Sugar And Spice: The Ceo’s Feisty Wife Book 1 Chapter 355

Volume 1 Chapter 355 I Am Shengu

When the group left the Company premises, they were so crestfallen that they didn't know what to do. Even before they could think of dreaming big, they were already on the floor. From where would they bring a hundred thousand Yuan? BF was extremely depressed and it caused more anguish to Shu Ning. They all returned home. When Shu Ning reached home, she went to her mother's room to talk to her. 

"Mother, do you know that BF has been offered a contract with one of the leading Music Labels here and they will soon be launching him as a music star," said Shu Ning enthusiastically. 

Jiao Long was not in a good mood. Along with Shu Jing Min, she had signed all the documents pertaining to the transfer of their shipping company to Feng Xinying and it was one of the black days of their life. So she just replied with a "Hmm…" 

"Mother, BF is going to become a big music star soon. He has been asked to start from tomorrow itself. The music company heard how talented he was and sent him a message. So we all went to meet the officials there. Mother, BF has the right talent and temperament to succeed in the music industry. He has a mellifluous voice and he looks so dashing!" 

Jiao Long was already irritated. Not only was she depressed over the day's events, she also disliked Shu Ning's boyfriend from the core of her heart. So many times she had warned her not to talk about him or stay with him, but Shu Ning was obsessed with him. When Jiao Long heard how much she was praising that good for nothing boyfriend of hers, she scolded her, "Enough of this nonsense Shu Ning. I don't want to hear anything about your boyfriend!" 

Shu Ning went to her mother and hugged her from behind, "Mother, please listen to me."

Jiao Long sighed and asked, "What is it Ning'er?"

"You have to help me mother…" she said. 

"How?" asked Jiao Long stroking Shu Ning's hands. 

"We need a hundred thousand Yuan for BF to start with his music journey. Can you please lend me that much money? I swear once he starts doing well, he will return it to you," pleaded Shu Ning. 

"One Hundred Thousand Yuan!" shouted Jiao Long, as she removed herself from Shu Ning's hug. "Are you insane?" she said as she looked at her.

Shu Ning clasped her hands in a pleading way and said, "Please mother, I beg of you. This is BF's chance to become big in the industry."

Jiao Long was so annoyed now that she slapped Shu Ning hard on her face. Shu Ning caught her cheek that was now burning with pain and stared at her mother. 

"You are so mad about that stupid BF that you are asking for hundred thousand Yuan. From where will I get that money? We have just handed over our main business without a penny to Feng Xinying and you are asking for so much money? Do you think that money grows on trees?" yelled Jiao Long. "Go to your room and remove those thoughts from your mind. I will not give a penny to you for him!" Saying this Jiao Long stomped out of the room. 

Shu Ning kept staring at her mother until she was out of the room. She was slapped so hard that her mind was numb for a while. It was then she decided what to do to help her BF. 

Shu Ning knew where her mother kept her precious jewelry. It was all in a safe locker that was kept in a wardrobe of her room. The safe locker was pretty securely installed in there. Fortunately she knew the combination to open the locker. 

In the midst of the night, Shu Ning got up from her bed. She looked outside her window. It was pitch dark. Very quietly, she tiptoed to her parents' room. There she sprayed a mild chloroform spray to make them stay unconscious for some time and then went to the wardrobe which had all the jewelry. She was carrying a huge bag with her. She opened the safe and collected all the jewelry from there. There were diamonds, precious gems and stones, lots of cash and precious watches worth millions of Yuan. All of them were stuffed in her school bag. 

Once she emptied the safe locker, she closed it quietly, zipped her bag and went back to her bedroom. From there she lit a torch twice and motorcycle zoomed just outside her house. She opened the main door and tiptoed out. She saw that the guard who was sitting there was already unconscious and so she opened the main gates. Shu Ning sat behind BF and zoomed away on his motorcycle and disappeared in the darkness of the night. 


Feng Xinying was restless that night. She couldn't sleep on her tummy nicely nor could she curl up well. The tightness inside her stomach was increasing as she entered the fourth month of pregnancy. Her waistline had slightly increased and her breasts had tightened further. Her craving for food had only increased. She would often wake up in the middle of the night to eat food. That night she woke up again sometime during midnight but when she woke up, she was in for a shock. Xie Yuansheng wasn't on the bed! Was she dreaming? 

Feng Xinying got up from the bed with a startle and in panic she rushed outside the room. She looked at the Security Head with shocked eyes. "Where- where is Xie Yuansheng? He is not inside. Did something happen to him?"

The Security Head only smiled. "Follow me Madam," he said and started going towards the hospital gardens. 

Feng Xinying's palms became sweaty, thinking about the unexpected. Her legs were weak, she could feel her heart flutter. When they reached outside, the Security Head pointed at someone standing in the middle of the garden, looking at the stars above. There were two guards standing at a distance away from him. 

Feng Xinying couldn't hold herself after seeing the familiar silhouette in the middle of the garden, under the sky filled with stars. She ran to him forgetting that she was hungry. Tears ran through her eyes as she was running. She couldn't help herself. She was going to see him, meet him after a month. He was going to meet her and see her after more than a month. She couldn't tell him how much she missed him. As soon as she reached, she paused for a moment and then back hugged him tightly. 

"Xie Yuansheng!" she whispered. "You are awake." Her tears were so dense that they wetted the hospital dress Xie Yuansheng was wearing. "Why did you leave me and come here? I missed you so much…" 

She stood behind him for sometime, however a few moments later he removed her hands and walked out of her embrace. He turned to look at her with amusement on his face. "Who is Xie Yuansheng?"

Feng Xinying stared at her husband through her tears and relied, "You are Xie Yuansheng." 

He shook his head and said, "No, I am Shengu." 

Then he tilted his head and asked, "Who are you?" 

Feng Xinying looked at her with a gaped mouth and eyes as huge as a football field. 

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