Super God Gene Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Sacred-blood Copper-toothed Beast

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After wrapping up the dead body of the purple-winged dragon, everyone returned to Steel Armor Sanctuary and Qin Xuan called Han Sen into her office.

"Did you get the beast soul?" Qin Xuan stared at Han Sen.

"Stationmaster, I really did not get the beast soul. Had I known this I would never have shot the arrow," said Han Sen wryly.

Qin Xuan didnt believe him, "Stop acting. If you have gained the beast soul, I will not take advantage you either. If you want to sell it, Im willing to pay. I can even pay you up front."

"Stationmaster, Id be a fool if I dont want to earn the money. I really did not get the beast soul. If I could show you I would," Han Sen looked depressed.

Qin Xuan felt Han Sens emotions were authentic. She frowned and said to him, "Forget about it then. Do not go anywhere alone and stay in Bullseye these days. Son of Heaven might try to kill you."

"I will behave," Han Sen nodded.

Back to Bullseye, Su Xiaoqiao put his arm around Han Sens neck and asked, "Sen, I heard that you made the last attack. Did you get the beast soul?"

"I wish, but unfortunately I dont even own a primitive beast soul, let alone a sacred-blood one," Han Sen shrugged and said.

"Right Beast souls are very hard to come by. We cant all be as lucky as Dollar," Su Xiaoqiao sighed and said. He did not have too much doubt. After all, the probability of gaining a beast soul was too low.

"Recently you must be careful not to leave the shelter. Although you did not get the beast soul, Son of Heaven wouldnt let you off the hook easily," said Su Xiaoqiao.

"I know." Han Sen patted Su Xiaoqiao on the shoulder, thinking, "He seems a nice guy."

Back in his room, Han Sen could not help but smiled and started to review his new beast soul.

Type of sacred-blood purple-winged dragons beast soul: Flying.

The introduction was brief, but reminded Han Sen of so much he had heard about this type of beast soul. A flying beast soul meant the beast soul could turn into wings that could give its owner the ability to fly like a bird.

Flying across the sky without the need for tools such as aircrafts was certainly a dream coming true. The most important part was that with the ability to fly, ones survival would become so much easier in Gods Sanctuary. A flying beast soul also allowed one to go where ordinary people couldnt reach.

Flying beast souls were super expensive, even more so than the shapeshifting beast soul of the same level. Also, flying beast souls were so rare in Gods Sanctuary that you might not even be able to buy one even if you had the money.

"Amazing! A sacred-blood flying beast soul. I wonder how many of these exist in the entire First Gods Sanctuary," Han Sen was so excited that he almost jumped up.

Primitive flying beast souls had a low speed and didnt allow the users to go very high. It could only bring people ten feet above the ground.

Mutant flying beast souls were better but still slow and clumsy. Sacred-blood flying beast souls were much better than the others. But Han Sen had never seen even mutant flying beast souls in Steel Armor Sanctuary.

Of course, this had something to do with the fact that there were less flying creatures near Steel Armor Shelter.

The room was too small for Han Sen to summon the wings. When he calmed down from excitement, his eye fell on the copper-toothed beast that had turned completely purple and shiny as if it had been polished.

"Sacred-blood... The copper-toothed beast has evolved into a sacred-blood creature..." Han Sen was filled with unspeakable joy, staring at the beast.

For three months, Han Sen had been anxious about the result, but now he knew it for sure: Every three months, he could have a creature evolved into a sacred-blood creature. If the words got out, everyone would go crazy.

Like today, it was so hard for such a huge group of people to hunt a purple-winged dragon. And after it was killed, every member in the group would share its meat. Son of Heavens gang would have a bigger share, and Qin Xuans gang would have the rest. After everyone got their own part, how many geno points can a small part of the entire body offer?

Hunting that cost a lot of resources and effort like this one would happen at most once per month, and the success rate would be at most 50 percent. Yet Han Sen could have the meat of an entire sacred-blood creature all to himself every three months.

Son of Heaven and Qin Xuan were both several years older than Han Sen, but they still hadnt evolved to enter Second Gods Santuary, which meant maxing out on sacred geno points took a lot of time and effort.

Behind Son of Heaven was Starry Group, and behind Qin Xuan was the military. Even they were not able to max out on sacred geno points within 10 years. It might take them 15 years or even longer if they had bad luck.

Now with the black crystal, Han Sen only needed at most five years to evolve with max sacred geno points.

Han Sens first reaction was not to kill the copper-toothed beast and eat its meat, but to go to the square to buy a living primitive creature.

He did not want to waste any time before he started to feed the next sacred-blood creature. Also, he didnt dare to go out hunting, fearing Son of Heavens revenge.

Taking the primitive creature he had bought back to his room, Han Sen didnt hesitate before he killed the sacred-blood copper-toothed beast. It was far less strong than a wild sacred-blood creature and was easily slaughtered.

"Sacred-blood copper-toothed beast killed. No beast soul gained. Eat its meat to gain one to ten sacred geno points randomly."

Although there was no beast soul gained, Han Sen was still over the moon. He quickly set up a pot and was ready to make a stew.
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