Super God Gene Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Age Difference

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While everyone was discussing who Dollar was, Han Sen was practicing archery alone in a waste factory near his home, avoiding entering Gods Sanctuary in case Qin Xuan would send him to Bullseye.

"If I had not used beast souls, my strength would only have been rated 9.1 due to the lack of mutant geno points. If I could max out on mutant geno points, my rating would reach 12," secretly calculated Han Sen while he was resting. The improvement in physical fitness levels got more and more difficult as he became stronger.

Han Sen had checked the data. Those who had maxed out on all four types of geno points could have a rating at 15. If they were also practicing hyper geno arts, then their number might reach 17 or 18, which was the limit for the unevolved.

For individual indicators such as speed, there was the same limit. An average person would be considered a genius with a rating of 15. Some indicators could be further improved to 17 or 18 with the practice of hyper geno arts.

Maxing out on all four types of geno points was incredibly difficult, and there might not even be anyone who could achieve this in several years in a shelter. At that time, Qin Xuan was the only one who had any chance of maxing out on all four types of geno points.

As Han Sen was thinking, suddenly his comlink rang. He took a look, and it was a strange number. Han Sen hesitated and took the call. The holographic image of Qin Xuan popped out. She looked at Han Sen coldly and said, "If I do not see you in front of me in an hour, then you better pray I will never see you again."

Qin Xuan hung up immediately and her holographic image also disappeared.

"How did she know my number? I have not told her." Han Sen helplessly got up and went to the teleport station. Qin Xuan was the stationmaster, so there was no way he could avoid her.

"I am a dignified man, and I fear nothing." Han Sen came to the teleport station and cheered himself up.

"Come here," Qin Xuan spat out as she saw him coming.

"Stationmaster, I was busy with some family business and..." Han Sen forced a smile and tried to explain when he saw Qin Xuans grim face.

"Busy playing archery every day in the waste factory?" Qin Xuan didnt even blink.

"Stationmaster, stalking is not a good idea. I understand what you want, but our age difference is more than three years. Even if Im willing, my Mom" Han Sen joked.

Qin Xuan, who was walking ahead, was pissed off but didnt turn back. Entering the combat room, she threw a combat suit and some protective gear in front of Han Sen and said sharply, "Put it on."

Han Sen suddenly felt something was very wrong. Qin Xuan had never given him protective gear before, and this was certainly a red flag.

Han Sen wanted to run, but Qin Xuan had already anticipated his thought and locked the door of the combat room before he even moved.

"Stationmaster, dont do this. We must talk this out. I never thought age was an issue. Ill bring you home right... Dont come close..." Han Sen kept backing off while Qin Xuan gritted her teeth and approached him.

"Damn you." Qin Xuan raised her fist and threw a punch at Han Sen.

She was really mad this time. She had finally persuaded Yang Manli to let Han Sen join Bullseye, but Han Sen had completely disappeared in recent days.

Han Sen felt a lot more pressure than usual, and his arms went numb after blocking two punches from her.

When Qin Xuan was ready to beat him senseless, the holographic image of Yang Manli popped up from the comlink in the combat room.

"Stationmaster, Starry Group sent someone to discuss killing the sacred-blood creature," Yang Manli said.

"OK, take them to the conference room and Ill be right there." Qin Xuan stopped and fiercely stared at Han Sen.

"Stationmaster, we are cooperating with Starry Group?" asked Han Sen.

"You didnt know? Son of Heaven is the son of the CEO of Starry Group," replied Qin Xuan. "Think about it. Will I do you harm by asking you to join Bullseye?"

"No need to think. How could I ever go against your will? Ill join Bullseye right away, and you dont have to stalk me anymore," Han Sen said bitterly.

"Good to see that youve come to your senses. Your family is not rich. What are you going to do if you dont go to military school?" said Qin Xuan before leaving the combat room. She didnt forget to arrange for a guard to accompany Han Sen to report to Yang Manli.

The reason for Han Sens sudden change of heart was that he learned Son of Heaven was the son of Starry Groups CEO. Since Qin Xuan was collaborating with Son of Heaven, maybe he could find out the facts of Starry Groups acquisition of their family business as a member of Qin Xuans Steel Armor Gang.

The guard took Han Sen to the front of an office. Han Sen knocked on the door and found that the woman who had been in the holographic image just then was sitting behind the desk, looking at him seriously.

"Stationmaster asked me to report to you," Han Sen said politely.

"Fill this out." Yang Manli showed no expression and passed a sheet to Han Sen.

Han Sen took it and saw it was just a basic information form. He filled it out and gave it back.

"You can go back. Show up at the training camp of Bullseye tomorrow morning at six o'clock. Remember, I dont like people who are not punctual. And this is your last chance." Yang Manli's impression of Han Sen was terrible, especially after his absence from Bullseye.
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