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Stronghold In The Apocalypse summary:

The world is facing an incoming Apocalypse, as Earth is under going another Evolution. Mankind will face its greatest crisis in the face of the Destructive Apocalypse with Zombies, Mutated Beast and many more. Follow Leo, as he became the last hope of Mankind, using the most awesome cheat System given to him by Gaia. Will he fall or survive as he rise to the top?

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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapters

Time uploaded
122 A Bad Day4 weeks ago
113 Changesa month ago
112 Eagle Eyes3 months ago
111 Run3 months ago
110 Hunter3 months ago
108 A New Land3 months ago
106 Cleansing Orb3 months ago
95 Brawl3 months ago
92 Magic Mahou3 months ago
90 Happy New Year3 months ago
88 Charge5 months ago
87 Fck5 months ago
86 Infiltration5 months ago
85 Noble Title?5 months ago
84 Bear Hugged5 months ago
83 Arrived5 months ago
80 Mutants5 months ago
77 Prince Ashton5 months ago
76 Recruit Him5 months ago
75 A Prince5 months ago
74 This Is Karma5 months ago
72 Kitty5 months ago
71 Gallant Kid5 months ago
69 Awesome David5 months ago
68 He Crazy5 months ago
66 Zombie Horde5 months ago
64 The Cure5 months ago
63 Danny Burkhard5 months ago
60 Kids5 months ago
58 First Meeting5 months ago
56 Middle Finger5 months ago
53 Weird Creature5 months ago
50 Summons5 months ago
49 New Mission5 months ago
40 Heading Back5 months ago
39 Im Not Lying5 months ago
37 Waking Up5 months ago
36 Man And Beas5 months ago
32 New Bloods5 months ago
24 Cool Exit5 months ago
23 Worries5 months ago
21 Fight5 months ago
20 Primal Roar5 months ago
18 Family5 months ago
16 Test?5 months ago
15 Going Back?5 months ago
12 Overran5 months ago
11 Rescue5 months ago
9 An Insane Man5 months ago
8 Worries5 months ago
4 Quest Complete5 months ago
3 Village?5 months ago
1 Ohh Shit5 months ago
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