Super God Gene Chapter 514

Chapter 514: Stealing

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"Brother Watch out" When Blackgod was about to make a strike, he suddenly heard his friend calling him and felt ominous.

Blackgod was indeed quite impressive and decisive. The moment he heard the voice, he directly fell forward.

However, it was still a bit too late. He felt a burning pain on his back. It seemed that the armor on his back and his muscles were slashed open by sharp weapons.

Han Sen felt it was a shame. Blackgod and the top evolvers were a bit too far from the crowd. When he approached them, he was still discovered by an evolver opposite him, who warned Blackgod in time. With his claws, he did not kill Blackgod this time.

Blackgod fell to the ground and rolled a dozen feet away, holding back the pain on his back. The five evolvers with fitness level above a hundred came to Han Sen.

Han Sen did not linger. His strike did not kill Blackgod, so he knew that he had lost his opportunity. He rushed to the snake fish king directly, using the claws to cut off its head. Taking up the creature's body, Han Sen ran toward the ice river.

"Sacred-blood creature snake fish king killed. No beast soul gained. Eat its meat to gain 0 to 10 sacred geno points."

The evolvers tried to stop Han Sen, but Han Sen swayed left and right, zigzagging among three persons momentarily. He ran past five persons nonstop. When Blackgod got up, holding back his pain, Han Sen had already gone.

"It is that asshole. He's not dead yet? Kill him for me." Blackgod saw what Han Sen looked like, recognized him, and yelled to the evolvers in surprise and madness.

The evolvers quickly caught up with Han Sen. However, Han Sen directly jumped into the ice river. A giant silver eel appeared underneath his feet. The giant silver eel broke the ice on the river and was a hundred feet away instantaneously, leaving Blackgod and his friends appalled on the land.

"Blackgod, I am taking some of the interests today. Next time I see you I will kill you." Han Sen said loudly and rolled the silver Io away.

"You are dead I will kill you definitely Kill you" Blackgod was so mad that he was standing, cursing at Han Sen's direction.

When he scolded Han Sen, he moved his back, which made his injury so painful that his face became grim.

Blackgod became very mad. Not only was he almost killed by a sneak attack, but his sacred-blood snake fish king was stolen.

In addition, the one who did all that was someone who he thought had died underneath the frozen lake.

Since he came to Second God's Sanctuary, Blackgod had never suffered so much, which made him so angry that he was about to vomit blood.

Han Sen disregarded what Blackgod did and rode the silver eel away, landing at a remote location. He summoned Meowth and rode Meowth away from the territory of Blackgod Shelter.

"la la la la la la I am a barbecue master" Han Sen barbecued the snake fish that he had skinned on the convenient stove he brought with him and hummed a little song happily.

It was not easy to get his hands on such a sacred-blood creature. This sacred-blood snake fish king would give him eight or nine sacred geno points at least.

What was more important was that this creature was stolen from Blackgod, which made Han Sen feel it was extra tasty. Just by smelling the fragrance of the barbecue, he could not stop his mouth from watering.

"Unfortunately, they only come to the shore once a year. Otherwise, it would be so good if I could still want every day," Han Sen thought as he barbecued.

Before the barbecue was done, Han Sen saw a man coming his way in the snow outside.

"Blackgod's guys are here?" Han Sen was surprised, glanced that way, and it did not look like it. If it were the people from Blackgod Shelter, they should be more than one person.

The person walked closer, and Han Sen saw what he looked like. Out of Han Sen's expectation, he knew the man. Although they were not familiar with each other, he had a deeper impression of him.

The grandson of Senator Yi, Yi Dongmu. When Han Sen participated in the contest of first God's Sanctuary using Dollars identity, Han Sen beat Yi Dongmu to become top ten. And the fairy queen was his reward for being one of the Chosen.

After that, he had never heard the news about Yi Dongmu again. Unexpectedly, Han Sen ran into the person here.

Yi Dongmu walked directly opposite Han Sen. He looked at the barbecue on the stove and placed a fox-like red creature on the snow. Pointing to the barbecue, he asked, "I want to trade this mutant creature for your barbecue, will you do it?"

"No," Han Sen rejected directly, thinking, "You think I'm an idiot? A mutant creature for my sacred-blood creature?"

Yi Dongmu could not help frowning, checking Han Sen out again. Because he had not had anything cooked in so long, he wanted to trade the mutant creature he hunted for the barbecue, which was unexpectedly turned down by the other person.

"Can I borrow your stove? Name your price." Yi Dongmu could not tell where Han Sen was from, so he did not mind the answer. Yi Dongmu pointed to Han Sen's stove said.

"The stove is quite cheap. Just use it," Han Sen smiled and said.

Yi Dongmu did not say anything but summoned a dagger to clean up the fox-like creature. Cutting off a piece of meat, he started to make the barbecue.

The two persons did not converse much but barbecued respectively. When Han Sen barbecue was about ready, he took a bite and felt it was so tasty. The grease melted in his mouth.

"So nice." Han Sen took out some condiments to put on the barbecue before he gobbled it up.

Yi Dongmu was stunned. It was the first time he saw someone being so relaxed when hunting. Not only had Han Sen brought the stove, he also brought a dozen types of condiments, which filled up a large bag.

Swallowing, Yi Dongmu continued to make his own barbecue. However, Han Sen's barbecue with condiments smelled so good that it was hard for Yi Dongmu not to notice.

Yi Dongmu had been working hard to cultivate, trying to enhance his martial arts skills and clear his name that was belittled by Dollar.

He often spent several months every time he came to the God's Sanctuary, and sometimes even more than half a year. On the icefield, all he could eat what was raw meat. Even if he was made of iron, his stomach would no longer take it.

"Will you sell me the condiments?" Yi Dongmu asked eventually.

"This is quite expensive," Han Sen blinked and said. He was nice enough to let Yi Dongmu use the stove for free. There was no way he could give the condiments to Yi Dongmu for free as well. Han Sen was the one who brought the condiments to the God's Sanctuary.

"Name your price," Yi Dongmu said directly.

"Give me the remaining half piece of your meat, and you can use my condiments as you like." Han Sen's condiments were not valuable in fact. However, because they were rare, they were worth something in this place.

Without even blinking, Yi Dongmu through the half piece of mutant meat to Han Sen and said, "Give me the condiments."

"I like a decisive person like yourself." Han Sen gave the condiments to Yi Dongmu and took the mutant meat with pleasure.
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