Super God Gene Chapter 377

Chapter 377: Giant Snail
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Han Sen and Zhu Ting were hiding behind a boulder at the foot of the mountain, waiting for the rest of the group to draw the creature down.

Han Sen was impressed by the scenery of the mountain and forest.

"We are about to see the creature. I'm sure you can tell me what kind of creature it is now," Han Sen said to Zhu Ting.

On the way, the group said nothing about the creature to Han Sen, so Han Sen still did not know anything.

Zhu Ting smiled and said, "It doesn't matter what you know. All you need to do is to stab it, and the rest is none of your concerns."

"The creature will not stay still for me to stab it, will it?" Han Sen frowned and said.

"It more or less will," said Zhu Ting casually.

Han Sen was dazed. He suspected if the creature was a super creature. How would a super creature stay still when being stabbed?

Since Zhu Ting would not tell him anything, Han Sen stopped asking and stared at the mountain.

Initially, Han Sen thought there would be a lot of noise. However, he never heard any fighting or roars that he had imagined.

In a couple of hours, Han Sen saw the group coming down from the mountain. They were very slow and constantly pausing. Because they were too far away, and Han Sen's sight was blocked by trees, he could not tell what they were doing.

Han Sen walked to the side, wanting to see more clearly, while Zhu Ting pulled him and said, "Stop it. Hide right here and wait for Yang Yongcheng to draw it here. This creature has very strong eyesight. If it sees you, everything will be ruined."

Han Sen felt even more curious. He wondered what kind of creature it must be.

There was no way for Han Sen to tell, so he had to wait.

The group gradually approach them. A while later, Han Sen saw the creature following them, which made Han Sen dumbstruck.

It was a giant snail the size of a car. Its shell was translucent like a piece of jade, and its meat under the shell was red like fire. It's two eyes were as big as the headlights of a car.

The snail was chasing the rest of the group, but its speed was not great. Although it was much faster than a real snail, it was about as fast as an ordinary adult. There was no way it could catch up with the guys.

Standing in different directions, Yang Yongcheng and his team members were shooting arrows and throwing daggers at the giant snail, trying to keep the creature at a distance from themselves.

However, all the weapons were basically useless on either the shell or the meat.

An arrow hit the shell of the snail and broke into pieces. Luckily, the arrow was a Z-steel weapon. If it were a beast soul, its owner would be crying by now.

The weapons that hit the red meat bounced back like they had hit rubber. The speed that they bounced back was even higher than when they hit the turtle.

Although the giant snail seemed very strong, it seemed pointless to be careful. Han Sen wondered why the guys would draw it over instead of asking Han Sen to go over and stab it.

Although Han Sen felt confused, he knew that the group were doing it for some reason. Therefore, Han Sen was waiting patiently.

"Stay still. Wait for them to draw the creature by the boulder. Take the chance to stab it once. Remember, be fast. After the stab, whether you have hurt it or not, retreat immediately. Do not hesitate," Zhu Ting told Han Sen again.

Han Sen nodded but became more curious about the giant snail. Han Sen wondered what its skills were to make Zhu Ting so scared.

Based on its speed, Han Sen could not imagine how dangerous the snail could be.

As the snail approached the boulder, Han Sen summoned the cursed wolf dagger and leaned against the boulder, waiting for the snail to pass by.

Zhu Ting also held his breath and leaned against the boulder.

Shortly, the giant snail was led to the boulder. When it passed by, Yang Yongcheng whistled, which was their agreed signal. Han Sen immediately turned around the boulder with the dagger in his hand. The giant snail had its back facing Han Sen, a piece of red meat exposed under the white shell like a skirt.

The dagger immediately came at the meat. Before the dagger touched it, the snail seemed to feel something and tried to withdraw its tail. However, it was too late. The black daggers had already cut the meat and left a foot-long injury. Han Sen felt like he was cutting beef tendons. Although the meat was cut, the injury was not deep, and the snail quickly hid in the shell, leaving a pool of blood on the ground.

Han Sen wielded the dagger at the shell, trying to smack it.

"Run!" Zhu Ting became shocked and mad. Before Han Sen even made the cut, he shouted and pulled Han Sen away.

Suddenly, the snail which had just hidden in the shell came out of the shell and flew toward Han Sen. Its body was red and looked like a snake with a pair of wings.
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