Super God Gene Chapter 163

Chapter 163: Sacred-blood Sledgehammer
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"Now this is gonna be fun. Son of Heavens gang might all die here. Well done, fox king!" Han Sen thought delightedly. He was waiting to see if Son of Heaven would be killed. If not, he would finish Son of Heaven off himself.

He had wanted to kill Son of Heaven for a while now, but never had the chance. Son of Heaven was too strong himself and was always followed by his gang.

Finally he had encountered such a good opportunity, and Han Sen did not intend to let it go.

Son of Heavens gang was soon surrounded by those golden bugs. There was no way to run from the sea of bugs.

"Go out." Son of Heaven gritted his teeth and started to run.

The gang stomped on the bugs and rushed out. The bugs were more fragile than Han Sen had imagined and could not even withstand their weight.

But there were so many of the bugs that many managed to climb into the gangs clothes.

"Ah!" Screams suddenly sounded, giving Han Sen goose bumps and pleasure at the same time. These people deserved this.

"Follow me," roared the guy using the sledgehammer. Wielding his weapon, he had blown away the bugs and sand and cleared out an area of six by nine feet.

Waving the sledgehammer, the big guy threw sand and bugs in front of him in the air and made a way for the rest.

Following this guy, Son of Heavens gang managed to leave the valley.

"S*#t! Who is this fierce guy? I cant believe Son of Heaven survived that!" Han Sen was upset.

When the gang left the valley, those golden bugs did not follow them. After swallowing all the dead bodies, the bugs descended into the ground again.

It took less than half an hour before the valley was quiet again. Not even a drop of blood was left. It was as if nothing had happened.

Son of Heavens gang members were covered in rags and blood now. Luckily, their wounds were not serious and they had killed all the bugs stuck on their skin.

"Damn, that fox king is too cunning!" a gang member cursed while dealing with his wounds.

"Brother Gu, thanks to you, we are still alive," Son of Heaven said to Gu.

Gu smiled and said, "Its nothing. We are friends."

Suddenly Gus expression changed as he felt acute pain in his waist. Two daggers were stabbed deep into both sides of his waist and only the handles were exposed.

Two of Son of Heavens men each took one of Gus arms and pushed him down on the ground. The rest helped control Gu as well, leaving him no chance to fight back. Blood flowed from his waist.

Han Sen was appalled. He did not expect to see such a turn. They had just been through life and death, and Gu had even saved the gang members lives. How come Gu was suddenly treated like a dog?

"What are you doing?" Gu muttered, unable to believe what had happened.

"How dare a piece of crap like you call Son of Heaven brother? You only got lucky because you have gained a sacred-blood beast soul." One of Son of Heavens men stomped on Gus face, filling Gus nose and mouth with blood.

"You bastards!" Seething with anger, Gu tried to struggle. Pushed down by several people, his strength still almost allowed him to throw them off.

One of Son of Heavens men grabbed a dagger stuck in Gus body and gave it a twist. With a scream, Gu suddenly lost all his strength.

The gang kicked and hit Gu, about which Gu could do nothing as he was held down.

Son of Heaven remained silent and nodded to his men when Gu had become weak.

"Gu, since you have saved us, hand over your sacred-blood sledgehammer and we can let you live," a man said fiercely as he grabbed Gus hair.

"Even if I had to die, I will not give you anything." Gu spit out a mouthful of blood at the man's face.


The man slapped Gu hard in anger and said viciously, "Do you f*#king think that you can die whenever you want? If you dont give me the hammer, I will make you beg for a chance to kill yourself. Get rid of his claws first."

The gang was skilled at torture. They held Gus hand down and nailed it on the ground with a dagger.

Gu let out an excruciating scream, his fingers could not help spreading out.

A man held one of Gus fingers and stuck a knife under his nail. Covered in blood, the nail had almost been separated from the flesh. With a hard pull, the man took the entire nail abruptly from the finger.

Gu was screaming like a pig being slaughtered, his body twitching. The pain was simply beyond imagination.

It so happened that he was held down by a few people and could not even move. All he could do was scream desperately.

"Damn, this gang is heinous." Originally Han Sen did not want to meddle in this, but he could not stand watching this anymore.

The enemy of his enemy was his friend. Although he had no idea who Gu was, Han Sen did not mind adding an enemy of Son of Heavens. In addition, this kind of torture was too much.

Han Sen observed the situation and found that there were too many strong men in Son of Heavens gang. Han Sen could not save Gu on his own.

"Why did you have to rescue them? Look at whats happening now," thought Han Sen, waiting for an opportunity.

Gu was really tough. After three of his nails were pulled off, he still did not agree to their demand and was still cursing the gang. In the end, his body could no longer take the pain and he fainted.

"Son of Heaven, what now? This guy is tough."

"Tie him up. Lets find a place to set up the tent and get something to eat first." Son of Heaven saw it was late and did not dare to camp right outside this strange valley.
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