Super God Gene Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Ten Thousand per Slap

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Han Sen knew Fang Jingqi had misunderstood him. He smiled back at Fang Jingqi, "Lets not to go to the combat pit. Would you play a small game with me here at home?"

Xue Xi shot Han Sen a look of disapproval, but this time Han Sen did not respond to her.

Han Sen knew a guy like Fang Jingqi would not give up unless he was defeated.

"What game?" frowned Fang Jingqi.

"Have you ever played red hands?" Han Sen asked with a faint smile.

Fang Jingqi turned down the corners of his mouth, "Of course, but thats such an easy game."

"Red hands" was a game played between two players. One player (the "slappee") placed their hands palm down, hovering above the other player's (the "slapper") hands. The slapper hovered their hands below the slappee's, palms up. The two players' hands should be touching each other.

The slapper was on offense, and attempted to bring his hands over to slap the backsides of his opponent's hands. This must be done with sufficient speed, because the slappee's goal was to pull their hands away, and out of the area where the hands overlap, to avoid the slap. If the slapper missed the hands of the slappee during the slap, then the roles must switch.

"If our hands touch, it would be easy. How about we play with our hands not touching?" Han Sen was still smiling.

"No problem," laughed Fang Jingqi.

Red hands mainly tested ones reflexes and Fang Jingqi was confident that his reflexes were superior to Han Sens.

Also, Fang Jingqi was glad that the rule of this game was that as long as the slapper was able to hit the slappee, their roles would never change. Fang Jingqi wanted to take advantage of this rule and slap Han Sen so hard on the hands that he couldnt raise his arm.

"So, as long as the slappers hand moved, it would be counted as a slap and he could not take it back." Han Sen first set the rules down.

"OK, I will let you slap first." Fang Jingqi was very confident and reached out his arms.

Han Sen did not reach his arms out but smiled at Fang Jingqi, "Jingqi, you said there would be a mutant beast soul?"

Fang Jingqi was not stupid. Although he did not care about a mutant beast soul, he didnt want Han Sen to take advantage of him either. He said, "A mutant beast soul is for a fight in the combat pit. Since we are now playing red hands, lets consider it a prize. You could win it if you could slap me."

"Jingqi, this is not fun. And I dont want to take advantage of you either." Han Sen pondered and said, "Forget about the beast soul. Lets change the prize to ten thousand dollars. Every time you are able to slap me, I will pay you ten thousand dollars and vice versa. What do you think?"

The mutant beast soul pet Meowth that Han Sen got from Qin Xuan was useless and ate a lot. Han Sen had thus learned a lesson and asked for cash as he didnt know what beast soul it would be.

"Fair and square. Im beginning to like you. But ten thousand is too little. How about a hundred thousand?" Fang Jingqi looked at Han Sen.

Han Sen shook his head, "We are all friends. Losing too much might hurt our relationship."

Xue Xi quickly said, "Right. Its just a game. No need to bet too much money. Ten thousand is already too much."

"Since you are afraid to lose, then we will stick with ten thousand," Fang Jingqi shrugged.

Han Sen did not say anything, but kept smiling at Fang Jingqi. Now in his eyes, Fang Jingqi was not a person, but a walking ATM. Fang Jingqi came to him just when he was worried about money. All he needed to do was accept.

If the opponent wasnt too much stronger than him, Han Sen believed that he could win most people at playing red hands.

His understanding of his opponents and timing were among the very best. Before he got the black crystal, that was how he made his living. Fang Jingqi who thought the game was only about reflexes wouldnt be his match at all.

"Ill let you be the slapper first." Fang Jingqi again reached out his hands. He didnt think Han Sen stood a chance.

Judging from Han Sens age, he was in Gods Sanctuary less than one year, so he couldnt have gained many geno points. In addition, the situation of his family wouldnt allow him to buy the meat of advanced creatures either.

Fang Jingqi himself had already been in Gods Sanctuary for several years and had gained many geno points. So, his fitness and reflexes must be far better than Han Sen and Han Sen wasnt likely to be able to hit him.

"Alright." Han Sen reached his hands under Fang Jingqis hands and kept a little distance from them. Han Sen kept his hands still and then asked, "Can I start?"

"Ye" Han Sens hand slapped on the back of Fang Jingqis hands before Fang Jingqi could finish his reply.

"Ten thousand," Han Sen said. "Xi, write it down."

"Write it down," Fang Jingqi gritted his teeth and said to Xue Xi.

Xue Xi quickly opened the holographic note board on her comlink and drew a line.

"Again." Fang Jingqi reached his hands out.

"Can I start?" Han Sen asked again.

Fang Jingqi just nodded, staring at Han Sen's hands wholeheartedly without blinking. With the lesson learned, Fang Jingqi swore he would not be tricked by Han Sen again.

Han Sen didnt rush this time and turned to speak to Xue Xi, "Xi, do you want to hear a funny story?"

"Now?" Xue Xi was surprised.

Han Sen nodded and started, "A lovely puppy was traveling in the desert. It had brought enough water and food, but still died after two days. Can you guess why it was? "

"Was there a sand storm?"

"No, the weather was fine."

"Because it was lost?"

"There was plenty of water and food, so it would not die even if it got lost," Han Sen said.

"I cannot guess. Why did it die?" Xue Xi didnt want to guess anymore because she was nervous about the result of red hands.

"Because that cute puppy could not find a utility pole in the desert, so its bladder exploded," laughed Han Sen.

Xue Xi blushed, "Sen, thats so corny."

"Vulgar..." Fang Jingqi said with his face grim, and suddenly felt a pain on the back of his hands.

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