Super God Gene Chapter 319

Chapter 319: Spear Is Out
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The person quickly summoned a heavy steel shield, holding it up to Han Sens spear.

A shield was the biggest enemy of a spear. And this shield was particularly huge and heavy. Even a sacred-blood weapon could hardly penetrate it.

The person had a malicious look in his eyes. Apparently, he wanted to use the shield to smash Han Sens spear.

Han Sen smiled and did not stop. His spear touched the steel shield. That person was glad in the beginning, but suddenly felt an unimaginable force.


The long spear was like a drill head, penetrating the steel shield with a strong spinning force and driven through the persons chest. The person looked down incredulously at the red spear head in front of his chest.

The rest of them were almost scared to death. They knew that the shield was a top ranking mutant beast soul that even a sacred-blood weapon could only leave a deep mark on it. However, Han Sens spear pierced the shield and the person at the same time.

Without any pause, Han Sens spear left the persons chest and pointed to another man.

"Little one, Run!" Zhao Guqing exclaimed at the man and raised his spear at Han Sen, trying to distract Han Sen and save the man.

Liu Heijie cried out and hacked his axe at Han Sen. The rest of them also summoned their weapons and attacked Han Sen.

The man called "little one" shapeshifted into a monkey and jumped away from Han Sens strike.

However, Han Sens spear suddenly accelerated and pierced him in the air. And then Han Sen still had time to block the incoming weapons. Han Sens movements were so smooth that it was incredible to watch.

"The favor is not to kill you." Those who were still alive suddenly thought of what Han Sen said, but it was too late for their repentance.

Han Sen was like Apollo. Wherever he struck, lives would be taken.

"Run in different directions. We cant all die here." Zhao Guqing turned and rode away on his mount, sick with terror.

Having spotted a lot of strong men in First Gods Sanctuary, Zhao Guqing had never seen a monster like Han Sen. If he had not seen Han Sen with his own eyes, Zhao Guqing would not believe that such a person was in First Gods Sanctuary. Han Sen should only be an evolver.

Zhao Guqing regretted so much his decision to provoke Han Sen. However, all he could do at this point was trying to run. He did not even dare to think of revenge.

Other people immediately scattered. The outlaws were a bunch of decisive people and would not think twice before they acted.


Screams filled the valley, one after another with hardly any pause in between. Zhao Guqing turned pale, looked back, and saw the guy on the silver wolf holding a black spear had killed four persons already and was about to throw himself at Liu Heijie who was the only one left except for Zhao Guqing.

Zhao Guqing was almost scared to death. He did not waste any time and kicked his sacred-blood mount.

Han Sen was like a monster, killing off six persons instantaneously, all of whom had distinguished themselves at the risk of life multiple times. Any of the six could parry with the Chosen.

However, under that persons spear, they all died in the blink of an eye, even when they were scattering.


Zhao Guqing was shaken by another scream. Since he started running, his sacred-blood mount only made it to 30 feet away, while all his seven brothers were killed. Zhao Guqing could not even imagine what a formidable person this must be.

Urging the sacred-blood mount, Zhao Guqing thought his only hope was that he had a head start. In addition, his mount was a sacred-blood beast soul, so it would not be that easy for Han Sen to catch up with him.

Just when Zhao Guqing had the idea, he heard Han Sen catching up. Counterintuitively, Zhao Guqing glanced back.

With this glance, Zhao Guqings legs went limb as he saw the silver wolf was narrowing the distance at an incredible speed. In the blink of an eye, the man with a calm look was only 10 feet away.

"Please" Before Zhao Guqing finished his sentence, Han Sen and tornado wolf brushed past him and the black spear run through his head and stuck out from his mouth, silencing Zhao Guqing forever.

Without looking at the dead bodies, Han Sen followed the turtle on the tornado wolf. These people did not deserve any of his attention. It was like killing chickens to him.

The favor is not to kill you. However, that group of people failed to understand what Han Sen meant.

A few days later, someone found the dead bodies in Copper Mountains, which shocked the entire Glory Shelter.

The group of people represented a large gang in Glory Shelter. However, all eight of them died in Copper Mountains, each with only one strike, without any exception. It was hard to imagine what kind of gang could have killed them this way.

After hearing about the deaths of the group, Ma Mingjun and Su Xinmei quickly went over to take a look. Ma Mingjun suddenly became pale after seeing the bodies. He turned to look at Su Xinmei, who had lost color as well.

They all had an idea who might have killed Zhao Guqing. In Han Sens backpack, there was obviously a long weapon. And the group of people were going in the same direction as Han Sen.

"Su Xinmei, do not say a word about this to anyone," said Ma Mingjun slowly, fear growing in his heart.

Everyone else thought it must be a gang that killed Zhao Guqings group. However, Ma Mingjun knew it was Han Sen alone. Thinking of what might have happened, he felt a shiver down his spine.

Su Xinmei nodded and was too shocked to speak. She was also glad that she did not try anything stupid with Han Sen when they were on the Mystery Island.

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