be interested in small people like that.”
Ye Mo was sure that Wu Yu didn’t know anything, so before he begged for mercy, Ye Mo just sent a tongue of heaven flame over.
After killing Wu Yu, Ye Mo left. He wasn’t going to wait for that Yi Pandie.

Ye Mo had been gone for a long while before Yi Pandie retuned in desperation. But unfortunately, she saw nothing but a huge hole.
She had looked around for a long time before and sent out many messages, but the Truth Fall Palace forbidden grounds was too big and she wasn’t able to find any help. In her desperation, she came back, but she found that both Wu Yu and Ye Mo was gone.
Yi Pandie fell silent. Although she didn’t even know Ning Xiaoma before and only gave him a jade slip to apologize, she was sure that Ning Xiaoma wouldn’t be dead if it wasn’t for her.
“Don’t worry, I will kill Wu Yu and get revenge for you,” Yi Pandie looked at the huge hole and murmured.
At this moment, Ye Mo was 10000 kilometers from where the World Mountain was. He chose the opposite direction from which Yi Pandie left. It was best if he never saw her again because if he met her, she would know that he killed Wu Yu. He even took off Stealth Sand.
He had decided that from now on, Ning Xiaoma would disappear forever. As for the Han Liang empire’s two nascent soul state cultivators, sorry, he won’t be able to help them. As for Mo Yue City, with Xu Changji there,Ye Mo was sure that no one dared to touch it.
Now, it was safer to use his original face as rarely anyone had seen his face here.
A day later, Ye Mo found another half extreme grade Star Sand and realized why there were so many people wanting to come in the Truth Fall Palace forbidden grounds. This material was not only a necessity for setting up long distance teleportation formations, but was also the perfect material to forge space related magic artifacts.
Just with this block, he would even be able to trade for the pills used by disaster transformation state and truth realisation state cultivators.
But even if he didn’t get anything, he was happier than ever to be able to get the bitter bamboo.
Perhaps he could go search for some more treasure before he went out. The World Mountain had gone and so had the black lightning. The space wind blades and space chaos flow didn’t pose much of a threat to him.
When Ye Mo was looking around, he suddenly smelled a faint aroma. It was very unique and made him feel very fresh and comfortable. He even had the feeling that just smelling this increased his power.
This was definitely something good and this aroma spread so far that even his spirit sense couldn’t scan where the aroma was coming from.
He immediately flew towards where the aroma came from. Two hours later, he arrived and saw what the thing was.
Even with the Golden Page World and bitter bamboo, he felt his heart beating rapidly. It was a colorful lotus – a lotus with 9 colors.
9 Color Lotus.
Although the bitter bamboo was much more precious than the 9 Color Lotus, the 9 Color Lotus was something he could use now.
Even though he had the 5 Color Lotus, it didn’t mean it could turn into the 9 color lotus. Even if it could, who knew how long it would take.
The 9 Color Lotus could be used to concoct the 9 Wen pill. it was a pill that could purify spirit roots and was a legendary itself, just like the lotus.
The 9 Color Lotus was floating in a clear pond full of spirit chi emitted from the flower.
People kept coming over due to the aroma and soon the pond was filled with cultivators.

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