Super God Gene Chapter 498

Chapter 498: The Charm of a Soldier

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Seeing that even Zheng Yuze failed at the test, the soldiers of Southwest Galaxy felt disappointed.

"Dammit, even Zheng Yuze failed. The Tiger of Blueblood must be so content," said the young soldier sitting next to Han Sen disappointedly.

After he said that, he looked at Han Sen and said, "brother, how about you? Do you think he can do it? We can only count on you right now."

Hearing the young soldier, the other contestants were also paying attention to Han Sen's reply.

Most soldiers had already failed and there were only a few people left. Han Sen was definitely the biggest hope among the remaining soldiers, so people had naturally placed their hope on him.

"No problem," Han Sen replied concisely.

Between soldiers, there was no need to be humble on the battlefield. You must trust your comrades and make them trust you.

Although this was not a battlefield, it was about the honor of Southwest Galaxy. Therefore, Han Sen could not show any cowardice or lack of confidence.

Hearing the conversation between Han Sen and the young soldier, Tie Yi curled his lips with contempt and did not say much.

From Tie Yi's perspective, ordinary soldiers were not even comparable to him. Blueblood Special Force was the best of the best, so he was naturally much better than any ordinary soldier.

Before he came, Tie Yi had investigated a lot into his three competitors. Han Sen who entered Daphne using nepotism was not even an opponent he acknowledged.

Even if Han Sen's fitness was higher than his expectation, Tie Yi still did not think that Han Sen had what it takes to be his opponent.

A strong fitness only meant that Han Sen had been offered lots of meat in God's Sanctuary. It was still hard to say whether Han Sen had done all the hunting himself.

As for Sprint, Tie Yi did not think Han Sen could finish the task.

In Level 10 with a gravity of a hundred, it would be hard for him to go through the test with a fitness around a hundred. Zheng Yuze failed because of his insufficient vigor.

In the strength test, Han Sen had to tap into his potentials to get a score of a hundred and ten, which meant his fitness should be around hundred, which was even worse than Zheng Yuze. How was it possible that Han Sen could go through? Therefore, in Tie Yi's eyes, Han Sen was totally bluffing when he said no problem.

The fact that Han Sen promised something that he could not accomplish to his comrades made Tie Yi look down on him.

It was soon Han Sen's turn. Han Sen ran into the Sprint and did not rush to start. He first made some adjustments to his body.

His fitness was around a hundred. With the gravity of a hundred, he could only walk inside. In order to reach the necessary speed, he must run under the state of Overload.

In order to go through the entire device, Han Sen must allocate his strength reasonably. Otherwise, he might fall because of lack of energy. It would not even matter how well he mastered the system.

After Han Sen made the adjustments, he took a deep breath slowly and made his first step under everyone's watch.

When making the first step, Han Sen had actually already calculated all the steps he was going to make in the device, in order to perfectly spend each ounce of his energy without any waste.

Going forward on the metal walls at a high speed, Han Sen's heart was thumping like a motor and all his bones were slightly squeaking.

Han Sen's moves were different from any other person's, and also much different from the brutal way that Tie Yi passed the device. Han Sen's moves were incredibly smooth.

It was as smooth as the demonstration video. It felt like Han Sen's moves were preprogrammed. Each of his moves and even looks was so reasonable that it was incredulous.

"Very good." After watching for a while, the chief couldn't help nodding.

At Han Sen's age, it was incredible that he had such great and accurate control of his body.

Many surpasser officers were watching the game even felt surprised. It was even hard for them to control their bodies like this.

It was probably even beyond human's limit. The level of control was more like it was conducted by AI. Each phone and muscle were moving in the most efficient way possible. The perfection made people feel their scalp was prickling.

The secretary felt the same, covered in cold sweat.

Mistake, a huge mistake. The investigation and analysis he conducted about Han Sen were so far from the truth. It was as if he had investigated into a different person instead of Han Sen.

Although ordinary soldiers could not understand as much as the officers, they felt very excited and thrilled watching Han Sen's smooth moves.

Tie Yi frowned slightly. Even he was surprised by Han Sen's performance. The ability to control the body so delicately was something even he could not achieve. However, Tie Yi did not think that Han Sen could go through the task by using incredible control. After all, Han Sen did not have enough strength to begin with, and techniques were not everything.

For example, if someone only had one dollar, no matter how he saved and allocate the money. He could not buy food for a month using one dollar.

Reasonable allocation could maximize the use of strength, but he first needed to have enough strength to be allocated.

After going through half, Han Sen was covered in sweat as if he jumped out of water. Even his hair was stuck to his scalp.

With abnormal flush on his skin, rising body temperature, and squeaking bones, he felt like he was going to collapse any second.

All the soldiers and officers watching Han Sen couldn't help cheering for him. Under the state of Overload, he still had half of the device to go through. They were afraid he could not last that long.

Naturally, Han Sen did not think the same. Although the consumption of his energy under the gravity of a hundred was even higher than he thought, as long as he wanted to do it, he could still finish.

In terms of enhancing one's stamina, there were not many hyper geno arts that could be compared to Jadeskin in the world. In the past, when Yang Manli was trying to test his stamina, she was shocked by him.

Sweating like a pig, Han Sen's eyes were calm and focused. Still following his pace, Han Sen used Jadeskin quietly. And the coolness filled his body, making his heated body feel better. However, he was still incredibly sore all over.

Although Han Sen looked like he was about to use up all his strength, for some reason, people felt reassured looking at his expression.

