Stubborn Love Of A Roguish Scion Chapter 301

Chapter 301 A Cheeky Wink

“Let me go up!” Wang Yiyang stood up hastily.

“What happened to this chap? Is this another misstep?” Zheng Yi blinked in disbelief.

“Has Xu Xu regressed so rapidly? Since when has he stopped practicing?”

“This man is really superb. He has knocked out so many boxers and wrestlers all of them with a single lethal blow!”

“The newest challenger was able to exchange a few blows with him but was eventually knocked out by the pro as well.”

“That’s right, what a pity!” The people around the ring were discussing this fervently.

PONG! Xu Xu stood up again, only to be sent crashing to the ground soon.

Ye Erruo and the others could no longer sit still. The protagonist was particularly agitated. She had seen Xu Xu fight in the past and knew the young chap would not be able to defeat the creep.

Mo Jiangye gazed ominously at the action on the stage and scooped the lady beside him into his arms. “Sit here and don’t move!”

Inside the arena, Xu Xu could barely see, as his eyes were obstructed by periorbital swelling and bruising. He heard a loud attacking sound come toward him and deftly avoided it. With a quick, angry step, he counter-attacked and locked the incoming fist that would have knocked him down with his wrist instead.

CRACK! The sound of shattering bones could be heard as Orffa yelled in excruciating pain at the same time.

“Awesome! Kill that monkey!”


Tension gripped the spectators as they finally got a chance to witness an opponent who could hold his own against the pro.

Alas, Orffa managed to throw a punch neatly at the young chap’s head.

Just as the latter was about to duck, he was suddenly carried into mid-air and then slam-dunked against the floor. The pain that shot through his guts was enough to send him rolling about in agony.


“Xu Xu!”

No rule allowed recuperation in this kind of freestyle street fight. Each party could attack until the opponent admitted defeat.

Hence, the moment Orffa managed to send the young chap crashing against the floor, he immediately leaped into a series of powerful punches without letting up.

“Sh*t!” Incensed, Wang Yiyang dumped the bottle that he was holding in his hand to the ground and then made his way over to join his buddy on the stage.

“C’mon, young punk. I’ll break every single one of your bones if you wanna fight with me!” Orffa proclaimed audaciously.

“There’s no rule that we can’t fight him as a team, right?” Zheng Yi also left his seat angrily and marched toward the stage.


Within a second, all the members of the gang wanted to join them on the stage too.

“Do you guys have to resort to a group fight now? Shouldn’t you be ashamed of yourselves?” their chieftain hissed.

“Boss, if we don’t go up, Xu Xu will die!”

The man’s eyes glinted darkly. “No one is allowed to go up!”

It was time for these three rascals to realize their limitations! They had been too arrogant for their own good in the past!


Meanwhile, inside the ring, Zheng Yi and Wang Yiyang managed to keep the muscled man at bay with their combined efforts. The rest could finally heave a sigh of relief.

No winner emerged as the fight dragged on for half an hour.

DONG! DONG! The judge walked up to stop the action. “It’s now time for a half-hour intermission.”

Orffa wiped away the bloodstains at the corner of his lips and arrogantly pointed a finger at Zheng Yi and then Wang Yiyang. “B*stards, you’ll watch me break your bones one by one later!”

Without further ado, the two young chaps brought Xu Xu down from the stage. Both of them were covered in injuries and did not look any better than their buddy, who they were carrying.

The rest of the gang and Ye Erruo hastily went over to help them.

“Cough, cough, cough!” Xu Xu’s vision had turned foggy, so he needed to be carried all the way to the resting area.

“How embarrassing.” Their chief glanced at them obliquely and commented coolly.

“Hi, babe!” As Orffa leaned against a railing next to the fighting arena, he winked cheekily at Ye Erruo with a teasing expression.

Everyone looked at the stage.

“What’s wrong? You can come up here to fight me if you are unhappy!” Shrugging snobbishly, he challenged them with sheer cockiness.

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