Super God Gene Chapter 435

Chapter 435: Only a Woman

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Han Sen looked at the shattered crystal on the floor, shocked. When humans were still living on planet Earth only, scientists at that time believed that human brains were only developed 10%, with lots potentials to tap into.

However, with the development of science and technology, the theory had been proven absurd.

Each part of human brain had its unique function, so there was no underdeveloped area at all. In order to enhance the ability of the brain, the brain must further evolve.

The evolution human went through in Gods Sanctuary could make ones brain evolve as well. Therefore, in this day and age, people with higher degree of evolution would have a stronger brain, which made them smarter.

However, compared to the evolution of the body, the evolution of the brain was significantly slower. The fact that the crystal from Crystallizer civilization could accelerate the evolution of the brain was amazing. At least until this point, human had not been able to manufacture any medicine or device that could directly stimulate the brain to evolve.

This technology alone showed how magnificent Crystallizer civilization was. What was more puzzling was what made such an ingenious species had disappeared in history.

"There are many great things like this in Crystallizer technologies. However, the Crystallizer ruins were too dangerous, so we have not been able to get a lot from it. In addition, there are some objects from their civilization that we do not understand yet." Ji Yanran then told Han Sen more about Crystallizers.

"These must be highly confidential. Is it okay youre telling me?" Han Sen asked Ji Yanran.

"These are indeed confidential. And you do not have the clearance yet. However, youre my boyfriend and I am no selfless captain, just a woman. But dont tell anyone about these, otherwise I would be in trouble." Ji Yanran spit out her little tongue.

"Didnt you say there is a surveillance camera Ha, how dare you play me You are so done" Han Sen suddenly understood that he was played by Ji Yanran, grabbed her, held her down to the desk and spanked her hard.

"I did not lie to you. There is really a surveillance camera. Its just I turned it off temporarily. I know you would be so promiscuous" Trying to ignore the sensation on her ass, Ji Yanran whispered.

"All right, I will show you how promiscuous I could be." Han Sen suddenly pulled Ji Yanrans white captain pants down.


When Han Sen left the captains cabin, he felt very refreshed and relaxed.

The thought of the captain suit and tender skin of Ji Yanran gave Han Sen an urge to return to Captains cabin and stay there forever.

However, that was quite unlikely. Ji Yanran had already told Han Sen some information about Daphne. Although Ji Yanran was the captain, she was too young and inexperienced. If it were not for her family, she would not even be recognized as the captain because she was just a rookie evolver.

In addition, Daphne was a special warship. There was a professor that had the same power as Ji Yanran, so she had to obey him at times, since the main mission was to explore and research the ruins.

Almost all members of the expert panel had high social status, so they always had a say in the operation of the ship. There were many things that Ji Yanran could not decide on her own.

Therefore, as much as Han Sen would like to sleep until he woke up naturally every day with his girlfriend in his arm, it was not realistic.

In addition, if others knew Han Sen was Ji Yanrans lover and that he was on the ship because of her, they would probably think even less of Ji Yanran, making it harder for her to stay in the management role.

Han Sen knew it was not easy for Ji Yanran to get him on board, so he was unwilling to see her getting in trouble because of him. So, for the moment, he had to keep his relationship with her a secret and perform his duty as a cookhouse soldier with his head down.

Fortunately, the two of them were both on Daphne. When there was no one around, they could call each other using the special comlink on board. Occasionally, they could even meet each other in secret, to which Han Sen was looking forward.

Feels like a clandestine love affair. Han Sen thought to himself contentedly and started to hum a little song.


Han Sen was still thinking about the romance just now. Because it was on the warship, he let his guard down completely and wasnt paying attention. As he turned around the corner, he bumped into someone immediately.

Han Sen had just been through some strenuous exercise, so his legs were still limp. Not paying attention, he stepped backward immediately. Fortunately, Han Sen reacted fast, steadied himself, and did not fall on the floor.

"Which department do you belong to? Why are you walking around here and humming?" It was a man in uniform between twenty and thirty years old. Judging from his badge, he should be a colonel.

The fats squad leader was also a colonel, so this guy was likely to be some squad leader as well. However, since Han Sen did not work for him, there was no need for Han Sen to explain anything. Without even looking at the man, Han Sen simply walked over, as if he did not exist.

Youre lucky that Im in a great mood, so I will just let you off the hook for the time being. Han Sen continued to walk forward joyfully.

"Whats wrong with you? I was talking to you. Did you not hear me? Which department are you from?" The man became mad and quickly grabbed Han Sen.

"What does it have to do with you?" Han Sen frowned and said.

Although he was being careless, he was not walking fast. There was no way he would bump into someone directly. The main reason that the guy bumped into him was that the guy did not change his course at all after seeing him.

Otherwise, with Han Sens reflex, there was no way they would bump into each other so hard. That guy was doing it on purpose.

"You dont even look like a soldier. Stand straight" The man snorted.

"Whether the cookhouse soldiers look like soldiers, it is up to me instead of the Warframe Department. Colonel Wang, Place mind your own departments business," the fat squad leader suddenly appeared and said to the guy coldly.

"Colonel Luo, I cant even point it out when your soldier is bumping into people and humming songs. Is that what youre saying?" Wang Hou stared at fat squad leader coldly.

"Yes, thats our hobby. Bite me." The fat squad leaders reply even surprised Han Sen. Wang Hous face suddenly turned purple, as he was rendered speechless.

"Why are you staying here?" The fat squad leader said to Han Sen and took him away.

Wang Hou bristled. When the fat squad leader and Han Sen walked far, Wang Hou murmured to himself, "Why did Ji Yanran keep a cookhouse soldier in her office for so long? If it were not for the stupid fatty, I should have fished more information."
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