People couldn't help but think he was trustworthy and he could last until the end as long as he wished to.

It was the special charisma of a soldier. And it could not be described with words. It was nothing but trust.

Chapter 500 - Fighting to Be Soldier King

Only someone with charisma could be a general. A soldier that could not make his comrades trust him could only be a good soldier at best, instead of a general.

Obviously, Han Sen was equipped with this charisma. It was just he had not got a chance to use it properly.

Sweating heavily and burning his muscles, Han Sen felt he was a beast on fire, squandering his wild nature and rushing toward the end.

Many soldiers clenched their fists at some point and stared at Han Sen, as if they were in the device with him. When Han Sen finally reached the end, everyone felt relieved and incredibly good.

Applause sounded like thunder.

"Chief, cookhouse soldier Han Sen has finished the test, waiting for your instruction." Han Sen saluted to the officer judging the test. As he moved his arm, sweat fell, reflecting sunlight and the vital energy of youth.

"At ease. Well done, you could go back to your seat," the officer said with a smile.

Seeing Han Sen going back, the chief said, "Very good Very good indeed This is more like a soldier from Southwest Galaxy."

The secretary who understood the chief very well had very different understanding of this short comment.

According to what the secretary knew about the chief, if he said good, then it was a great complement already. If he said very good, it meant the chief appreciated the person a lot. Now that the chief said very good twice, with a strong tone, he must feel so excited inwardly. The secretary rarely heard the chief say something twice, and yet he did.

"Brother, well done. You really made it." When Han Sen returned to his seat, the young soldier patted Han Sen excitedly.

"Piece of cake." Han Sen licked his lips and sat down on his seat.

Currently, Han Sen was sore all over. Although it did not take long, he consumed a great deal of his energy. Also, he was exhausted from using Overload. Luckily, he had Jadeskin, otherwise his body might collapse.

Han Sen was so fatigued that he wished he could simply lie on the floor and sleep. However, there were other items that he needed to finish, so he could not gain enough rest.

Luckily, all the remaining items did not have much to do with body strength. Shooting, warframe operation, dissembling and reassembling the combat machines were the main parts of the military contest.

In interstellar wars, science and technology were still the priority. Unless someone could reach the level of surpasser, a soldier could not beat a warframe, let alone large weapons.

What Han Sen had learned from school was put into use here. He ended up with a high score on each item, definitely a well-rounded soldier.

Although Tie Yi was great, Han Sen was not worse than him. In many items, they were each either the first or the second. The two were on quite the same level.

All the soldiers felt it was great to watch. As a cookhouse soldier from Southwest Galaxy, Han Sen was able to perform as a close match to the Tiger of Blueblood Special Force, which earned a great honor for the Southwest Galaxy and left a great impression on the soldiers.

Although Zheng Yuze did well in the following items as well, he could not be compared with Han Sen or Tie Yi. When the total score was calculated, Han Sen was the first place, beating Tie Yi by 0.2, making all the soldiers of Southwest Galaxy cheer.

Tie Yi did not ignore Han Sen like before, but he still did not think Han Sen was a worthy opponent.

Although Han Sen did well, his advantage was mainly in the technical items. It did not mean that Han Sen had better fighting skills than Tie Yi.

However, the final combat was a one on one combat, which would call for real strength, of which Tie Yi was very confident.

Han Sen did not say anything but tried to recover as much as possible, waiting for the combat for the title of soldier King.

Only the top four contestants with the highest scores could participate in the combat. In addition to Han Sen and Tie Yi, Zheng Yuze and some soldier from an army came to the combat. Wang Gang did not make it to the top floor.

The four of them were split into two groups. The winners of the groups would enter the finals to compete for the championship, while the losers would compete for the third place.

The grouping was decided by a draw. Luckily, Han Sen and Tie Yi were in the same group, which meant the finals came earlier.

It was a great news to Han Sen. He had not fully recovered yet. If he consumed some of his energy in another fight before he met Tie Yi, it would be even harder.

If I could finish the third phase longevity in Heresy Mantra, I should be able to resolve the issue of the lack of energy. However, the third phase is so hard that I am still unable to complete it after so long. Han Sen thought to himself helplessly.

However, it was useless to think too much. He had to think of a way to beat Tie Yi.

Southwest Soldier King. Although Han Sen was not that interested in the title, he must beat Tie Yi. The position of the guard could not be given to anyone but himself.

Zheng Yuze's fight began first, which gave Han Sen more time to rest.

After fighting another soldier for more than half an hour, Zheng Yuze won. If Han Sen could beat Tie Yi, he would battle Zheng Yuze for the title of Southwest Soldier King.

It was Han Sen's turn. Han Sen moved around and felt the sore was relieved a lot.

He had been using Jadeskin for the past half an hour, relieving his fatigue. It seemed that the effect was quite good.

Tie Yi walked up, standing opposite Han Sen. Han Sen was tall himself, while Tie Yi was a foot taller than him, bringing lots of pressure.

However, Han Sen did not feel much. He had seen creatures as tall as skyscrapers and he was never scared, not to mention Tie Yi was only a foot taller.

When the whistle was blown, Han Sen stepped out and punched at Tie Yi's chest.

However, Tie Yi stood still, looking at Han Sen with contempt. His body turned gold like the Buddha. It was as if he had become a statue.

It turned out that Tie Yi was trying to use Super Diamond Body to take Han Sen's punch and did not mean to block it at all, which made many soldiers of Southwest Galaxy hiss, pissed by the arrogance of Tie Yi.
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