Super God Gene Chapter 207

Chapter 207: Peerless

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Chapter 207 Peerless


With the sparks generated by the system, Nalan Chengnuo was blown away.

Nalan had lost again. Two points in a rownot even the guy from the Alliance Central Military Academy could do that to Nalan. This was simply unbelievable.

"Nalan had lost two points. Am I in a dream?"

"Nalan is not even so miserable when he faced that monster."


"Blackhawk is so fierce this time. If they could send St. Germain home with no point, they would definitely become the champion, since the Alliance Central Military Academy is not here this time."

"The emperor is invincible! St. Germain did not get a single point until now."

"No wonder the Blackhawk players and coaches are so confident. They have the emperor on their team."

"The emperor is so strong."


Fang Mingquan watched the live show over a cup of tea. Although he thought Han Sen would win, but did not expect him to do so well""

Fang Mingquan was not too surprised about the result, after all he had seen the same performance from Han Sen during the Starry Cup. Han Sen reminded him of someone else, but they had totally different styles. The similarity between the two persons he thought of was that they were both destined to win.

Wen Xiuxiu was completely dumbstruck by the fact that Nalan had lost two points in a row. She felt like she was in a nightmare. Which was as cruel at the reality.

The St. Germain team that she expected to win had not gained a single point so far. And if they lost another point, then they would be out. She didn't think that the team had ever been so humiliated.

Even in its weakest moment, the team had never got a zero in a competition. Not to mention it is the strongest the team had ever been. Before this match against Blackhawk, St. Germain even had a chance to challenge the Alliance Central Military Academy.

She have never expected that they would lose to Blackhawk in such a miserable way. Thinking back of what she had said and done before the competition, Wen Xiuxiu felt her face burning, as if she had been slapped by someone.

Wen Xiuxiu even touched her face, as if that feeling was real.

As strong as Nalan Chengnuo, he had been shaken by the situation. Biting his lips, he fixed his eyes on Han Sen, "Has he been calculating right from the start?"

Bai Yishan saw Nalan Chengnuo's look and sighed, "Nalan is still too young and is easily shaken. He has lost already."

But Bai Yishan's gaze at Han Sen became hot. "Maybe this person is the best candidate to practice Yin Yang Blast."

And the fact was exactly like how Bai Yishan had predicted. Nalan Chengnuos mind was shaken completely. He could no longer maintain his keen observance nor his calm. In the third round, he was blown away by Han Sen.

At this moment, even Han Sens friends could not believe that their school had beaten St. Germain completely. It was a victory they had never seen before.

After a short silence, all the students from Blackhawk started to cheer and they were shouting "Emperor."

In the online community, people had also gone insane. St. Germain had lost like never before, and it was accomplished by the guy whose ID name was Black Fist Emperor.

"He is indeed an emperor. All players in front of him had to bow their heads, even Nalan Chengnuo."

"Wow. Has St. Germain ever lost like this in their history?"

"Ha-ha, I feel like this game rule should be changed. Otherwise no one could ever beat Blackhawk."

"The rules are indeed problematic. They should at least use best of five. Although it is fun to watch one guy fighting for a long time, a player like the emperor would leave the other teams no options."

"This player is indeed an emperor. He should be able to fight with the guy from the Alliance Central Military Academy."

" I can't say about other items. But in black and white boxing, I believe in the emperor. He is too good."

"0 points... and this is St. Germain at its best."

"It feels so good to watch. I really want to see another match."


Wen Xiuxiu stood there, looking pale. However he had to go to the Blackhawk team to finish her last interviews to wrap up the show.

"Han Sen, congratulations..." Wen Xiuxiu felt so bad about herself. She has never felt so ashamed of her own ignorance ever in her life.

She also felt terrible about having doubted the decision of her boss, who had meant well and given her a great opportunity which she had completely screwed up.

"A mentor is a mentor. I have so much more to learn from him." Although Wen Xiuxiu had made a mistake, at least she knew to correct herself.

This game shocked all teams in the competition. Many teams that had paid no attention to Blackhawk watched the video immediately and made a lot of analysis.

However, with all their efforts, they had only come to one conclusion: the Black Fist Emperor is too good. If they fought against Blackhawk, they would end up as miserable as St. Germain.

Many teams had protested to the sponsor of the competition, and ask the rules to be changed or else they would withdraw.

The sponsor also felt torn. They had adopted the current rules to make the game more fun and did not realize that there would be a player as strong as the Black Fist Emperor. Even one of the strongest team was sent home with no point. If the competition went on, it will no longer be a team effort but a one-man show.

In the end the sponsor had to convene an emergency meeting, deciding to change the rules. From the second game on, the current system will be changed into best of five, and each player could only compete once.

Although Chen Ling had issued a formal complaint of the decision, it did not help, because if the game rules weren't changed, no team would be willing to play against Blackhawk.

"They have changed the game rules for a single person. The emperor should feel so honored."

"Ha-ha, interesting decision!"

"The emperor could no longer rule."

"How can they change it? I want to see the emperor do this all over again."

"Yes, I insist they keep the current system."

"He is indeed an emperor. Only the sponsor could stop him."

"If Blackhawk loses this time, the emperor is still my champion."

"I wish to see the emperor in a singles game. I wonder who will be stronger, him or the guy from The Alliance Central Military Academy."
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