Super God Gene Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Destroy the Nest

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Swarms of black stingers flew in and out the nest and there were at least tens of thousands of them, filling Han Sen and Lu Weinan with dread.

"Big brother, you do not mean to kill all these hornets, do you? Looks like they are all primitive creatures. There are so many of them and they can fly. Itd be hard for us to get out safely," Lu Weinan swallowed and said.

Han Sen was happy to see the towering old trees and the flowers on the ground. He thought, "The poster did not lie. There is indeed such a place."

After watching for a while, Han Sen said to Lu Weinan, "Let's go farther."

Lu Weinan had to follow Han Sen. They didnt dare to approach the nests, so they flied high in the sky. The flower field was dozens of miles long and there were tall trees everywhere. There was a huge hornet nest on almost every tree. No one knew how many black stingers there were in this area. It was scary just to think about it.

Soon after, Han Sen saw a giant tree that was more than twice as tall as the others. The hornet nest on this giant tree was the size of a castle, and there were scarlet black stingers the size of a pigeon flying in and out from time to time.

Lu Weinan looked at the nest eagerly and said, "Are those scarlet hornets all mutant creatures? How many of them must there be?"

Han Sen was also a bit dumbfounded. The poster said he had seen one. Although Han Sen had guessed there should be more than one, he didnt predict that there would be a whole nest of them.

"There must be a beast soul among so many mutant black stingers." Han Sen was excited, realizing it was difficult to handle so many mutant black stingers at the same time.

The needle of the mutant black stinger was blood-red and at least two inches long. It looked very sharp as well. No one could resist the poison on it if stinged.

After all, they were mutant creatures. Han Sen didnt want to depend on his sacred-blood armor completely. Once the armor was pierced, he would be risking his life.

The only fortunate fact was that the closest primitive hornet nest was a mile away, so the primitive black stingers didnt dare to get too close to this area.

"Comrade Lu, its time to test your loyalty." Han Sen patted Lu Weinan on the shoulder.

Lu Weinan suddenly changed his expression, "Big brother, you do not want me to lure the mutant black stingers away, right? I will die."

"Do not be so pessimistic. Well, you do not really need to go there yourself. Just use your iron-feathered bird to attract their attention and Ill use that opportunity to ruin their nest. When the mutant hornets run wild and scatter around, we could just kill some of the single ones." Han Sen said with a smile.

Han Sen said before Lu Weinan could say anything, "Do a good job, and I will give you two mutant hornets when the plan goes through. Think about it, boy."

In order to keep Lu Weinan in line, Han Sen promised him the reward first.

Lu Weinan suddenly swallowed the reply he had, patted his chest and said, "Its my honor to risk everything for you. Tell me what to do, big brother."

Two mutant hornets could gain him quite a few mutant geno points.

"Very good, I am seeing great things in you. You are responsible for directing your iron-feathered bird to poke at the nest and attract most hornets away. But dont let the bird fly too high. If the hornets couldnt follow, they would return to the nest. Try to keep them away as long as possible, and Ill take care of the rest," Han Sen said.

Lu Weinan looked surprisedly at Han Sen, "Even if I can get most of the hornets away from the nest, there are certainly some remaining inside. Are you gonna be fine walking over like this?"

Lu Weinan did not expect that Han Sen would risk approaching the nest himself, which was far more dangerous than his part. He wasnt in direct danger by using the iron-feathered bird to lure hornets away. If things got bad, he could also take the beast soul bird back.

The fortress-like hornet nest was connected to the tree trunk, and it wouldnt be easy to take down.

"I have a plan. Just buy me some time and do not let those hornets come back too fast," Han Sen said calmly.

As long as the majority of mutant black stingers were lured away, he wasnt afraid of a dozen that might still be in the nest.

"Will do!" Lu Weinan hid behind a boulder with Han Sen and commanded his iron-feathered bird to seize a large stone with its claws and flew above the nest.


The iron-feathered bird dropped the stone at the nest and the three-foot-long stone made a big hole in the nest.

With a buzzing sound, mutant black stingers rushed out from the nest madly toward the iron-feathered bird like a scarlet cloud.

Lu Weinan quickly commanded the iron-feathered bird to lead the mutant black stingers away.

Han Sen was watching the nest closely all the time and saw almost no mutant black stingers around the nest.

When the mutant black stingers were led dozens of yards away. Han Sen suddenly summoned the beast souls of the purple-winged dragon and bloody slayer, with the mutant sawfish spear in hand, he flew toward the nest, looking like a winged centaur warrior from the myth.

Almost just in the blink of an eye, Han Sen threw himself at the nest, breaking the nest badly. Swinging the spear into a storm, he tore the nest apart as if it were made of paper. Some mutant black stingers were trying to attack him, but were all killed with the spear in a short while. None could stop him.

There was a mutant black stinger that approached him, and its sting didnt even pierce his armor, leaving only a small white mark on it.

Lu Weinan was shocked. He knew Han Sen was strong but didnt realize Han Sen had such great shapeshifting beast soul.

When the better half of the huge hornet nest had been destroyed by Han Sen, a hornet twice the size of a mutant one flew out, its whole body transparent as red crystal.

The moment this biggest hornet flew out, all the mutant hornets that were lured away by the bird all flew back to the nest, as if they could feel something.

"Be careful. The hornets are all back. That may be their queen!" Lu Weinan roared.
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