Super God Gene Chapter 186

Chapter 186: Carried by An Arrow
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With so many black-feathered beasts, it would take them a while to kill them all even if the beasts did not fight back, not to mention the mutant and sacred-blood black-feathered beasts.

And now they had been trapped in the bodies of the black-feathered beasts. If they did not manage to go out, they would be torn apart before the king came to them.

When Huangfu was in despair, she saw a giant golden object in a sudden. It turned out to be the golden rock worm king.

Summoned by Han Sen, the golden rock worm king quickly ripped at the beasts bodies. With its size like a rhinoceros, the worm king pushed away all the bodies blocking the three away.

The black-feathered beasts threw them at the worm king. However, the worm kings shell was already really hard and the claws of the beasts could not harm it at all. The worm king did not mind them and continued to devour the dead bodies.

With the help of the worm king, the three had gained space to move around. Wielding the chopper seamlessly, Han Sen killed all the black-feathered beasts that dared to come close.

"Primitive black-feathered beast killed. Beast soul of primitive black-feathered beast gained. Eat its meat to gain zero to ten primitive geno pointes."

With so many black-feathered beasts killed, Han Sen eventually gained a primitive beast soul.

Huangfu killed about the same number of beasts as he did. Dancing with her daggers and using different martial arts, she caused the great damage to the beasts, making Han Sen quite surprised.

But the black-feathered beasts were so great in numbers that they could never kill them all.

Han Sen frowned and knew this would not work. The sacred-blood black-feathered beast king was determined to kill them. Last time they scattered because Huangfu had lots of men with her, and now there were only a few humans, so they had come back.

The beast king did not care about its own kind. Han Sen knew their strength could not last them very long.

"Mengmeng, stay here and I will lead the beasts away. After I have finished, run back and leave the desert," Han Sen said.

Huangfu felt that he must be lying. The only reason Wang Mengmeng was safe was his protection. Once he was gone, how could she fight all these black-feathered beasts?

And with so many black-feathered beasts here, how many could he lead away? Even if he could get half to chase him, Wang Mengmeng still needed to deal with the rest.

In Huangfus view, Han Sen was simply making an excuse for leaving Wang Mengmeng and escaping on his own.

When Huangfu Pingqing was guessing, Wang Mengmeng said, "Take care, Brother Han."

"Are you really one of the Wangs? Cant you see he is running alone? And you are still worried about his safety?" Huangfu thought.

But she suddenly saw Han Sen reached out a hand, and a blue suite of crystal beast soul armor covered Wang Mengmengs body from head to toe.

The armor was simply like a beautiful piece of art, showing off Wang Mengmengs nice body shape. She suddenly looked like a goddess of war from heaven.

At the same time, Han Sen summoned his horn bow and black stinger arrow and shot the arrow at the beast king.

The horn bows attached great strength to the arrow, which buzzed as it flew across.

And Han Sen had tied a thread at the arrows nock at some point. With the other end of the thread in his hand, he was carried by the arrow and went close to the beast king.

Holding the thread in one hand, one a sharp green dagger in the other, Han Sen slayed every black-feathered beat that dared to approach him.

This dagger was the other beast soul that he gained from Gu Ming. The chopper was too heavy and big, which would weigh him down as he rushed to the beast king. That was why he had used the dagger instead.

Watching Han Sen using an arrow to approach the sacred-blood beast king, Huangfu was dazed.

Originally, she had thought Han Sen was about to leave Wang Mengmeng alone and escape. So, she had made up her mind that as long as Han Sen moved, she would follow him to make her way out.

But in fact, Han Sen was trying to approach the beast king flying in the sky like this. She had not expected this to happen.

What was the use of doing this? He could not even fly, so how could he cause the sacred-blood beast king any harm? Once the arrow slowed down, he would be shredded into pieces by the numerous beasts.

"Stupid! He is more stupid than Wang Dongling," Huangfu thought.

Glancing at Wang Mengmeng, Huangfu found that with the armor, the black-feathered beasts could not even leave any mark on it, let alone hurt the girl.

"Sacred-blood beast soul armor!" Huangfu was shocked and her expression became complicated. With such armor and his strength, he could have easily go out himself. However, he had chosen to risk his life and leave the armor to Wang Mengmeng to protect her.

"This man is either mad or arrogant." Huangfu looked up and saw Han Sen in the sky. The arrow had lost the momentum because of his weight and the obstruction from the black-feathered beasts. Han Sen did not make it to the sacred-blood beast king.

And mutant black-feathered beasts started to throw themselves at him. He had lost all means of defense in the air.

But at this time, Huangfu suddenly saw a red shadow. Suddenly Han Sen was covered in red armor and his short and black hair had become long and blonde. With a ruby crown on his head, he was glistening in the sun.
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