Super God Gene Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Quartz Scorpion

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Han Sen took back the beast soul armor and returned to Steel Armor Shelter. When he was entering the gate, he met an acquaintance.

"Sen?" Han Hao was surprised to see him.

"Han Hao, you know Ass Freak?" Han Haos companions all recognized Han Sen and looked at Han Hao strangely.

"No, wrong guy. Lets go!" Han Hao paused and looked embarrassed. Without saying hello, he walked past Han Sen.

Han Hao hadnt expected Han Sen to be in the same shelter, nor that he was also the infamous Ass Freak. If word got out that he was Han Sens cousin, Han Hao couldnt imagine what Son of Heaven and Qin Xuan would do to him.

Han Sen smiled wryly and did not expose Han Haos lie. Since Han Hao didnt want anything to do with him, why would he do his cousin any harm?

With two million on him, Han Sen left Gods Sanctuary and went back home. He asked Mr. Zhang to help with the legal procedures regarding the old house to avoid any further disputes with his relatives. After that, Han Sen felt a lot more relaxed. Everything would be taken care of and life would only get better. When he earned more money, Han Yan could go to a private school, where she could get a much better education than he did. In some elite schools, she could even learn hyper geno arts and have a much better start.

To enter an elite school, however, her family must be aristocratic. So Han Sen must complete one evolution and gain the title.

"That would be a piece of cake for me. I could even have the title of sacred-blood aristocrat if I want." Han Sens spirits were high.

"Brother, you here?" Han Yan, in floral pajamas and holding a doll in her arms, poked her head through the door and searched for Han Sen.

Seeing Han Sen sitting on the bed, she ran over and leaned against him with the doll.

"Naughty girl, why are you still up?" Han Sen pinched her little nose.

"Yan wants to listen to a story! Its been forever since you told me stories, and Ive missed you so much since youve been gone." Han Yan looked at Han Sen with watery eyes.

Han Sen sighed secretly. Since he graduated and entered Gods Sanctuary, he had almost no time for his little sister, which he felt so guilty about.

"Ill tell Yan a story right now." Han Sen sat Han Yan on his lap, opened a story book and read softly, "Once upon a time ..."

After Han Sen returned to Gods Sanctuary, he decided to catch a primitive creature to feed, which, incredibly, would turn to a mutant one in half a month.

But Han Sen was more curious to know how long it would take for it to become a sacred-blood creature, which is what he needed most.

It was still relatively easy to hunt a wild mutant creature, but almost impossible to hunt a sacred-blood one. Take the bloody slayer for example: he could never have killed it if it werent already severely injured by Son of Heaven.

The moment Han Sen left his room, he was pulled away by someone.

Han Sen turned and saw Han Hao, who pulled him to a remote spot. After confirming there was no one nearby, Han Hao said, "How did you cause such trouble! You havent even been here long, and youve managed to piss off gangs of both Qin Xuan and Son of Heaven.

"I didnt mean to," Han Sen said casually.

"I do not care. You are on your own for the stupid things you did. You are not allowed to say that I am your cousin or that you know me in front of others. I just started here and have a bright future, and will not be destroyed like you were," Han Hao said, glaring at Han Sen.

"Sure, I wont tell." Han Sen knew his cousin had been looking down on him since he went to integrated compulsory education, and there was no way he would support him under these circumstances. Of course, he was not obligated to either.

"That's settled then. Dont say you know me," Han Hao told Hen Sen once again before leaving, fearing that someone might see them together.

Han Sen left Steel Armor Shelter and went all the way into the mountains. He didnt plan to hunt copper-toothed beasts anymore, as he had had enough of their meat and would no longer gain primitive geno points from it. It was another primitive creature that he was going after. He could eat several and also bring back a living one to evolve.

Han Sen had chosen a place called Barathrum Cave for hunting this time. It was a remote cave in the mountains, where primitive creatures, quartz scorpions, lived.

Because it was so dark and narrow in Barathrum Cave, even with lighting equipment, sometimes it was still difficult to see quartz scorpions hidden in rock tunnels.

If stung by these scorpions, it would take a mere three to five minutes before someone who had maxed out on primitive geno points would be poisoned to death.

Therefore, few people would choose quartz scorpions as their targets. With black beetle armor, however, Han Sen wasnt risking much, as it was not likely that quartz scorpions could get to him.

His chose quartz scorpions because, first, it was easy to hide himself from the public in the cave. And second, a quartz scorpion was only the size of a fist, so it would be easy for him to carry their bodies back, unlike the large prey which were hard to transport. Third, if he happened to gain the beast soul of a quartz scorpion, he would also make a fortune, as it was a weapon like a military knife which was poisoned and incredibly sharp. As a primitive beast soul, its price was almost as high as a mutant one.

At the mouth of the cave, Han Sen made sure he was alone and summoned his armor, entering Barathrum Cave prepared.

As modern lighting equipment didnt work in Gods Sanctuary, Han Sen brought a self-made torch, with which he could only see several feet in front of him. With mica in the rocks reflecting the light, he could hardly see the hidden scorpions.


Han Sen soon felt a hit on his foot. He looked down and saw a deep blue scorpion the size of his fist stinging him on the feet with its tail.
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