Super God Gene Chapter 364

Chapter 364: Try Again
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"Name it," said Ye Yufeng.

"Come down with me again and kill the wolf," said Han Sen calmly.

Hearing Han Sen's words, Ye Yufeng, Chen Nanxing and Chen Zichen all looked puzzled, unable to believe what Han Sen just said. A normal person should know clearly by now that it was impossible for them to kill the wolf.

Even they were all evolvers at this point, they had just evolved and had never practiced hyper geno arts designed for evolvers. Compared to an average evolver, they were much weaker.

"Okay. You have saved my life, so it is fair that I give my life back to you." Although Ye Yufeng also believed that going down equaled death, he agreed to do it anyway.

Han Sen smiled and said, "I am asking you to come because I know there is a way for us to fight the wolf. If I am asking you to die for me, I wouldn't have saved you just now."

Before Ye Yufeng spoke, Chen Zichen asked, "Dollar, you really think we could kill the wolf?"

"If it is just Ye Yufeng and me, I think we have a 50% chance. If you and your brother join us, then we should have a 70% chance," said Han Sen, sure of himself.

"70%?" Chen Nanxing looked at Han Sen incredulously and said. "It was the four of us just now, and we even lost some sacred-blood beast souls. Why would anything change when we try a second time?"

"Last time, we did not know the wolf very well. But now we do, so we can design tactics according to its characteristics, which would increase our chance," Han Sen smiled and explained.

Chen Zichen pondered and said, "Although that is right, I'm afraid tactics wouldn't work on the wolf. Its speed and strength are simply overwhelming."

"What if we add this into the equation?" Han Sen summoned the flame lieutenant.

The flame lieutenant appeared next to Han Sen, all the beast souls nearby suddenly had a red glow.

"Is this a sacred-blood aura?" The three guys were surprised to see flame lieutenant and feel the abilities of their beast souls enhanced.

"Exactly. The sacred-blood are a beast soul could increase the power of all beast souls within a certain range. If we use it together with the time curse, we will further slow the wolf down. If we designed properly, we will have a chance to kill it," said Han Sen.

Chen Nanxing looked at the flame lieutenant in surprise. A sacred-blood aura was as rare as a three-legged person. All the gangs would die for even a mutant aura.

The effect of a mutant beast soul aura was already incredible for a gang, let alone a sacred-blood one.

Among all the gangs in First God's Sanctuary, not many had a sacred-blood aura. The fact that Han Sen had one to himself seemed to be a huge waste from Chen Nanxing's perspective.

Dollar was a lone wolf, while the aura was meant for a group. The more people there were, the more power the aura had.

"With the sacred-blood aura, we can indeed give it a shot. However, we must have a thorough plan first." Chen Zichen looked at the flame lieutenant closely and asked Chen Nanxing, "Nanxing, you have another sacred-blood shield, right?"

"I do have a backup, but it is my last one. Beast soul shields are hard to find." Chen Nanxing felt reluctant to use his backup shield, afraid that it would be ruined by the wolf again. It took him a lot of effort to collect the shields.

Although after he entered Second God's Sanctuary, these beast souls would not be as effective, he could still use them to protect himself in the beginning. If he lost everything here, he would have a disadvantage in Second God's Sanctuary.

"With the beast soul aura, the shield would be strengthened and could last longer. In addition, you don't even need to use it much. Just block the wolf when it is critical and take the shield back afterwards. It will be fine," Chen Zichen smiled and said.

Both Chen Zichen and Chen Nanxing agreed to take part in the plan to kill the wolf. Of course, they did not do it for Han Sen, but for the wolf's beast soul.

The creature was incredibly strong. If they could get its beast soul and it's the right type, it should be considered strong in Second God's Sanctuary as well.

"As for how to distribute the gains, the meat of the wolf is mine, and whoever kills the wolf gets to keep the beast soul. Sounds fair?" Han Sen proposed.

The wolf must be a super creature. He wanted both the beast soul and life essence. He was not sure if he could get the beast soul, but he could not let anyone know about the life essence.

"Sure. No problem." Chen Nanxing agreed. Chen Zichen and Ye Yufeng were fine with that as well.

They did not need the sacred-blood meat, so all they could do with it was to give it away or sell it.

"How about the egg?" Chen Zichen asked the key question. They might not be able to gain a beast soul from the wolf, but the egg would certainly produce a beast soul.

"It is too early to talk about that. Let's try if we could kill the wolf first." Han Sen did not compromise. It was very likely that there would be a super beast soul in the egg as well, and Han Sen did not want to give that up.

The Chen brothers must be eyeing the egg as well. If they started the argument now they might not even be able to go as a team.

"Fine." Chen Zichen nodded and let it go. He believed that if they could really kill the wolf, the two brothers would have a bigger chance at the egg since they would work together.

The four of them explained all the beast souls they owned each and designed a plan to fight the wolf according to its characteristics. It took them a long while to finalize the plan.

"Remember, if we don't hit the wolf, go back immediately. Do not try to take risks. We can always go back as long as the wolf remained in the nest. No need to hurry," Chen Zichen repeated the plan before they went down.

He was afraid that Han Sen and Ye Yufeng would disturb the plan to snatch the beast soul.

"We'll do everything as we planned," Han Sen agreed, because he did not believe any of the others had what it takes to kill a super creature.

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