Super God Gene Chapter 1034

Chapter 1034: The Phoenix Descends and the Emperor Dies

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Han Sen was shocked. He was a strong man, and he could lift even the heaviest of items. This feather, though, would require a heft far beyond his capabilities.  U.pdated b.y NovelFull.Com

It was heavier than any metal he had ever known. But not wanting to give up, Han Sen flexed and prepared to give it another go.

“Is this metal? Or is it the actual feather of some bird? Hmm, but if it did belong to a bird, how could such a creature possibly fly with a wing full of them?” As he thought, Han Sen tried dragging it from left to right.

The feather was almost like a hiltless sword. It made for a supremely sharp blade.

Han Sen brought out a z-steel stone and ran it against the feather. With remarkable ease, the z-steel stone was split in two as if it were made of butter.

Even with Taia, he had to use much strength to cut through things.

When Taia was in Han Sen’s hands, it could be used to slay super creatures in the Third God’s Sanctuary.

If Taia had been wielded by a mere evolver, its use would mean a struggle to kill a measly creature of even the First God’s Sanctuary.

But without much effort, weight, or force, the feather effortlessly cut the z-steel stone in two. It was like magic.

Perhaps its weight correlated to its strength, and that was why? Either way, it was remarkable.

Looking at the edge of the feather, Han Sen had a sickly feeling. It looked so thin.

Giving the feather another wiggle, he did so with greater care. It was almost frightening how sharp the feather was. It felt as if it had the power to tear through the fabric of space and time.

“This is quite the prize. Since I found this thing up here, on Phoenix Mountain, I will call it the Phoenix Sword.” Han Sen had never been proficient when it came to naming things.

Han Sen brought out his Taia sword. Their lengths were different, but they would make a fine duo. With them, he could practice Double Fly.

“I need to practice Double Fly. If I don’t, it would be a waste of two good swords,” Han Sen told himself.

If he left the area now, with Phoenix Sword, he’d have been satisfied. He didn’t even care much for finding a way into the shelter, anymore.

But he had initially ventured to this place in the hopes of rescuing Brother Seven from a callous spirit.

Han Sen left the tree with a renewed vigor for finding an entrance into Phoenix Shelter.

All of a sudden, though, he was hit with a strange sensation. It felt as if the mountain had been missing something.

God Mountain’s peaks were like petals, but from where he now stood, he could see that there was something amiss.

He only noticed what was missing because he was at the highest point. Han Sen did not know much about Feng Shui, so if he had been farther down, he never would have noticed it.

Han Sen packaged the Phoenix Sword, picked up Bao’er, and went towards a parcel of the mountain that lacked the distinct features to have it fit in with the lotus-petal-collage.

It was situated at around the halfway point of the mountain. Not needing to fly, he just slid his way down.

He came to a stop on a stone platform, and he turned to look at a copper wall that skirted the back of it.

It had been dressed in a variety of vines, ones which Han Sen promptly removed, in the hopes the copper wall would be another metaphysical doorframe.

Unfortunately, after pressing against the copper in every way he could, nothing was revealed. It was solid.

He was stubborn, though. And he kept on feeling the copper wall, determined to find something. Eventually, his hands ran across a strange indent.

It was like a little slot, and around as thin as Bao’er’s arm.

He brushed away more of the vines to reveal it as a written character. Removing more of these vines exposed a number of different words that were written in a language Han Sen was unfamiliar with.

Han Sen summoned Thorn Baron, to ask her if it was a language of the spirits.

Her answer was, “Yes, these are spirits words.”

“What do they say?” Han Sen asked.

Thorn Baron had a curious, almost perplexed look on her face, and she said, “The phoenix descended on God Mountain and the emperor died.”

Han Sen didn’t really understand, and so he asked Thorn Baron if she understood.

She told him, “Well, I can read it, but even I am not sure what it all means.”

“Does it say anything else?” There was very little to go on, so he thought there had to be more.

Thorn Baron frowned and just said, “The words are strange. They don’t have meaning.”

Thorn Baron continued reading the inscribed words, but they made little sense. There was no cohesion or form to what was written. It was all mumbo-jumbo.

Thorn Baron then said, “I know what each word means, but it’s all jumbled up like nonsense. There is no meaning to what comes past the first line.”

As they discussed this, the platform trembled as if an earthquake had just begun.

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