Super God Gene Chapter 79

Chapter 79: One Win

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Han Sen was no master at rock-paper-scissors, but he had made an effort to improve his ability to make more accurate predictions. It wasnt for games, but for knowing in advance a creatures habits and movements.

For an archer, it was undoubtedly a very important ability.

Almost anyone could shoot at a target. And there were numerous people who could hit the bullseye from 150 feet away. However, creatures wouldnt stand still all the time, so it was important to be able to predict their movements.

To grasp the fleeting opportunity, prejudge the enemy's action, and shoot to kill were Han Sens specialties. Or he wouldnt have chosen archery to practice.

When he first entered Gods Sanctuary, he didnt have a nice bow and arrows, so he practiced sneak attacks, which had even higher demands for ones pre-judgment and reflexes. A little mistake would leave him unable to kill a creature with one blow, which would result in the most terrible counterattack.

After his first month in Gods Sanctuary, Han Sen never missed in a single attack, which proved his outstanding skills of pre-judgment and timing.

Now with so many geno points gained, Han Sen had improved greatly in his reflexes as well. It would be difficult for one to win against him in a game like this one.


The moment when Fang Jingqi said "scissors," Han Sen and Fang Jingqi reached their hands out again. Han Sen had struck with scissors, while Fang went with paper.

Tang didnt expect to lose, and when it hit him that he should grab the plate, his face was covered in wine and some even got into his nostrils, leaving a burning sensation.

"Tang lost a point." Fang Jingqi wrote it down on a notepad seriously.

Tang of course didnt take the loss well. After wiping his face with a towel, he stared at Han Sen and said, "Again."

Han Sen was certainly happy to oblige. The two were at it again. Claiming to be the king of rock-paper-scissors, Tang won less than 40 percent of the rounds, in which Han Sen was able to block the wine he poured every single time. In the rounds where Tang lost rock-paper-scissors, Han Sen was faster than him and got him every time, leaving Tang soaked in wine.

In the beginning, Tang would wipe it away, but later he was so focused on beating his opponent that he would just let it be.

"No! Lets play finger-guessing instead. Its easy to cheat in rock-paper-scissors," Tang Zhenliu could not help but yell after losing seven, and then eight, rounds in a row.

"OK, but please tell me the rules, as Ive never played finger-guessing before," Han Sen said.

"The rules are simple..." Tang explained the rules.

Finger-guessing was the same type of game as rock-paper-scissors, but in finger-guessing, the two players hands had to be placed in front of their body at all times, so the other party could see more clearly and there was less a chance of cheating and changing ones mind.

Han Sen had not played this one before, so he lost the first four rounds of finger-guessing, but Tang wasnt really cheered by this fact as he was still unable to get any wine on Han Sens face.

After four rounds, Han Sen had mastered the essence of finger-guessing and his excellent skills in pre-judgment and quick reflexes gave him the upper hand again.

Wine constantly hit Tangs face, which made him even more eager to win. In a while, he was so wet that it was as if he had just climbed out of a wine bucket. Even his trousers were dripping with wine.

Tang thought to himself, "How could this be... I should be invincible... Something must be wrong."

Fang Jingqi saw that Tang was miserable and tried to stop him twice. But Tang was completely amuck, and all he wanted was to get his money back.

"I need revenge! I have to soak him in wine as well."

"No, I will definitely win the next rounds!"

"One win, I need one win at least."

"Let me have one win... Just one and then Ill stop..."

Tangs expectation shrunk lower and lower, but he didnt win a single round in the end.

In the last few rounds, Tang was a mess and couldnt even win finger-guessing anymore, so Han Sen was in complete control.

Qu Wange saw it was late and took Yan back to the private room. She thought Han Sen was probably miserable now, playing drinking games with Tang Zhenliu and Fang Jingqi.

When she approached the room, she couldnt hear anything, so she was wondering if Han Sen was already dead drunk by then.

Pushing the door open, she was surprised.

Han Sen and Fang Jingqi were sitting at the table, drinking tea while chatting. Han Sen looked sober and clean, as if nothing had happened.

However, Tang was sitting on the sofa alone, soaking wet and haggard.

Qu Wange thought Tang looked almost like an assault victim, with his eyes full of tears.

"Tang, what happened to you?" Qu Wange was shocked. By no means could she believe that Tang Zhenliu was the one getting bullied.

Tang just understood what had happened. Without answering her, he fiercely threw himself at Fang Jingqi, shouting, "Damn you Jingqi, how dare you set me up..."

Not quite sure what was going on, Qu Wange saw Han Sen smiling at her. He asked, "Ms. Qu, whats the price of the advanced nutrition solution packages?"

"Now Yan is on the package thats one hundred thousand dollars per month, the effect of which is very limited. The course intensity at Saint Paul would probably call for the package costing three hundred thousand dollars per month. Or her grades and fitness would both suffer," Qu Wange explained.

"If she were to use the top package, plus senior physician service, how much would that cost annually?" Han Sen asked again.

"If that's the case, you can choose the school's S-level package, which includes the best of everything and costs 15 million per year." Qu Wange regarded Han Sen curiously.

"Great, please get Yan the S-level package when you get a chance," said Han Sen after he saw the newly transferred 16.7 million dollars in his account.
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