Super God Gene Chapter 468

Chapter 468: Core Area

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"Wang Hou, you are also a soldier of the Alliance. Aren't you afraid of the sanction by military laws?" Ji Yanran exclaimed at Wang Hou.

"Military laws?" Wang Hou smiled contemptuously, summoned a golden beast soul sword and slashed at Han Sen who was next to Ji Yanran. He snorted and said, "There is no laws here."

Han Sen stayed calm and pulled Ji Yanran back. However, the two other researchers also summoned beast soul weapons and attacked them fiercely.

A beast soul dagger appeared in Ji Yanran's hand, blocking the weapon of one researcher. Han Sen turned his body sideways and dodged a blow from the other researcher. At the same time, he approached the researcher and put cursed wolf dagger on his neck.

"Do not move, unless you want to see him killed" Before Han Sen finished his sentence, Wang Hou threw himself at the researcher in front of Han Sen and cut him in half. Without a stop, the golden sword continued to approach Han Sen.

Han Sen's eyes became cold. He raised the cursed wolf dagger at the golden sword and quickly stepped back.

He did not realize that Wang Hou was so cruel that he did not even care about life and death of one of his own, so Han Sen was a bit slow.


Unexpectedly, the cursed wolf dagger was cut off by when the golden sword. A cut was made on Han Sen's forehead. Although the cut was not that deep, blood started to flow.

"You are dead," Wang Hou said coldly. His body generated incredible strength and caught up with Han Sen like a shadow. Making another slash at Han Sen, Wang Hou moved fast and fierce.

Han Sen was not affected by the situation. With anger in his eyes, he lamented the loss of the cursed wolf dagger. He had not suffered such a loss in a long time.

"But it is not that easy for you kill me." Han Sen snorted, his heart thumping like thunder. Moving his legs, Han Sen fiercely dodged the sword of Wang Hou and threw a punch at his face.

Seeing Han Sen fought Wang Hou with no disadvantage, everyone else was shocked.

Wang Hou was an evolver whose fitness was over one hundred. For Han Sen, a cookhouse soldier, to be his match, it was absolutely astonishing.

"You indeed have some secrets," Wang Hou snorted and said. "Why are you standing there and watch? Kill Ji Yanran right away."

The researchers then came back to themselves and attacked Ji Yanran. Although they did not dare to kill her as Wang Hou said, Ji Yanran was in danger and was about to be caught.

Han Sen obviously understood what Wang Hou was thinking. With Ji Yanran taken hostage, Wang Hou did not even need to fight Han Sen anymore to beat him.

"You're a good fighter. However, you are too nave." Han Sen summoned the spirit stone. Shortly, an elegant beauty in ice armor appeared next to Ji Yanran, wielding her ice spear and fending off the researchers, saving Ji Yanran from the crisis.

"Spirit! Is that an aristocrat spirit?" The researchers looked surprised.

Judging by the ability of this spirit, she was a top aristocrat spirit, which was so rare.

With Snow Charmer helping Ji Yanran, the researchers could not approach them anytime soon.

Snow Charmer, take Yanran away. Han Sen thought and transferred the golden growler and desert bird to Snow Charmer.

Snow Charmer was a good rider to begin with. On the back of the golden growler, she wielded her ice spear and cleared a path among the researchers with the help of desert bird.

However, before Snow Charmer pulled Ji Yanran on the golden growler, a figure suddenly appeared next to Ji Yanran with no warning. A mini laser gun was pointed to Ji Yanran's head.

"Professor Li Mingtang?" Ji Yanran looked to that person, shocked. Unexpectedly, it was Li Mingtang.

Judging by his speed, Li was even faster than Wang Hou. It was so hard to imagine that Li Mingtang who was the week and polite scholar would have such fitness, even stronger than Wang Hou.

"Wang Hou, stop," Li Mingtang said calmly. Wang Hou stared at Han Sen coldly and went back to the side of Li Mingtang.

Han Sen did not chase him, staring at Li Mingtang without speaking.

"Captain, I do not mean to kill you or become the enemy of the Jis. So, I will have to ask you to cooperate for a little while. When we find the treasure, I will let you go," said Li Mingtang. Then he looked to Han Sen and said, "The same applies to you. Be our hostage and I will not kill you. When everything is over, you can leave together with her."

Han Sen did not reply but moved fast and dashed to the black crystal gate.

Not expecting Han Sen to act this way, Li Mingtang and Wang Hou were slow in their reaction. Han Sen had disappeared in the black crystal gate.

"Dammit. That bastard had practiced Micro Crystal." Seeing Han Sen was not hurt by the light, when the expression changed.

"Doesn't matter. There is only one way going into the core area. He could not go away," Li Mingtang did not mind it, looked at Ji Yanran, and asked other researchers to lock her up. "Zhang and Liu, you two have been rather successful in practicing Micro Crystal, so you should not fear the wandering light. Follow Wang Hou and me inside. The rest shall wait here."

"Shouldn't we kill her?" Wang Hou glanced at Ji Yanran.

"It is troublesome to piss off the Jis. In addition, we don't know what is happening inside, so we should make the decision later. If we could not catch Han Sen, with her as our hostage, we will have some leverage," Li Mingtang said calmly, taking his men to enter the black crystal gate.

Wang Hou and the other two researchers followed Li Mingtang, while the rest were watching Ji Yanran.

After entering the black crystal gate, Han Sen felt his eyes were prickling. Although there was no sun, the light was so strong that it felt like there were a million magnesium lights.

As the light hit his body, Han Sen who was already using Micro Crystal still felt heat on his skin. He saw a square crystal tunnel, around which the walls were decorated with strange patterns similar to the ones on the black crystal gates. Han Sen had no idea what they meant.

The light is so strong here that I don't believe they could see anything clearly. Han Sen thought and took out a small mirror. Looking at himself in the mirror, he summoned the beetle knight, which walked into the mirror and walked out as Han Sen.

Han Sen hid behind the black crystal gate, controlling his doppelgnger to run toward the other end of the tunnel.

Shortly, Li Mingtang and Wang Hou caught up with him. Seeing the doppelgnger, they ran after it with no hesitation.
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