Super God Gene Chapter 191

Chapter 191: A Demonstration
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After the class, Han Sen walked toward the training field of martial arts. Ji Yanran was training there and he had said he would pick her up for lunch.

Now the two had gone public, and everyone knew about it. They werent trying to hide it either and started to show up together, making the single students feel sorry for themselves.

When Han Sen arrived at the training field, Ji Yanran was still training with others under the professors watch, so he sat down at the stands.

Ji Yanran was in the Warship Department, but martial arts was a compulsory course in all majors.

"Its the genius! He must have come to pick up the beauty."

"Sure enough. Its not likely hes visiting us."

"Hes got great skin. I really want to see how it feels."


Many students were whispering. Since Ji Yanran was in a relationship with Han Sen, she had become more and more thick-skinned. Hearing peoples comments, she did not even blush and felt quite content.

"Yanran, do you feel fun showing off like this every day?" Qu Lili touched Ji with her elbow, complaining.

"I think it is a lot fun," Ji Yanran smiled and said. "If you do not want to feel bad, you could find a boyfriend yourself."

"Im not as fortunate as you, to have a strong and charming man thrown in your lap." Qu Lili said sourly.

"What can I do about my beauty? I did not even ask for one," Ji Yanran said with a smile.

Qu Lili bitterly stared at Ji. "Yanran, I found that since you are with him, you have become more and more shameless. He is a bad influence."

"Research shows that after husband and wife spend a long time together, they will gradually be affected by the others genes. Havent you notices that Han Sen has become more and more handsome recently?" Ji Yanran blinked and said.

"You two deserve each other." Qu Lili rolled her eyes. In the past, a dirty joke could make Ji Yanran blush, and now Ji could throw a dirtier one back.

"Damn you Han Sen. I want my innocent roommate back," Qu Lili thought bitterly.

Professor Chen Ling who was teaching martial arts was a thirty-year-old plump woman. She saw that the class was distracted by Han Sens appearance and said with a smile, "A star is indeed different. So, it seems you are in no mood to practice. How about we ask him to do a black and white boxing demonstration?"

"Yes, Professor Chen you the best..."

The students cheered, as they all knew Han Sen had beaten Yu Zhiming in Professor Yans class.

"Han Sen, you are quite well-known. Come and do a demonstration for your classmates." Chen Ling smiled and said to Han Sen.

"For Professor Chen, always," Han Sen said with a smile, and then came down from the stands.

Another burst of cheers, and Chen Ling asked, "Do you want to pick an opponent, or should I pick one for you?"

"Professor Chen, theres no need. For sure it should be Ji Yanran, our beauty," A student teased.

Suddenly everyone laughed. Although Ji Yanean was less shy now, she was still flushed in the laughter.

"Then Ms. Ji it is." Chen Ling also smiled.

Although a bit nervouse, Ji Yanran went ahead to demonstrate with Han Sen.

The students were waiting to see Han Sens legendary black and white boxing skills, but he lost to Ji Yanran in every single round, making the students and Chen Ling stunned.

"It seems that the genius was henpecked like me!"

"Our beauty trained her man well."

"Do not be afraid, man! You can kneel for mercy when you go back home, but have to consider your dignity in public."


Han Sen acted as if he heard nothing and lost more than twenty rounds in a row.

The students were amused, whereas Chen Ling was extremely surprised. In black and white boxing, it was not easy to win, but it was also hard to lose, especially to lose as naturally as Han Sen did. He had to make the perfect judgment of Ji Yanrans move to lose perfectly.

It was easy to lose a few rounds, but not winning any had surprised her. Han Sen was, after all, still unevolved.

After the training session, Han Sen was preparing to go to the cafeteria with Ji Yanran. Chen Ling came over and said, "Han Sen, I have something that I want to talk to you about. Can you spare a few minutes?"

Han Sen and Ji Yanran were both dazed. Chen Ling did not teach the Archery Department and they did not know each other well. Han Sen was not sure what she wanted to talk about.

"Can we go together?" Han Sen looked at Ji Yanran and Qu Lili.

"Sure. Lets all have lunch together. My treat." Chen Ling said and walked out.

Han Sen, Ji Yanran, and Qu Lili quickly followed up. They were all very curious what Chen Ling needed.

Chen Ling took them to a school cafeteria and booked a private room.

After Han Sen and the girls had ordered, she said, "Han Sen, in a few days there will be a black and white boxing competition on the Skynet, and it is a team challenge. Blackhawk had applied, but for some reason, we are one man short. Can you do me this favor?"

Ji Yanran and Qu Lili were both surprised, not expecting Chen Ling to invite Han Sen to go. Han Sen was neither in Martial Arts Department nor in Martial Arts Society, and contestants of this kind of game were usually selected from these two places.

"Xu Qian and his friends have come to me, and I have already promised to join them in the match against St. Germain school. But I cannot guarantee that I have time to go to the others," Han Sen smiled and said.

Chen Ling was suddenly overjoyed. "So those boys have it covered. Nice! Its so great that you could join. We could not lose to St. Germain. Blackhawk is counting on you."
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