Super God Gene Chapter 431

Chapter 431: One More Time

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Gradually, Han Sen felt that it was not because Lu Bin did not have the intention to kill, but because Lu Bins intention to kill was too strong.

If there was one lamp in a room, then it would be easy to tell where the light was from. However, if the room was filled with lamps, there was little point in figuring out the source of the light.

Because Lu Bins intention to kill was off the chart, his opponent could no longer discern his intention, because it was everywhere.

Initially, Han Sen was trying to figure out the source of Lu Bins intention to kill, but he soon gave up. Under such scorching murderous intent, there was no point to figure out anything, because it would not make a difference.

When fighting someone like this, there was only one way to winmay the brave one live.


Han Sen no longer stepped back, but made a kick himself, his leg hitting Lu Bins and making a loud sound.

Lu Bins leg skills were practical, which meant the skills not that unusual. Having learned Panorama which was an encyclopedia of all kinds of commonly seen skills, Han Sen felt it was easy to mimic Lu Bins Killer Kicks. In fact, many people could easily imitate the skills, but the true difficulty was how to use it well.

Depending on ones capability and mentality, the same leg skills were different when used by different people. It was especially true when it came to these kicks that were designed for life-and-death battles. Small difference could realize in completely different result.

Han Sen was someone who knew the intention to kill very well. In fact, it was what he started out with. The only thing he needed to do different was that unlike the past when he needed to hide his inventions, he should fill himself with such intentions in this fight.

Boom boom boom!

Han Sen and Lu Bin became almost the same person standing opposite each other. Kicking at each other in madness, they were making sounds that gave people goosebumps. Although the audience knew it was a simulated fight, they were still afraid that the two fighters bones might be broken.

"This is it. Hiding back is not a soldiers way," Lu Bin yelled in excitement, his legs kicking again as swiftly as wind.

Han Sen was also extremely excited. Lu Bins style was so aggressive that Han Sen also wanted to get it all out under his influence.

Killer Kicks against Killer Kicks. Although only two persons were fighting, the audience felt there were two troops present, making them thrilled and terrified at the same time.

A few fainthearted girls could not help yelping, forgetting it was a simulated fight.

Kill kill kill kill kill!

The long legs went up and down like blades, making sounds like metal. Every exchange made the heart of the audience tremble. It was hard to imagine that it was just a simulated fight.

"Killer Kicks He is also using Killer Kicks" Wang Daqing finally realized that and could not help exclaiming.

Others suddenly realized Wang Daqing was right. A Soldier On Warship was also using Killer Kicks. He was able to use Killer Kicks in front of Lu Bin and did not seem to fall short.

Everyone suddenly had a weird expression on their faces, watching the two going at each other like lunatics.

"Who is A Soldier On Warship? Is he also a veteran?" Everyone suddenly had such a doubt. They could not imagine what kind of person you must be to use Killer Kicks as well as Lu Bin.

If he was not a veteran, how could he use Killer Kicks that well?

Qian Hezhen was dumbfounded. He just understood that Lu Bin was right. A Soldier On Warship was much stronger than him in fitness. Just now when they were fighting, A Soldier On Warship did not use all he got at all, but was trying to suppress his strength.

"How is that possible? How long has it been? How could he have improved his fitness by so much?" Qian Hezhen looked at Han Sen, feeling complicated.

"Kill!" Lu Bin suddenly roared and jumped up, his leg hitting at Han Sen like an axe.

"Seven Kill!" Wang Daqings eyes suddenly lit up.

The majority of Killer Kicks was common skills, so the focus was on mentality rather than techniques. Only seven kicks of Killer Kicks were exceptions, which were called "Seven Kill" by Lu Bin.

The seven kicks were let the last moves in Killer Kicks. One must jump in the air to make seven consecutive high kicks from above. It was so difficult that it was even rare among leg skills designed for evolvers.

It was difficult for anyone to make seven kicks in one jump, let alone make all seven kicks fierce and swift. Even many top evolvers could not master Seven Kill.

The seven kicks were almost finished in one moment without any pause. One should manage to kick seven times in one breath. It was extremely pleasing to look at, like a battle ax splitting the earth. For the viewers, it was even hard to imagine that seven kicks had been made when the fighter had already landed. It was so smooth that it looked like one hard kick.


Han Sen was unable to block Seven Kill and fell back immediately. His health went down significantly, almost reaching the bottom instantaneously.

"Victory!" Wang Daqing was excited, and others started to cheer already.

However, the cheers only lasted a second. A soldier on worship was already on the ground suddenly stood up. His health bar was almost empty, with only a hair left. The number was down to 2%.

"Great leg skills. Whats the name of it?" Han Sen asked Lu Bin seriously.

"Seven Kill." Lu Bin laughed and said, "this is my very best work. It is impressive that you could block six kicks."

"Seven Kill, noted." Han Sen repeated the name of the skill and his eyes suddenly became sharp. Staring at Lu Bin, he said slowly, "Lets do this one more time."

"As you wish." Lu Bin could no longer resist the murderous urge. He dashed and jumped up with no hesitation, kicking at Han Sen as if his leg was the battle ax that splitted heaven and earth.

Han Sen did not move, his eyes fixed on Lu Bin. When the kick was about to fall on his head, Han Sen suddenly moved.

A magnificent step! Using Sparticle, Han Sen made an incredibly fast step. In the meantime, his body was also moving subtly, making him swing like a lotus leaf in the autumn wind.


Lu Bins leg came down and turned into seven kicks. However, all of them hit the air, while none hit Han Sen who was swinging. Lu Bin landed, with his eyes fixed on Han Sen incredulously.

"Seven Kill!" Han Sen exclaimed, jumping up like Lu Bin did and kicked at his opponent.
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