Suddenly Becoming A Mum Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Glamor and games

Loulou grabbed Lily's arm and pulled her away. "We don't have to listen their boring business talk."

She winked at Lily.

Louise grabbed two champagne glasses with an orange liquid in it and pushed on of it in Lily's

hand. Lily eyed the glass suspiciously. "Loulou thank you, but unfortunately I do not drink

alcohol." She tried to protest.

"There's no alcohol in there." Louise chuckled. "Only orange juice. Try it! "

Lily sipped the orange liquid for a moment. A sweet, almost hedge-like taste of oranges spread in

her mouth. She took another sip of the drink.

"See..." Loulou said self-satisfied. Then she pulled her sister-in-law to a group of upper class ladies.

Lily guessed that they were about their age. At least, Alexandre had said that this ball was meant for

the younger generation of the upper classes. Most of the guests were between the age of seventeen

and thirty-five.

Lily knew such kinds of events served more as a marriage market for the young debutantes. But it

was also a place to develop business relationships, make new acquaintances and cultivate old

acquaintanceship. The top motto was 'to see and to be seen.'

She had hated such events. Her grandmother had often taken her along. But each time Lily felt like

a cattle to be sold to the highest bidder. She was dressed up and presented. Just so she could be

judged by old matrons. Today she did not feel different.

"It almost seems like an eternity." Louise welcomed her friends exuberantly. "I brought you a gift.

This is Lillian de Clermont. The woman who forced my brother to his knees. I ask for applause."

The elegant group of ladies dressed in velvet and silk watched enviously at Lily.

With a graceful head movement greeted one of the ladies Lily. "I am very happy to make your

acquaintance. Mademoiselle de Clermont." Her smile seemed frozen. Her eyes staring at her with

murderous intend. Lily would have done anything to listen to the business talks of the gentlemen at

this moment than to endure this silent war.

Lily, however, held her gaze. She knew that this Lady did not follow women's social rules. With

etiquette, her grandmother had always been meticulous. A lady should never act like a Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


"I'm happy to meet you as well. Could you please be so kind and introduce yourself,

Mademoiselle?" Lily already knew this woman by sight, but she has never been introduced to Lily.

Lily knew she was three years older than herself but of lower social status. Her grandmother had

been indignant by the behavior of this woman.

"Ah, I would like to correct you." Lily's laughter did not reach her eyes. "Please do not call me by

my maiden name anymore. After all, Alexandre and I are already married. It would be more

pleasant to call me duchess de Valois. "With a fine smile, she raised her glass to her lips,

unobtrusively presenting her wedding ring. The pink diamonds flashed in the light of the


Alexandre had put the wedding ring on her finger. He had grabbed her hand in the limousine before

he then gently pushed the jewel over her finger. Then he passed her his wedding ring and gave her

his hand.

Lily had wondered why the pair of rings was already finished. But then she had thought of her

husband's bursting purse. She immediately felt sorry for the jewelers of Chaumet, who spent the last

three days in night shifts to finish the wedding rings.

"Oh!" Called Loulou next to her. "What a nice ring. Is it true that it was forged in memory of your

first meeting? "

"I also read about that. I am pleased to welcome duchess de Valois. I hope I can inspire her for one

of my tea parties. If I may introduce myself, Clémence Sasseau. "

"I am very pleased to make her acquaintance Mademoiselle Sasseau."

Lily knew this game too well. Words were like sharp weapons to these women. Politeness and

etiquette could determine one's social position with certain. A debutante could fall from grace if she

did not meet the ideal of the matrons. But she could also lift herself in her social status. The matrons of society paid special attention to the behavior of a young debutante. This small group of older

aristocratic ladies determined the trends of the season. They paid attention to the etiquette. But they

also determined who was granted access to the selected circles and who was denied access.

Lily always found these games at the royal court tiresome. This illusion and deception. This world

that at first seemed like a glittering wonderland, but in reality was nothing more than a social battlefield.

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