Super God Gene Chapter 643

Chapter 643: T-Rex Approaching

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The creature looked like a tyrannosaurus rex. It had leathery red scales shielding its entire body, and four wings wreathed in fire. A spiral horn protruded from its head, and fire writhed out of its nose.

Its eyes, as big as wagon wheels, had licks of flame inside the pupils, and it stared at Han Sen and Wang Yuhang. It breathed out smoke from its mouth, which looked like the gaping maw of a volcano.

"Split up. You go left, I go right," Han Sen quickly shouted, before dashing off.

The creature was intimidatingly large. Han Sen thought to draw his crossbow and fire a bolt, but even if it pierced the fiend's thick scales, he feared it would only hit it with the power of a toothpick.

Wang Yuhang heard what he was told and ran off to the left. He heard the creature roar, and a geyser of fire shot out from its mouth. It engulfed the spirit hall in fire, and the structure immediately began collapsing under the scorching heat.


The creature that looked like a T-rex immediately took off after Wang Yuhang. Not wanting to be dinosaur chow, Wang Yuhang ran as fast as his legs could carry him, yelling. He looked like a pitiable fellow, with a T-rex gnashing at his heels.

The clothes on his body were tickled by the flames that escaped the creature's mouth, setting them on fire, which made Wang Yuhang begin calling out.

Han Sen was running like the wind, and he thought to himself, "You really are unlucky. The monster picked you, even though I approached it first. I didn't mean for that to happen." As he was talking to himself, Han Sen managed to exit the metal shelter and had a clear shot of escaping the Mystery Island.

But all he could hear were the repeated screams from Wang Yuhang, who was continuing to be pursued by the T-rex. It didn't seem likely he was going to escape without Han Sen's intervention.

"I don't care. We only just met; I barely know the fellow," Han Sen's mind stated, while his legs stood firmly, refusing to depart.

Although Wang Yuhang was unlucky, he was not a bad person by any means. Furthermore, he was Wang Mengmeng's uncle. Han Sen knew how guilty he might become, if he were to leave him behind in such a heartless fashion.

"But he's so unlucky. Even if I do save his life, he'll probably end up dead due to a similar misfortune sometime in the future." Han Sen spoke this out, but immediately after, bit down on his teeth. He hissed, turned around, and ran back into the blazing inferno.

If Wang Yuhang ran alongside him, bringing the monster with him, he wouldn't have had these second thoughts.

Wang Yuhang was well aware of his own misfortune, but despite that, he heeded Han Sen's instruction to run in the opposite direction, pulling the monster with him. He was a good, honest man.

"Fine. I'll do my part, but I won't risk any more than I have to, to try to save him. He'll still have to put in the effort." Han Sen drew his peacock crossbow and loaded it with a raven feather bolt. Then, he began to approach the rampaging monster.

The whole Mystery Island was ablaze, and the flames that the T-rex breathed were enough to melt the sturdy metal structures that composed the shelter. It ran really fast, too. Wang Yuhang was unable to shake the creature, and his body had suffered a few bad burns. There were fiery holes in his clothes and his hair was singed.

But Wang Yuhang, despite his unluckiness, was a powerful warrior. Although he looked to be in a sorry state, he had managed to outpace the lunatic T-rex for a good while without suffering any injuries. He looked pitiable, sure, but they were minor wounds and nothing that could not be quickly remedied.

Han Sen was not a reckless person, so he wanted to survey the area and approach the situation in as safely as possible. He didn't want to charge in like a buffoon, so he gauged the events from a good distance away.

Observing the pursuit made Han Sen really take notice of how unlucky Wang Yuhang was. He didn't know how or why the T-rex was so determined to catch him. It was as if it had been locked-on, and nothing seemed to sway its desire to incinerate the running man.

"This guy excels at being a party tank. He pulls all the aggro with no effort!" Han Sen continued to watch from afar and sighed.

After a period of observation, Han Sen could not espy any weak spots on the creature. Its whole body was covered in red scales, and he could immediately tell how difficult it would be to penetrate them.

Even though the creature was fast, it was pretty slow in terms of super creatures. While the raven was unfairly fast, this T-rex was much slower than even the red-cloud donkey.

"With this speed, there should surely be no fear of it catching up to me. Hmm, let's see if I can get its attention." Han Sen was standing on the rooftop of a palace in the shelter. He raised his crossbow and took aim at the T-rex. As soon as he had a clear shot at the monster's eye, he would pull the trigger.


Han Sen fired the raven bolt across a distance of fifty meters. His aim was impeccable, and it seemed to be a guaranteed hit on the T-rex. But right before it skewered the monster's eyeball, the creature blinked to shield its eye.


The bolt did go in, but the monster's eyelid was thick. The bolt remained lodged in it, not dealing damage to the actual eye itself.

The T-rex's eyelid did not have any scales, and it was evidently weaker than the rest of the body. The creature was knocked back. It roared in pain and looked at Han Sen from across the battlefield.

Han Sen started running, and the T-rex took off after him. He felt as if a giant flamethrower was pulling up behind his bottom, getting closer and closer. The air around him was getting hotter, and the soft fabric of his clothes looked ready to burst into flames.

"Brother Han, you are a remarkable example of a human being. Your charity is boundless. I almost knew it for a fact that you would not abandon me to the grisly maws of that ferocious monster!" Wang Yuhang was touched by the gesture and sung his words of praise from across the battleground.

"I'm not a nice man," Han Sen responded. "See if you can draw its attention once more; I need to see if I can get a few more hits on its eye. With some luck my luck we can bring an end to this wretched thing."

"It is my pleasure to be of aid." Wang Yuhang did not delay in his agreement to act.

Han Sen expected Wang Yuhang to summon a bow, or at least a spear to throw at the monster to regain its attention.

But randomly, Wang Yuhang merely scrambled to pick up a piece of metal from the smoldering metal shelter, and threw it at the monster.


The metal piece plonked against the T-rex's shiny red scales. The damage dealt equated to that of a tickle.

But that was all it took to garner its attention and pull it away from Han Sen. The monster turned to look at Wang Yuhang and took off after him once more.

"This way, you dumb doggie. I'm over here. Chase me; I taste delightful!" Wang Yuhang called at the T-rex. He even turned around, bent over, and mooned the T-rex, clobbering his own butt cheeks to get it to follow. He yelled, "Thick pork rind here; come get your free sample!"

Wang Yuhang's clothes were mostly in cinders, and Han Sen could see much of his posterior. He danced and slapped his own bottom like a pair of bongos, as Han Sen simply sighed, failing to comprehend the situation in which he found himself.

Han Sen looked on hopelessly. He thought to himself, "Is this guy stupid? All he has to do is attract the T-rex; is any of that necessary? Can't he just hit it and run?"

The T-rex was incredibly angry, however. It roared to the sky, then brought down a geyser of flames on Wang Yuhang.

Half on fire, Wang Yuhang took off running like a lunatic, with the T-rex back on his heels.

"Damn, at least it worked well." Han Sen watched with wide eyes, thinking Wang Yuhang had really turned his opinion on him around.

"Brother Han, I beg that you hasten your move. I am being roasted alive!" Wang Yuhang was running as fast as he could, as his hands tried to pat down the flames that were incinerating his bottom.

"Hold on, Little Uncle." Han Sen raised his peacock crossbow and took aim at the T-rex's eye once more.
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