Super God Gene Chapter 449

Chapter 449: Like the Tutorial

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Just a dozen seconds later, almost every soldier widened their eyes.

Han Sen was jumping up and down on the carefully placed metal walls, fast and steady. He managed to fulfill many actions that looked extremely scary flawlessly with a sense of rhythm. As he stepped on the leaning or reversed metal walls, he was so smooth that people almost forgot that it was Sprint at level 10.

When the difficulty and speed reached a certain level, it was credible to watch someone go like this. Going through one challenge after another at such high speed made peoples blood boil. Everyone wished they were in the moment with Han Sen.

"Very well done, Han Sen!" The fat squad leader was so happy that he could not close his mouth. With such performance, even if Han Sen could not follow through, the cookhouse had already been honored. No one would dare to call the cookhouse a troop of the dinner table again.

Wang Hous eyes became cold and he chuckled inwardly. "This guy is indeed something. However, he is just too nave to show everything at this moment. Go ahead and tell us who you are, so that in the future we could get rid of you much easier."

As a surpasser, Chen Shoushan could see even more than Wang Hou. Han Sens performance was surprising to him as well not just because of his physique. Physique was just a part of what it took to go through Sprint. What was more important was the ability to see the big picture, make judgments, and act in emergency.

Han Sens performance in all aspects was beyond Chen Shoushans expectation. Han Sen had not made a single mistake from the beginning to the end. He was simply acting like the tutorial the AI simulated.

"This new recruit is great." Being someone close to the Jis, Chen Shoushan was happy to see Han Sens performance and smiled.

Quartermaster Zhao Ping also nodded and said, "Great indeed."

Director Lin Haifeng said, "What a great newbie. It is such a shame that he was sent to the cookhouse. With his talent, it is just a waste."

Momentarily, Han Sen had already gone through half of Sprint without even lowering his speed. He kept running forward as if he could not stop himself.

All the soldiers had become extremely excited. With the fat squad leader leading them, they started to clapping to cheer him up.

As they were clapping, Han Sens moves felt even more arithmetic. Each of the step was on the beat, which was great to watch.

"S*#t! This is no drill, but a performance," Qiu Cheng was so excited that he shouted.

Many soldiers felt the same as Qiu Cheng. Before Han Sen, all the soldiers seemed to be at training, but when it was Han Sens turn, it was like an acrobatic performance and even better.

When Han Sen finished Sprint on the last metal wall, the clapping became applause. Many soldiers even stood up.

Even Chen Shoushan, Lin Haifeng and Zhao Ping stood up to applaud for Han Sen. Soldiers were straightforward like this. Seeing someone capable, soldiers would not hold back their emotions or their compliments.

"Amazing. Very nicely done. You deserve the reward. Here is the S-Class Saint Hall license." Chen Shoushan walked to Han Sen and gave him the license.

"Thank you, Captain." Han Sen took the license and saluted.

"No need. You deserve it." Chen Shoushan patted Han Sen on the shoulder and smiled. "You have very nice moves. Have you practiced this before?"

"Sir, the system called Sprint is one of the products developed by Professor Yan from Blackhawk military Academy. I am his student and one of the testers of the system," Han Sen said truthfully.

"That is why. So you came from a famous teacher. Then tell us about the system," Chen Shoushan said with approval.

Chen Shoushan himself was the student of a famous professor, so he liked someone with Han Sens background. Moreover, Han Sen was someone discovered by Ji Yanran.

However, if Han Sen himself was not that good, Chen Shoushan would not do him any favor.

Han Sens performance was beyond Chen Shoushans expectation, which made him feel a lot better about Han Sen. Therefore, Chen Shoushan cared less about the fact that Ji Yanran used her power to get Han Sen on board.

Han Sen introduced this system Sprint to the soldiers as he was told to. He was someone who had used the system since it was developed, so he knew every detail about the system. After his introduction, the soldiers had a more profound understanding about the system and was less fearful of the challenge.

After Han Sens explanation, several soldiers felt excited to try again. Chen Shoushan asked them to feel free to try and indeed saw great progresses. In the first five people who had tried, one almost went through.

Han Sens reaction which was quite decent made Chen Shoushan feel even better about him. He nodded and said, "Indeed, he graduated from a good school."

Wang Hou gazed at Han Sen who was content among the crowds with a cold look, curled his lips and said contentedly, "Dumbass, show off as much as you could. The more you show, the faster you will die."

Wang thought he had seen through Han Sens strength, so he felt quite content. In the eyes of Wang Hou who had passed eighty in his fitness, Han Sen whose fitness should be only around forty or fifty was nothing.

Because of the good education he had received and good habits, Wang Hou was still observing Han Sen carefully, trying to find his weaknesses.

Although Han Sen had not glanced at Wang Hou, it was easy for him to predict what Wang Hou was thinking. However, Han Sen did not care at all.

Maybe in Wang Hous eyes, this was all Han Sen got. However, for Han Sen, this was just the tip of the iceberg. His true strength was far beyond Wang Hous imagination.

If Wang Hou was really trying to do something to Han Sen, then Han Sen would feel really excited. At that time, Wang Hous expression must be very interesting to watch.

Fitness over a hundred This is quite troublesome. It seems that I need to speed up gaining geno points. I should at least fill up ordinary, primitive, and mutant geno points first. By that time, I would definitely be over a hundred in fitness.

Han Sen was thinking to himself, I need to conquer the Spirit shelter as soon as possible. With my own shelter, I could gather more people to hunt. If I could gain the allegiance from the aristocrat spirit, that would be even better. I wonder if king spirit is really what it says.
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