Super God Gene Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Expensive Food

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"Buddy, whats your name?" Lin Beifeng threw a lighter at Han Sen.

"Han Sen." Han Sen caught the lighter and lit the cigarette. Made from the tobacco produced from Schwarzwald, the cigarettes were harmless to the body and especially refreshing.

For those who were risking their lives in Gods Sanctuary, the Schwarzwald cigarettes were definitely heaven-sent.

"Sen, trust me, when we are back at the shelter, you can have as much money as you want. Problems that can be solved by money are no problems for me..."

They chatted for awhile, and Han Sen understood what had happened. Lin Beifeng was not only rich, but super rich. He was also lucky to be assigned to a shelter where he had very close acquaintances. So he bought a whole lot of mutant beast souls: armor, weapons, mounts, fighters, etc. He also hired a group of people to hunt with him, wanting to hunt a sacred-blood creature. With his great luck, they indeed caught a sacred-blood creature, but what happened after was not so lucky. The people he hired either died or escaped, and he just went running into the mountains. After all sorts of danger, he had managed to survive, but lost almost all the beast souls he bought. If it was not for Han Sen, he would have been killed by the mammo beasts.

"Sen, how far is our Glory Shelter from here?" asked Lin Beifeng.

"Its your Glory Shelter." Han Sen laughed.

Lin Beifeng was shocked. "Sen, are you joking?"

"I came from Steel Armor Shelter, and it takes two weeks to return there."

"S#*t! Im really in the range of another shelter." Lin Beifeng was very depressed.

He had friends in Glory Shelter, and it was easy for him to buy flesh and beast souls. But it was likely that no one knew him at a different shelter, so even with money it would be hard to buy advanced flesh and beast souls.

"Hey, what did you do to the mammo beasts? They are being so persistent." Han Sen looked down again and the mammo beasts were still there, roaring and standing on their hind legs, trying to climb onto the stone platform.

"Uh, I was walking and got hungry. So I saw a young mammo beast grazing, and..." said Lin Beifeng bitterly.

"It was unfortunate. It seems that we are trapped here for some time, so before they leave, lets be nice to each other." Han Sen laughed.

"Right, lets do that." Lin Beifeng smiled agreeably and approached Han Sen, "Sen, Im so thirsty. Can I drink from your water bag?"

"Ten thousand per cup," Han Sen said, narrowing his eyes.

"S#*t! What happened to being nice?" cried Lin Beifeng.

"You are paying, Im selling. Isnt that nice?"

"But your water is too expensive. It is even more expensive than water from Planet Snowspring. And ten thousand can buy a few bottles of that. It cant be water from Planet Snowspring that you have," Lin Beifeng glanced at Han Sen's water bag and said.

"Although this is only water from a pool, we do not know how long well be trapped here. Water is life at this point, and well die within a week without water. And you think its not worth it? " Han Sen smiled.

"Its worth it... but my wallet was lost on the way. Could you give it to me on credit and Ill pay you double when we arrive at the shelter," Lin Beifeng said.

"We dont know each other, and you still owe me the life-saving fee. And now you want to get water on credit. You are making this so hard for me." Han Sen looked indecisive.

"Triple... no... quadruple..."


Han Sen took out his own cup and poured Lin Beifeng a cup of water. Lin Beifeng drank the water in a gulp and gave the empty cup back three times for more water.

"Thats it for today. I dont have much water and need to save. We still dont know when the mammo beasts will leave." Hansen put the water bag away when Lin Beifeng asked the fourth time.

"Sen, you are so strong, so brave and so impressive that you are able to hunt alone deep in the mountains."

"What do you want?" Han Sen rolled his eyes.

Lin Beifeng approached Han Sen and said, "Sen, my beast soul was completely destroyed on the way here. Now I feel so insecure with no beast soul on me. Do you have extra beast souls to sell?"

Speaking of beast souls, Han Sen had killed quite a few primitive beasts in recent days and had gained no beast soul. He might have used up his luck on the two sacred-blood beast souls he got.

"No beast soul. Would you like some primitive meat jerky?"

"Yes, of course."

"Ten thousand per piece."

"Sen, this is such a small piece!"

Trapped on the stone platform for eight days, they still didnt feel like the mammo beasts would ever leave.

"We cannot wait any longer. We must find a way out," Han Sen told Lin Beifeng solemnly.

"We still have some food and water. Lets wait. And maybe the herd is about to retreat." Lin Beifeng had a lingering fear about the mammo beasts.

"We still have water and food, as well as physical strength. When we have used up everything, we would stand no chance," Han Sen said.

"But how is it even possible with such a herd?" Lin Beifeng said bitterly.

"So we will have to climb up." Han Sen pointed to the cliff above.

Lin Beifeng looked at the cliff standing straight into the clouds and suddenly shuddered, "Are we capable of doing this?"

"We have to. It beats waiting to die, and we dont have to climb over. If we could climb up a bit and find somewhere to stand, we could just walk around and go down on the other side of the cliff," Han Sen said.

"Sen, I agree," Lin Beifeng quickly said.

"Great. We will start to climb now using the vines." Han Sen grabbed a vine, made sure it was tough enough and began climbing.
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