Super God Gene Chapter 226

Chapter 226: Cake Tasting

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After the semi-annual assessment, Han Sen was celebrating with his roommates, Ji Yanran and Qu Lili in the cafeteria.

"Han Sen, we are all human. How come there is such a difference? I did not spend time in the relationship or playing. All I did was training in the archery Department and all I had was an a. You're never in our department and was driving warframe's and playing with your girlfriend all the time. How come you got an s? It's not fair," exclaimed Shi Zhikang.

"Come on. You're in the heavy Warframe Society all the time as well," said Lu Meng.

"Lu, whose side are you on?" Shi Zhikang stared at Lu Meng.

"Not yours." Lu Meng laughed.


After dinner, the group of friends went to sing karaoke and play games until late. Han Sen hinted Shi Zhikang to lead Qu Lili away so that he could accompany his girlfriend back alone.

"Why are you following me?" At the gate of her dormitory building, Han Sen was ready to follow her upstairs.

"I'll go warm your bed." Han Sen grinned.

"I don't need that." She blushed and said fiercely.

"Beauty, have you forgotten that you just gave me half a million the few days ago? As a professional, I will serve you with all I have, so warming your bed is a must." Han Sen blinked and said.

"Go away. If anyone else saw us, I won't forgive you." Ji Yanran blushed and bit her lip.

"So, if no one could see me, I could follow you upstairs?" asked Han Sen casually.

"How's that possible? Go back." Ji Yanran curled her lips.

Han Sen did not leave. He walked over to a corner where the camera could not cover and summoned the beast soul of the sacred-blood color shifter. Suddenly, he became part of the surroundings.

Ji Yanran widened her eyes and saw her boyfriend disappear in front of her. She was so shocked that she couldn't see anything standing next to him.

She had to touch him to make sure that he will still there.

"What kind of beast soul is this?" Ji Yanran was surprised.

"Color shifter. Can I go up now?" asked Han Sen with a smile.

"Stay farther. If someone noticed you, you'll be dead." She blushed and went upstairs.

Han Sen followed her slowly. Fortunately, it was dark already and there was no one nearby. Although when Han Sen moved there were certain cracks, no one was there to discover them, so he came directly to her room.

With Qu Lili being pulled away by his roommates, she would not be back in a while. Ji Yanran opened the door just a crack to see that there was no one out there before she let her boyfriend in.

"Do you want something to eat? You were just drinking and did not eat much." Ji Yanran said, looking through the food she had.

"You're enough. I don't want anything else," sitting on the couch, Han Sen said with a smile.

"Can you be serious for a minute?" Ji Yanran took some cake and some water to him.

"I am being serious and professional, trying to make your half a million well spent," Han Sen said.

Ji Yanran saw his look and laughed. Then she rolled her eyes and said, "Well, if you don't eat, I will."

She then put a slice of cake in a plate and started to eat.

Sitting next to her, Han Sen regarded his girlfriend.

"What are you looking at?" Ji Yanran blushed under his gaze.

"Look at you. You have cake on your cheek." Han Sen reached over.

Ji Yanran thought he was going to wipe away the cake on her face and did not move, but his hand held her chin and he licked the cake away instead.

Then he licked the cream on her lips, and said, "Delicious."

Ji Yanran's eyes lit up and suddenly hit his face with the entire piece of cake in her hand.

While Han Sen was shocked, she held his shoulder and said, "You have cake on your cheek as well."

Han Sen was dazed. She used her little tongue to lick away a piece of cream on his face, blushing.

Han Sen could no longer hold it back. He reached out to hold her waist and rubbed her face with his, tasting the cream and her soft skin at the same time.

His hands also found their way to her plump butt.

While the two were enjoying the sweetness, they suddenly heard the door being opened.

"I knew there was something wrong. Genius, you are a genius in stealing a girl's heart as well." Qu Lili walked in with a smile.

Ji Yanran jumped away from Han Sens arms, stared at Qu Lili and could not say a thing.

"Shi Zhikang, I shouldn't have counted on you. How did you let her back so soon?" thought Han Sen. He had no way around it and had to excuse himself.

There was no way that he could continue his endeavor this evening anyway.

Watching him going away, Qu Lili had a complex look on her face.

Han Sen didn't go far before his comlink rang. Han Sen thought it was Ji Yanran and answered, but instead he saw Huangfu Pingqing in white lingerie in the holographic image.

"Brother Han, do you still remember our agreement? Do you have time Tomorrow?" asked Huangfu Pingqing with a smile.

"Yes. Where do you want to go?" Han Sen touched his nose and said.

When he made the contract with Huangfu Pingqing, he also promised her to go hunting with her once and he had to honor his words.
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