Super God Gene Chapter 713

Chapter 713: Now the Real Fight Begins
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Han Sen had now read the Light Son of God's energy flow. Whenever his foe drew upon energy, Han Sen could calculate the exact time he'd make his next move.
Dongxuan Sutra was now beginning to prove its worth. Han Sen wanted to dodge the Light Son of God's attacks before they were even executed, and later lead him into the exact position he wanted him to be. By doing this, he had greatly improved prediction and formation.
From the beginning up until now, that was what Han Sen had sought to achieve. But the Light Son of God was too fast, and Han Sen's attempts were lacking as a result. The crowd couldn't see any of this, but Han Sen was doing something. Subtly, he was preventing the Light Son of God from hitting him in the same place twice.
Now that Han Sen was familiar with the Light Son of God's energy flow, his abilities of prediction and formation were getting better and better.
The Light Son of God's body was like lightning, and he repeatedly slashed with his lethal white beams. Not one hit Han Sen, but still, each evasion was only accomplished by a scant few millimeters.
The Light Son of God was flabbergasted, unable to believe Han Sen had managed to dodge his attacks repeatedly.
"He dodged it!" Hua Ping's eyes brightened. This was the first time he had seen Han Sen dodge the Light Son of God's attacks.
Teng Zhen Liu and the rest saw him dodge the attack, too, and were all shocked. Dollar had taken a lot of damage, and if anything, should have been in worse shape now than earlier. But now, after all the damage he had sustained, he had managed to evade an attack from the Light Son of God.
"Coincidence?" Everyone asked themselves.
The Light Son of God was unable to believe what had happened, so he started to move again and use the beam to attack Han Sen once more.
Everyone who saw his next attack were unable to tell if Dollar could dodge it again. Although people believed his earlier dodge was purely a Dollarcidence, people were still praying for some sort of miracle to occur as they watched the fight.
"He dodged it again; Dollar dodged the Light Son of God's attack!" Fang Mingquan was overwhelmed with excitement and leapt off his stool.
Those who had been disappointed in how the fight had been going up until now, suddenly felt the reignition of a warming fire. They were feeling hope once more. With wide open eyes, they paid extra attention to the arena. As for the girls who shed tears earlier, their salty streams ceased. Drying their eyes, they perked up and refocused their attention.
"Impossible!" The Light Son of God's face suddenly looked dour. His body glowed with a holy light, which slowly consumed his entire body. He raised all ten fingers and pointed them at Han Sen. He hastily unleashed ten beams as he did so.
Han Sen started moving his body like a street-crawling drunkard. He looked so very unstable, but within those strange movements, Han Sen managed to dodge every single beam.
And during Han Sen's wobbling, he inched his way closer and closer to the Light Son of God. This infuriated Han Sen's nemesis, as he and his holy-looking body kept casting beam after beam, trying to kill him.
The crowd's eyes opened wider and wider, watching the stage. They could hardly believe what they were seeing.
The Light Son of God, who had previously looked indestructible and flawless in his composure, was now unable to deal damage to Dollar.
Although there were still some beams that grazed Dollar, such hits were nothing grievous enough to slow his advancement, and nowhere critical on his body was dealt damage. The beams didn't pierce his body like they did earlier, either.
The chance of the Light Son of God hitting Han Sen became increasingly lower. The holy-looking Light Son of God, who could not previously lose, started to tremble. His face hungered for feral violence. His calm composure from earlier had now evaporated, and his boisterous look was nowhere to be found.
"Heavenly Go? Is this Heavenly Go?" Kill Dollar really was Dollar himself.
"Heavenly Go can really be used against Light Son of God?"
Someone recognized the skill Han Sen was using, or so they thought. After taking a closer look, they noticed how it seemed to resemble Heavenly Go, but different in some way. It looked even better than Queen's Heavenly Go.
"No wonder Queen didn't stand a chance against Dollar. Dollar is good at Heavenly Go, too; he might even be better at it than Queen."
"I thought only Queen knew Heavenly Go. How does Dollar know it, as well? And how is his version even better?"
"Dollar's Heavenly Go does seem strange, and it is indeed different than the real one."
Everyone was talking about it, and even Queen looked at the scene weirdly. Although it did look similar, she knew he wasn't using the genuine Heavenly Go, and the difference between the two was something only she could tell with absolute certainty.
Even if it wasn't Heavenly Go, what Queen saw was a skill that was better than her own signature move.
"The world has a better formation skill than Heavenly Go?" Queen didn't want to believe this, but from what her own two eyes were telling her, she had to.
If Queen was in Han Sen's shoes right now, and used Heavenly Go, she wouldn't have been able to dodge the Light Son of God's attacks. What Dollar was doing was unequivocally better.
People were perplexed, having seen the tables flip like they had. Dollar was getting ravaged earlier, but now, the Light Son of God was unable to do a thing. Although Dollar could only dodge for the time being, at least he wasn't being injured. If he could keep this up, he might have a clear chance of winning.
Han Sen pushed his Dongxuan Sutra to the max. He used dongxuan aura to sense the Light Son of God's energy flow and all the while continued to evade his foe's blisteringly fast attacks.
What the others saw was unbelievable. It was as if Dollar could predict what move was coming next, and always remained one step ahead.
Even the Light Son of God himself was shocked, unable to understand how the human before him could predict his every move. It was like the human was peering directly into his soul and understood everything he thought about.
The powerful Light Son of God began to harbor doubt in his heart. When he looked at Han Sen, he could no longer retain his look of supremacy. The purple-red body in front of him seemed unreachable, and it seemed as if his human foe had a thick fog or haze obscuring him from his vision.
The Light Son of God suddenly regretted torturing him in the beginning, and how he didn't simply blow the human away right when the battle began. No longer caring for Divinity's Bout, all he wanted to do right now was kill the human that threatened him. But he couldn't.
Now the real fight begins.
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