Super God Gene Chapter 184

Chapter 184: Probe
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Seeing the golden rock worm king eating the bodies up and growing in size, Huangfu Pingqing could not help feeling surprised.

"Mr. Han, is this a sacred-blood beast soul pet?" Huangfu looked at Han Sen and asked.

"It is. But its basically useless. All it does is eating." Han Sen laughed.

He gained the beast soul of the golden rock worm king when he was with Wang Mengmeng, so he did not hide it from them. Plus, everyone knew it was hard to make a beast soul pet transform, let alone a sacred-blood one. Han Sen was trying to seize everyone opportunity for him to feed the worm king.

"You are full of surprises. Its so impressive that you have a scared-blood pet. Ive always wanted one. If you could sell it to me, I promise that I will pay handsomely," Huangfu said unexpectedly.

Before Han Sen answered, Wang Dongling could not help saying, "Pingqing, what do you need a beast soul like this for? It is almost impossible to make a sacred-blood beast soul transform. Without a lot of sacred-blood meat, that could never be done."

Han Sen chuckled inwardly and thought, "This guy is so dumb. That was just a probe. She does not really want to buy the worm king."

Huangfu heard Wang Dongling and said with a smile, "I just really like it. Would Mr. Han be willing to sell?"

Han Sen smiled faintly and said, "Miss Huangfu, if you like it, of course I could sell. But I have spent quite some energy to feed the golden rock worm king and the price would be high. I suggest that we barter. I could trade this sacred-blood beast soul with another. What do you think?"

Huangfu pondered and said, "I also need sacred-blood beast souls. Do you accept cash? I am willing to buy it with a hundred million."

Han Sen slightly shook his head. "I am sorry for Miss Huangfu. I am not short of money, and would only consider another sacred-blood beast soul."

"It is really a pity." Huangfu seemed to feel genuinely sorry.

The conversation had ended. Huangfu never wanted to buy the beast soul pet, but her probe did not get her what she wanted to know.

But Han Sen did make her feel alarming. She had an intriguing smile on when seeing him.

Because Huangfu Pingqing and Wang Dongling had joined them, Han Sen did not need to do much. He simply protected Wang Mengmeng to hunt and did not fight himself.

Wang Dongling, on the other hand, had been very eager to show off in front of Huangfu. He was constantly killing creatures, making Wang Mengmeng quite unhappy.

Wang Mengmeng planned to practice her skills in Devil Desert. It was rare that she saw two mutant creatures, which were both killed by Wang Dongling to kill.

Fortunately, those two mutant creatures were both too large for anyone to eat. So they fell into the stomach of the worm king in the end.

"Mr. Han's warframe skills are the best among the unevolved. I wonder which aspect are you good at when it comes to martial arts." Huangfu Pingqing wanted to see how well Han Sen could fight when they saw the mutant creatures, but Wang Dongling was quite eager to show off and her plan failed.

"There is nothing in particular that I am good," Han Sen casually replied, wondering if he should end the trip early. With these two following, he could not achieve anything.

"With his skills in warframe, Mr. Han must have spent all his time on that," Wang Dongling cut in.

Han Sen almost laughed out loud. Wang Dongling was definitely the worst teammate ever. He did not understand the minds of Huangfu at all and was playing cover for Han Sen.

Huangfu frowned. As astute as her, she was impatient about Wang Dongling, who had disrupted her probe for Han Sen.

Wang Mengmeng also felt amused. Seeing it getting awkward, she said, "Brother Han is in the Archery Department, so he is good at archery, but definitely not as good as Pingqing."

Han Sen being an archery student was reported by various media, and Wang Mengmeng felt it was okay to share that.

"So Mr. Han, you are in the Archery Department. We shall have a little competition later." Huangfu did not pay any special attention to Han Sen before and only learned his name via the Digang commercial. Knowing he was an archery student, she was quite delighted.

"I think we should forget it. My archery skills are quite ordinary." Han Sen was tired to cope with Huangfu. As pretty as she was, this woman was too cunning. Han Sen did not like women like her.

"Pingqing, do not embarrass him. He must have spent all his time on warframes instead of archery. If you want to compete, I can join you. I have practiced archery for a long time," Wang Dongling said with a smile.

Han Sen and Wang Mengmeng exchanged a glance, and both of them twitched the corners of their mouths. This guy was so dumb that he was almost cute.

Huangfu was about to burst with rage. She thought, "Wang Dongling you must be a pig! Han Sen is obviously Wang Mengmengs protector. If Han Sen had nothing special about him, would the Wangs trust Mengmeng alone with him in such a dangerous place?"

Huangfu was so mad that she stopped talking. The four continued into Devil Desert.

After a while, Han Sen suddenly looked up at the sky and said grimly, "We should go back."

"So soon?" Wang Dongling slightly hesitated, not understanding what make Han Sen say so.

Huangfu Pingqing and Wang Mengmeng looked in the direction of Han Sens sight and saw two black-feathered beasts circling in the sky.

"You are worried about the black-feathered beasts?"Huangfu lowered her voice and asked.

Han Sen nodded. "These days there have always been black-feathered beasts around us. maybe it has something to do with that large group of them."

Wang Dongling said with a confident smile, "Mr. Han, you worry too much. They are merely beasts and not as intelligent as you think they are. And even if they come here, I could kill as many as there are."
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