Super God Gene Chapter 310

Chapter 310: As You Wish
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Hearing Jing Jiya's words, Han Sen smiled and patted him on the shoulder. "Jing Jiya, if you want to threaten someone, you'll have to be smart. When you speak, try to act like a tough guy so that I might be scared."

Jing Jiya's face became grim. He said, "Brother, I am not joking."

Leaning against the back of his chair, Han Sen stretched and said slowly, "Since you have investigated my family, you should know who I am. Do you dare to touch them? Now tell me again you're not joking."

Jing Jiya smiled and said, "Brother, you're right. I do not dare to touch your family, but your friends might not be as lucky. I don't dare to do anything to Wang Mengmeng or Lu Meng either, but Shi Zhikang and Zhang Yang were under no one's protection."

"I would be interested to know how you plan to hurt them in Blackhawk," said Han Sen.

Jing Jiya was still smiling. "It will not be easy for me to injure them on campus, and it's gonna be a waste of time to hurt their family. But do you think I could seduce their girlfriends? You think I'm going to succeed?"

"Jing Jiya, there are things that you should never do," replied Han Sen solemnly. Whether Jing Jiya could succeed or not, he will not let it happen.

"If you're angry, you can take it out on me during our duel anytime," said Jing Jiya with politely.

"As you wish then." Although Han Sen did not want to waste his time, he no longer wanted to tolerate the kid's provocation. He would take care of what should be taken care of.

Jing Jiya appeared to be exhilarated. "I will be waiting for you. Please keep your words, otherwise"

Jing Jiya did not finish his sentence, but even an idiot could understand him. Han Sen smiled and said, "Jing Jiwu did not teach his brother well, so I will be a good friend and do that for him."

Jing Jiya was a bit upset hearing that, but he did not talk back. Since Han Sen had agreed to his challenge, all he needed to do was beating Han Sen. It was pointless to win an argument.

Jing Jiya had always thought that only by defeating Han Sen could he avenge his brother.

Seeing Jing Jiya left, Han Sen immediately moved on to consider his trip to Glory Shelter. Although he might still be a bit weak, maybe he could give it a shot.

Flame lieutenant, devil sword and the second phase of Heresy Mantra, those might be all that it took for him to kill a super creature. Most importantly, the black turtle was not very fast, so he could always run away.

"It seems I should make the trip. Tomorrow after I kick the kid's ass, I'll leave for Glory Shelter." Han Sen did not want to miss the opportunity. After all, super creatures were so rare that he did not know when he would see the next one if he missed this turtle.

After Jing Jiya left, he spread the news that he was about to challenge Han Sen the next day on the archery range. In order to clear his brother's name, he would like for everyone to know how he beat Han Sen.

Jing Jiya had even thought of his line after beating Han Sen, "Although you are quite good, you're still nothing compared to me, and even less than nothing compared to my older brother. Your one win was just based on pure luck."

Soon the entire Blackhawk knew about the duel. Almost everyone hearing the news became excited.

Han Sen was the legend of Blackhawk, and Jing Jiya was another monster after his older brother, so their duel attracted a lot of attention.

Even many professors decided to have a look after hearing about it.

The next morning, before Han Sen and Jing Jiya got there, the stands around the archery range was packed with audience.

"Who do you think will win?"

"The genius of course. Even Jing Jiwu was not his match, let alone Jing Jiya." The senior students who had witnessed how strong Han Sen was mostly supported him.

"I don't think so. You have all seen Jing Jiya's record, which is probably even better than Jing Jiwu when he was at school. Han Sen only beat Jing Jiwu because of good luck and he had not done much in recent two years. I'm afraid he will lose to Jing Jiya"

Among freshmen, more people supported Jing Jiya, especially the girls. Jing Jiya's good looks won him a lot of popularity.

"Ms. Chen, you're also here to see the duel?" Situ Xiang looked at Chen Ling in surprise.

"Yes, Han Sen once represented the Martial Arts Society and I have come to support him," said Chen Ling with a smile.

"Come and join me. The view is better here." Situ Xiang brought Chen Ling to the coach's bench.

"Coach, who do you think he has a better chance, Han Sen or Jing Jiya?" Chen Ling asked.

"It is very hard to say. So many things had happened to Han Sen in the recent two years, and I can say that Jing Jiya has even surpassed his brother," replied Situ Xiang with a bitter smile.

Chen Ling knew what the coach was saying, so she nodded and did not speak again.

Han Sen's roommates also came to cheer him up, and Wang Mengmeng came with them as well. However, the stands were so full they had to watch on their feet.

"Can Han Sen win? That Jing Jiya kid is quite something," said Shi Zhikang with his brows knitted. He had seen Jing Jiya's match and the kid was indeed quite talented.

Jing Jiya was also in the Archery Department, so Shi Zhikang had competed with him a few times. Shi Zhikang sensed even more stress facing Jing Jiya than when he met Jing Jiwu.

Zhang Yang and Lu Meng did not speak. In fact, they both had fought Jing Jiya and suffered terrible losses. They felt the same as Shi Zhikang did: Jing Jiya was even more formidable than Jing Jiwu.

"Brother Han will definitely win." Wang Mengmeng was Han Sen's diehard fan and believed in him as always.
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