Super God Gene Chapter 1108

Han Sen rushed over to hold Queen. As he held her, he swiftly examined her wounds to check how badly she was hurt.

She had been severely injured, and the sacred-blood armor Han Sen had lent her had been practically destroyed. Only shreds of it remained clinging to her blood-soaked body.

The garments she wore beneath the armor had also been torn and ripped away. Despite most of her body being exposed, it was unlikely you’d feel horny seeing her in such a condition.

Her entire body was covered in wounds and lacerations, and many areas had scabbed. Others were still fresh, oozing blood. Some cuts were so deep, you could see the bone. There was one particular cut running the length of her stomach. Had the cut been any deeper, her guts would be falling out.

“She has fought hard.” Han Sen believed he had gotten into a bad state before, due to pushing himself too hard, but Queen was taking the cake.

Han Sen used his holy light on her damaged body. It was a simulation of the Holy Rhino’s energy flow, and while it was effective for most injuries, it did little for grave wounds.

“You’re going to have to bear with me for this next bit, okay?” Han Sen had to then simulate the silver fox’s healing powers to heal her.


Queen’s body was consumed by fierce lightning. Her body twitched violently, but she did not scream under the duress of that excruciating pain. She merely clenched her teeth and held her vocal cords.

“This lightning heals wounds better than you might think,” Han Sen comforted her as he pumped the volts into her ravaged body.

The armor he had given her was burned to a crisp, but the nasty wounds she had suffered were healing quick.

Queen was by far the strongest woman Han Sen had ever come to know. Whenever Han Sen was healed by the silver fox, he’d end up screaming. Queen had only groaned low a couple of times.

Most of her wounds were sorted by now, but the deep cut across her stomach was going to take a lot more of the charge to get fixed.

After an hour of this lightning and pain, even Han Sen was feeling guilty over the treatment he had to give her. But like a brave soldier, she did not moan or complain once. She endured it all like a champ.

“You should go bathe in the healing pools of the Alliance. You should be fit as a fiddle in a few days.” Han Sen had managed to heal the worst of her wounds, but he could not bring himself to make her suffer any longer.

“Keep going.” Queen’s teeth quivered and chattered as she spoke.

“There’s no difference now between what I can give you and what you can get in the Alliance. All I can provide, in addition, is needless pain,” Han Sen said.

“This is faster.” Queen was firm in her desire.

Han Sen vehemently shook his head, but eventually complied with her request. Then, he started to electrocute her with the healing charges again.

Half an hour later, all her wounds had sealed and healed. All that was left was the presence of red marks where they once had been.

Queen summoned a beast soul armor and said, “Have you recovered?”

“I’m almost there.” Han Sen had revealed to her he could make use of his powers, so there was no use hiding it.

She nodded and started to leave the shelter once more.

Han Sen stopped her and said, “Don’t go. There’s something I need to talk to you about.”

Queen stopped walking and turned around.

“Because I’m almost healed, I will soon be leaving this place. I’m returning to my old shelter; would you like to come with me?” Han Sen asked.

Queen nodded and replied, “Okay.”

Han Sen had expected he’d have to explain, and he was surprised when she agreed so quickly.

Han Sen asked, “What happened to you, anyway? How did you get hurt?”

Queen said, “To the west is another disheveled shelter. I had wished to make use of its teleporter, but I was attacked.”

She gave him further details, and following the explanation, Han Sen retreated into deep thought.

Although she hadn’t been there long, Queen had managed to gather many geno points. With Han Sen’s beast souls, she could easily escape the clutches of a sacred-blood creature.

But the creatures had managed to injure her badly, and that suggested they had to be at least sacred-blood creatures.

She had tried to flee upon seeing them, but one in particular had managed to tackle her by surprise.

It was fortunate she had been brutally hit by the sacred-blood; otherwise, she’d have waltzed into the domain of a super creature.

“Take me to that shelter.” If there really was a super creature, Han Sen would be quite pleased. Bao’er, seeing Han Sen leave the shelter, swiftly followed and leaped onto his back.

Han Sen had been in that shelter for a very long time, and Bao’er had been bored of the area for a while now.

Queen guided Han Sen west, and half an hour later, they stumbled across the remains of a slain creature.

It was a frighteningly large mantis that was around the same size as a fully-grown wolf. Its carapace was purple, and the two arms were like scythes.

“This is one of the creatures that cut you up?” Han Sen saw that Queen had killed it as she escaped.

Queen said, “Demon-Blood Mantis, yes. They were mostly primitive, but this one was mutant.”

They continued walking, and there must have been thirty of the beasts all strewn about the plains there. It had obviously been a nasty fight.

With Golden Growler’s speed, it only took them two hours to reach the shelter. Just like every other shelter in the area, it looked to be in disarray. It had been abandoned by spirits a long time ago.

There were no signs of the mantises though, so it seemed like the rest of the horde had retreated back into the deeper recesses of the shelter.

“Wait here; I’m going to take a closer look,” Han Sen told her.

“I’m coming with you.” Queen followed.

“Okay.” Protesting would be of no use, so Han Sen summoned Disloyal Knight and had it take the lead.

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