Super God Gene Chapter 44

Chapter 44: He Isn't Man Enough

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Han Sen could tell that Yang Manli did not like him. When he was ready to go, Yang Manli answered a comlink call and Qin Xuans holographic image popped out.

"Manli, come to my office right now." Qin Xuan saw Han Sen there and said, "Bring him with you."

Han Sen followed Yang Manli to Qin Xuans office and saw Qin Xuan watching a video from the Skynet.

"Manli, come see this video." Qin Xuan replayed it.

Standing on the side, Han Sen secretly thought, "This is the video of me taking the physical test! Someone paid to record this. People must have found out that Im Dollar."

There were so many halls in the test center, and it cost money to watch others taking the test. He thought no one would care about a nobody like himself and did not expect this to happen.

If Son of Heaven knew Dollar was Han Sen, he would be in a lot of trouble. Starry Group was powerful in the Alliance, and there was no way Han Sen could compete with them.

"Dollar? You know who he is?" Yang Manli was somewhat surprised to see the golden figure in the video.

"No. The video only covered the robot channel, and he was wearing beast soul armor the entire time. Couldnt tell who he is."

Qin Xuan's words suddenly sent Han Sen from hell back to heaven. He secretly wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

"I have to be more careful. This time I got lucky, next time there may really be a leak," Han Sen secretly warned himself.

"Excellent." Yang Manli only said one word after watching it.

"Son of Heaven told me about this video. After watching this, we can be certain that Dollars armor is a sacred-blood beast soul, and he must be from a prominent family because he is definitely practicing an advanced hyper geno art. Another clue was that he took the test on Planet Roca. We must find him. He can be of great value to us," Qin Xuan said.

Yang Manli thought about it and said, "There are no prominent families on Roca. Maybe he was just passing by and has left by now."

"I agree. Lets give it a shot. Hes worth it," said Qin Xuan.

Han Sen was frightened that Qin Xuan and Yang Manli might find out the truth. Han Sen cleared his throat and said, "Dollar was just relying on his sacred-blood beast souls. He had no real skills. Theres no need to look for him."

Yang Manli gave Han Sen a hard look and said, "What do you know? The ability to get the beast souls is enough proof of his ability. Also, those beast souls can be of great use to Bullseye."

"What ability?" Han Sen thought. "Its just pure luck."

"Manli is right. His armor brings amazing defense, and bloody slayer has strengthened his physical strength and speed. Coupled with his practice of advanced hyper geno arts, he must be able to contain most sacred-blood creatures, and thats very useful to us," said Qin Xuan.

"If we have him in our gang, we wont have to collaborate with Son of Heaven and Fist Guy anymore to hunt sacred-blood creatures," Yang Manli said with great hope.

"Wow. You just wanted me to risk my life as your tank. How vicious!" thought Han Sen, drinking from a cup to cover up his fear.

"Agreed. So, do your best to find him," Qin Xuan nodded.

"But since hes from a prominent family, even if we find him, he may not be willing to join us," Yang Manli sighed.

Qin Xuan blinked and joked, "I know you like a strong man like him. Try to seduce him."

"Ahem!" Han Sen choked on the water he was drinking.

Yang Manli gave Han Sen a fierce glare, and Han Sen quickly took another sip from his cup.

"I dont mind seducing him. Im only afraid he isnt man enough."

"Ahem!" This time, Han Sen choked so hard that he was almost in tears.

Yang Manli looked at Han Sen with disgust, "Fortunately, Dollar wont be a scum like him."

"Hey!" yelled Han Sen. Yang Manli shut the office door and completely ignored him.

"Stationmaster, your minion is too arrogant. Im your guy and she shouldnt talk to me like that," Han Sen said with anger. "Transfer me to another team. I dont want to be in Bullseye where she is the leader."

Han Sen was a little worried that Yang Manli would see that he was Dollar if he stayed close to her for a long time.

Qin Xuan patted Han Sen on the shoulder, "You were a scum, but you can change. Follow Manlis lead. Although you may never be like Dollar, you could stop being a scum. There is still hope."

Sending Han Sen out, she did not give him a chance to speak again.

Han Sen left the teleport station, went back home and checked out the video on the Skynet. He then found out that the video had more than a hundred million hits.

Han Sen made sure that he couldnt be identified from the video and felt relieved. Seeing the compliments under the video, he was quite pleased with himself: "Looks great indeed."
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