Super God Gene Chapter 644

Chapter 644: Killing the T-Rex

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Han Sen fired the bolt at the T-rex's eyelid once more, but again it blinked and the bolt couldn't pierce through it entirely.

But exceeding Han Sen's expectations, Wang Yuhang immediately picked up more pieces of metal to lob at the monster, all the while shouting and screaming. The T-rex only looked at Han Sen for one second before resuming its chase of Wang Yuhang.

"Little Uncle, that's right! You can do it. I have faith in you!" Han Sen couldn't fathom the sordid deeds Wang Yuhang must have committed in a past life to be given such bad luck in this one. The aggro he could pull, with such little effort, was astonishing.

And now, with Wang Yuhang subject to the T-rex's pursuit once more, Han Sen got back to searching for the perfect chance of striking the T-rex's eye.

Although it wasn't quick on its feet, the reactions of this super creature weren't too slow. Even with Han Sen taking his best possible shot, the creature always caught the bolts with its eyelid.

Some bolts were dodged outright by the T-rex, deflected off its scales. Trying to penetrate anywhere else on its body was a futile endeavor, for all the bolts would do was leave a little white scratch mark before pinging off to the ground.

Wang Yuhang, at this point, was only barely managing to keep himself together. The flames that engulfed much of his body, leaving behind a multitude of nasty burns, were starting to take a toll on him.

"Brother Han, I am reaching the end of my tether! If you are to slay this over-sized doggie, I recommend doing it soon!" Wang Yuhang was crying as he ran.

"Little Uncle, please, hold on just a little bit longer!" As Han Sen spoke, he had his crossbow raised, preparing to take another shot at the T-rex's eye.

A dozen bolts were already lodged in its eyelids like a bar room dartboard. None had managed to pierce through and scrape its actual eyeball.


Another bolt fired, from a much closer distance this time. He expected this shot to strike its eye, but the eyelid blocked it once more.

When Han Sen reached for his quiver again, he was overwhelmed with dread to notice it was empty. They had all been fired, with no damage having been dealt to the beast that had assaulted them.

"Brave men must shoulder the greatest of deeds. Cowards? Nothing. I'm going in!" Han Sen knew the bolts were fairly well-lodged in the monster's eyelids and thought this would be his only chance. So he took off running towards the monster.

Killing the monster was not his priority right now. He wasn't doing this for himself. He knew if he let the monster claim this place for itself, it would only be a matter of time before it chose to wreak havoc on the ice fields far below. Homes and shelters would be burnt to ash, and people would undoubtedly be eaten whenever it fancied a snack.

Han Sen didn't want to risk leaving the beast alive. He had exhausted one of his greatest chances of killing it already, so he wanted to push a little further. And even if he could not kill it, he'd at least deal as much damage as he could before retreat.

He cast Long Live and Jade-Sun Force. His arms were imbued with a great amount of energy, and the energy generated inside his heart empowered every corner of his body. Han Sen's body made a clicking sound, as if he was shifting gear, going into overdrive.

With Wang Yuhang still stealing the spotlight of the T-rex's attention, Han Sen was able to run beside the creature and effortlessly leap up onto it. Quickly, he pranced to the top of the T-rex's head.

The T-rex noticed Han Sen's presence, and maniacally writhed in a bid to get him off and reach him with its talons.

Han Sen used Dongxue Sutra to simulate Aero. He took flight from off the T-rex and dodged its attack like a strange bird. With a window of opportunity now open for him, he went in and tried to kick the bolt-laden eyelid.

The T-rex, however, turned around and tried to evade the attack. But as this happened, Han Sen borrowed strength from the air to carry his kick and prepared to batter the eye with his legs seven times.

The T-rex, failing to dodge the attacks, simply shut its eyelids, thinking it could shield its eyes.

But this was exactly what Han Sen wanted. He walloped each of his seven kicks firmly into the bolts planted on the monster's eyelid.

Han Sen's legs were like steel sledgehammers. After seven strikes, the bolts were malleted deep into the monster's squishy eyeball.

"Roar!" The T-rex blasted one last cry to the sky as blood gushed from its ruined eye.

The raven feather bolts, following Han Sen's hits, had become implanted deep in the monster's eye.

The T-rex squirmed in pain as it tried to open its eye. But when it raised its eyelid, it dragged the bolts up with it, ruining its eye further. Now, more blood cascaded from the extra crevices that were cut into the eyeball.

Taking advantage of another window of opportunity that had opened for him, Han Sen kicked the beast another seven times. He was using the skill called Seven Kill, which, when combined with Aero, brought devastating damage upon the monster's other eye.

"Roar!" The T-rex's other eye was now gushing blood. Having lost its vision completely, the monster flailed about in agony.

Infuriated, the T-rex began shooting geysers of flame in all directions. Han Sen could only fly away from it, to avoid being incinerated by the wild flames.

"Brother Han! That was fine work." Wang Yuhang looked delighted. But just as he said that, he accidentally walked into the fire being spewed by the T-rex, which had caught on fire once again.

"Argh!" Wang Yuhang rolled around on the ground like a loon, trying to snuff out the flames. His bottom was as black as charcoal.

The T-rex no longer had any vision, and it was in agony. Every time it tried to blink, it dealt itself even greater damage.

The T-rex's talons were so long and thick, it couldn't pull the bolts out of its eyelid, either.

The longer it went on, the more the T-rex panicked. It flapped its four flame-wreathed wings in a bid to escape. Han Sen used this time to pick up the bolts that were on the floor. Then he summoned his wings to chase after the T-rex.

This was the first time he had gotten so close to killing a super creature since coming to the Second Shelter. Unlike the last time with the Deadeye Peacock, which was basically a killsteal.

The T-rex flailed madly in the sky as it continued shooting fireballs from its mouth. The sky was dark, lit up only by its flames. It was a terrifying spectacle to behold.

The people down on the ice fields were able to watch the scene unfold, and it frightened those who looked up.

No one had ever seen such a scary monster in the ice fields before, so this sort of sight was new to them.

"Look! Someone is chasing after that horrible creature!" someone shouted.

"Where? Where?!"

"It's pretty far off; of course you can't see it with your eyes. Use a pair of binoculars, old man!"

In the shelter, technological products were prohibited. But simple viewing items like binoculars or spyglasses were allowed, as their function was only built through glass.

Many people brought out their own binoculars to watch the scene unfold with greater clarity. They watched as a man chased off a flying T-rex that breathed fire in the sky.

"Whoa! It's Leader Han!"

"Holy smokes! Leader Han is super OP. How has he managed to get such a big scary creature to run away from him in fear?"

"He is too powerful. Did Leader Han claim ownership of the metal shelter up there, too, all by himself?"

"He's so handsome. He's so good!"

The people who watched Han Sen chase away the T-rex all reeled in shock and admiration. They thought Han Sen was hunting it down.
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