Super God Gene Chapter 458

Chapter 458: Attacking Spirit Shelter

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Li Mingtang thought about it and said, "We are all coworkers, so there's no need to get to the bottom of this. We can just laugh it out."

Tang Xin did not want to let it go and said, "Professor, as a graduate from Alliance Central Military Academy, I could not stand vicious words against my alma mater. I must clear it up."

After he said that, Tang Xin stared at Han Sen fiercely, obviously upset.

"Researcher Tang Xin, that is not right. You have your alma mater, but don't we all have ours? You slandered Han Sen's alma mater first" The fat squad leader could no longer watch this and said.

"I was just stating a fact, not trying to slander anything." Tang Xin sneered. "If we ask Professor Li Mingtang to look it up, we will naturally know who is stating the fact and who is slandering."

The fat squad leader simply said, "Look it up! I believe that Han Sen would not lie. Professor, please look it up for us, so we could clear Han Sen's name."

Since the fat squad leader said that, Li Mingtang had to connect to the Skynet, looking for the military school contests that Han Sen had participated in.

Shortly, many entries appeared. All the researchers and cookhouse soldiers looked to the screen.

Before long, his face became stern. At that time, almost every media reported the archery tournament between the emperor and the monster. It was fair to say that the match was a historic one.

The game ended Jing Jiwu and Alliance Central military Academy's rule in the league. The nickname of Han Sen, emperor, was broadcasted in the league by all kinds of media.

Any report would reflect how the game went down and how Han Sen performed. The media almost described Han Sen as a godsent archer.

Although it was exaggerated, there was no doubt that Han Sen did lead Blackhawk to beat Alliance Central Military Academy which was the ruler at the time. As Han Sen had said, in that game, Blackhawk was the winner.

The researcher suddenly changed their attitude about Han Sen. A cookhouse soldier, even one on Daphne should not be too good a fighter. Otherwise, he would not end up as a cookhouse soldier.

However, no one had expected for Han Sen the new recruit to have such a successful past.

Being able to be called the strongest person in the entire league was an honor that none of the researchers who graduated from Alliance Central Military Academy had enjoyed, including Tang Xin.

After all, when they were at school, they were not the strongest person on campus.

"Han Sen, I did not realize you were so good when you were at school." The fat squad leader was so happy that he patted Han Sen on the shoulder with his meaty hand.

Some researchers had always looked down on ordinary soldiers, and Tang Xin was the worst of them. The fat squad leader was very happy to see his face slapped by Han Sen.

"I was not that good. It's just the opponent was too weak." Han Sen was not a pushover. Since Tang Xin had tried to bully him, he would punch back as well.

Tang Xin's face became purple, the corner of his mouth twitching without making a single sound. He quit lunch and left immediately.

"Well done, Han Sen. That Tang Xin is such a snob, mean and picky as if he was better than all of us. The guy annoyed the hell out of me. I did not realize how great you were at the military school." When Han Sen returned to the kitchen, the vice squad leader also complimented him.

"All right, stop that." The fat squad leader closed the door of the kitchen and said to Han Sen solemnly, "Han Sen, be careful in the future. That Tang Xin is a petty person. You are probably already on his enemy list."

"I am a cookhouse soldier, and he is a researcher in the expert panel. What could he possibly do to me?" Han Sen said with a smile.

"There is nothing he could do to you on the warship, but it is hard to say when we arrived at the Crystallizer ruin. There are many weird stuff inside the ruin. We don't really know how they work. If he set you up, then it will be very hard for you to protect yourself. After arriving at the ruin, remember not to walk around alone. Just stay on the warship so that he could do nothing to you," the fat squad leader warned Han Sen.

Others also gave Han Sen some advice. Since Han Sen did not want to worry them, he nodded.

"But then again, since you were so great in military school and got the rank of major, how come you came here to be a cookhouse soldier?" Li Mingliang couldn't help asking.

"In fact, my dream is to be a soldier on the warship, even as a cookhouse soldier, which is why I'm here" Han Sen was telling the truth. However, he did not tell the whole truth. He wanted to be a soldier on the warship of Ji Yanran, that is.

When Han Sen entered God's Sanctuary again, he eventually saw the pretty face of Zero.

"It seems it's time to conquer the spirit shelter." Han Sen found Yang Manli to summoned everyone in God is again.

"Everyone, I decided to set out to conquer the spirit shelter tomorrow and use that shelter as the base of Goddess Gang. If anyone wants to quit, now is the time. I do not want to force you, so I will let you go with no strings attached." Han Sen's gaze swept across people's faces.

"Captain, is it too early for us to conquer the spirit shelter? There is an aristocrat spirit in the spirit shelter and many mutant creatures. We do not have quite the strength yet to do that. How about we develop our strength a bit further and do that when we have all maxed out on ordinary geno points and primitive geno points? In that case, we would have a much better chance."

"Yes, Captain. We should focus on cultivation now."

"We have no idea how many mutant creatures there are in the spirit shelter. Is it too big a challenge for us to go now?"

"We have enough strength to kill primitive creatures in batches. How about we spend more time doing that and when"

Han Sen glanced at the mob he was leading and said coldly, "Today I am gathering you to tell you my decision. So, all you need to do is to execute it or quit. I do not need your advice. However, there is one thing I must state clearly right now. If you quit at this point, Goddess Gang will never welcome you back, not now, and definitely not when we have conquered the spirit shelter. It's your own choice to stay or go."

Han Sen's words brought silence to the scene. Very soon, someone stood out, gritted his teeth and told Han Sen, "Sorry, captain, we do not have enough resources to take down the spirit shelter. I can't risk it with my life."

"Bring me his contract." Han Sen did not answer but asked Yang Manli to bring the guy's contract and voided it.
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