Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1061

All the cultivators were teleported out of the forbidden grounds and back to Truth Fall Palace level four. Ye Mo saw about 600 go in; with the people who came in later, there were about 1000 people in all – but he only saw about 300 cultivators come out. The Truth Fall Palace forbidden grounds wasn’t as lethal as Guo Qifan said, but quite a lot of cultivators still died.
But Ye Mo also knew that those cultivators who went in were rather high powered.
At the same time he knew that even if going in had nothing to do with immortal ascension, those who went in would have a much better chance of immortal ascension.
Ye Mo saw Yi Pandie looking around and didn’t dare to stay. He immediately dashed away.
Many other cultivators also left quickly.
Ye Mo flew away a long distance before realizing that the two hollow spirit state cultivators who went in first never seemed to have come out.
But this thought just flashed through his mind. It didn’t concern him if they came out, he had got what he wanted.
After Ye Mo left, he wore 9 Transformations again. He didn’t want to accidentally kill a big sect member and get hunted down.
There were much more high level spirit herbs at level four than below. Ye Mo collected all he could. He had gotten the bitter bamboo, the next important thing was to gather spirit herb and materials.
Ye Mo was scared that time was short, so after spending some time at level four he came to the entrance to level five. He more than 1000 cultivators hesitating here, not sure whether to go up or to stay.
Ye Mo understood their struggle. Spirit herbs appeared the most at level five, but the most cultivator deaths also occurred on the staircase to level five.
Regardless, he was going to go up. Just when he walked to the staircase, he heard a howl of pain and a cultivator who was unable to deal with the pressure on the stairs was crushed into nothingness.
Despite this, ten cultivators still went up. Everyone knew that level five was a yardstick, the real good items could only be found in level five.
Ye Mo saw that there were two nascent soul state and 8 golden core states who went up. Although his spirit sense couldn’t scan to the top of the stairway, he heard 5 cries and before those could even die down, two more sounded.
7 of the 10 died already, but the remaining three seemed to have reached level five.
Some cultivators who saw this started to leave, but even more people stayed here.
Just when Ye Mo wanted to up, he saw Gu Wei ,who was hesitating. He didn’t expect Gu Wei to be able to get here. He was only a golden core state level eight cultivator and rarely spoke.
Ye Mo knew that he probably wouldn’t be going back to the Han Liang empire, it was good to let him bring a message to Ge Lian and You Shanping.
Thinking about this, Ye Mo walked to Gu Wei.
Gu Wei saw this and was shook. A nascent soul state cultivator was walking towards him, a mere golden core state cultivator. This made him uneasy.
Ye Mo pretended to take out a jade slip before looking at Gu Wei and asking, “Are you Gu Wei from the Han Liang empire?”
Gu Wei looked at Ye Mo anxiously and answered, “Yes, qian bei, I’m Gu Wei from the Han Liang empire.”
Ye Mo nodded. “Ye Mo who came with you died in the forbidden grounds and asked me to give you this before he died.”
Then he gave three bottles to Gu Wei. “This is a Soul Condensation pill, Ye Mo said it was for you, asking you to take care of Mo Yue City a little. The other two pills are for You Shanping and Ge Lian. Give it to them. By the way, he said that if I found you, I should tell you not to go up anymore.”
The other two bottles contained two Soul Essence pills each.
“Huh” Gu Wei wasn’t shocked that Ye Mo died, but he was shocked that Ye Mo gave him a Soul Condensation pill before he died.
But perhaps Ye Mo had realized he was dying and these things were of no use to him. He might as well give them away and get someone to look after his Mo Yue City.
Realizing this, Gu Wei took the things and bowed to Ye Mo. “Thank you, qian bei, for helping Ye qian bei bring his last message. I will remember it. May I ask what your name is, qian bei?”
Ye Mo waved his hand, “No need to remember me. My target is Truth Fall Palace level six. Perhaps I have no chance of coming out, so it’s lucky that I found you.”
Then, Ye Mo sighed and said, “I’m Fu Rong, I’m very good friends with Ye Mo, but Ye Mo, sigh.”
Then, Ye Mo waved his hand to Gu Wei and said, “I’m going up, take care.”
Then, Ye Mo turned to leave and disappeared at the stairs. He was sure that Gu Wei wasn’t going to try for level five after getting the Soul Condensation pills. Golden core state cultivators staked their lives to get to level five just for a chance to reach nascent soul state, but now that he got what he wanted, Ye Mo didn’t believe that Gu Wei would still risk his life.
Ye Mo was right. Gu Wei left this place quickly and went somewhere to hide.
Ye Mo dashed up the stairs without hesitation and this encouraged more people to go up. No one noticed Gu Wei leaving at all.

Arriving at level five, Ye Mo immediately noticed the completely different spirit chi. It was as though someone had set up a spirit gathering formation here. Ye Mo also saw two level four Zhou Huan flowers as soon as he came out.
There were so many more spirit herbs compared to level four. Ye Mo was thinking, ‘Won’t there be even more at level six?’
But Ye Mo also knew that he spent a lot of time at the forbidden grounds before, he needed to be faster or time would be up before he got to the top.
Ye Mo found large amounts of level five and even level six herbs at level five of the Truth Fall Palace.
There weren’t a lot of cultivators who could come up here, so Ye Mo wasn’t going to fight over spirit herbs with people unless he really needed them.
He even found three Purple-Back Blue Carrots here. At the same time, Ye Mo sighed – without the Truth Fall Palace it would be really hard for so many high level spirit herbs to appear in the cultivation realm.
Another patch of more than ten Mist Zhi Lan appeared before him. It was just a level five spirit herb, but Ye Mo didn’t mind having more. There was only a level five cow beast guarding them.
Just when Ye Mo wanted to take out the beast and collect the Mist Zhi Lans, two nascent soul states were walking over happily.
Ye Mo scanned them with his spirit sense and didn’t mind, it was just a man and a woman. But the next moment, Ye Mo let go off the Mist Zhi Lan and stared at the two with shaking hands.
The male cultivator’s face was pale, but even if he turned to ash Ye Mo would recognize it. It was the young master of the West Flow Sect, Jing Yuzhen. He and Luo Ying were hunted, the Magical Herb Sect was annihilated, all because Jin Yuzhen had lusted after Luo Ying’s beauty and wanted to force her to marry him. Luo Ying rejected him and the Magical Herb Sect didn’t succumb just because West Flow Sect was a 5-star sect. Eventually, the sect leader of the West Flow Sect, Jing Kun, annihilated the sect.
If it wasn’t due to a special occurrence, he and Luo Ying would’ve died already.
This Jing Yuzhen was the main culprit, how could Ye Mo not be angry seeing him?
What shook Ye Mo even more was that the woman next to him was a cultivator from the Magical Herb Sect. Strictly speaking, she was his martial uncle. She was Luo Ying’s martial sister, Liu Manxiang.Ye Mo didn’t expect the two to be so close.

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