Super God Gene Chapter 844

Chapter 844: The Sword Pointed at Devil-Blood Shelter
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Han Sen did not want to visit the Qi family himself, so he asked Ji Ruozhen to buy the pills for him. He also explained to him the likely benefice the pills would provide humanity in the future.

Ji Ruozhen's thoughts aligned with Han Sen's own. He had convened a family meeting earlier, in the hopes of asking the family whether or not they should buy all the pet pills produced by the Qi family.

But everyone present was keener on the prospects presented by Angel Gene Fluid, and they disregarded what Ji Ruozhen told them. He was unable to convince the others in the family.

Ji Ruozhen instead used his own money to purchase as many pills as possible. Han Sen himself sold everything he did not need, and used the money he amassed to buy as much of the Qi family's stock of pills as he could.

Because the Qi family had overstocked, unaware of the promotional blunder that was waiting to happen, they were facing bankruptcy. They had spent a fortune on ingredients for future production of the pills, but the low sales put a large financial strain on the family. To regain as much of their capital as possible, they settled for setting the selling price of the pills under their production cost and selling at a loss. Now that Ji Ruozhen was buying so many, the Qi family was extremely grateful.

After all, a lot of money was going Angel Gene's way instead. Few had the money to help the Qi family, especially when competing with Angel Gene. The help Ji Ruozhen lent the Qi family was massive.

Han Sen was the one funding most of the purchases, however. Ji Ruozhen only stood in to make the transactions and deal with the business. And as this was happening, Han Sen spent a lot of time in the sanctuary, wondering how he might protect the Jade-Gold Tree.

After much deliberation, Han Sen came to the conclusion he would not be able to protect it from a siege. Therefore, he thought about striking out against the Devil-Blood King first. He wagered the that offense, at a time like this, would be the best defense.

"Not bad. But how are you going to draw the super creatures out of the Devil-Blood Shelter?" Although Moment Queen had faith in the plan working, the super creatures were inside the shelter and there was no way Han Sen could just wander in. If they couldn't be drawn out, any preparation they now made would all be for naught.

"Drawing them out will not be difficult, provided I can be as fleet-of-foot as I need to be." Han Sen laughed. He was thinking of calling upon Wang Yuhang. To draw super creatures away, he figured they would have no choice but to rely on him.

It was fortunate Wang Yuhang had been captured by the Zhao family not too long ago. Finding him again in the surrounding regions would be much easier now.

When he did find Wang Yuhang again, he asked him whether or not he wanted to hunt super creatures with him.

"Super creatures? They are naught compared to the strength and zeal I command these days. I will lay waste to aught that comes our way!" Wang Yuhang's chest was puffed in a display of cockiness.

Han Sen was surprised at Wang Yuhang's behavior and asked, "Little Uncle, since when did you become so brave?"

"Teehee! I will not cloak the font of my bravery. See here, this remedy I possess?" As he said this, he pulled a metal box out of his pack. Inside it, there were two vials of a certain concoction.

"Angel Gene Fluid?" Han Sen remembered what they looked like.

"Teehee! The higher-tier variant, as well. You can cast elemental powers like projectiles with these nifty little potions," Wang Yuhang said.

"Where did you get it from?" Han Sen was surprised. They were very popular, and many people clamored for them, but with the limited amount of blood available for their creation, their stock was low. Wang Yuhang was by no means a famous evolver, so the fact that he owned two was startling.

"I bought them. You would be silly to believe the Zhao family would grace the magnificence of myself with these, free of charge." Wang Yuhang put away the vials and continued with a thump of his chest, "So, where is this place you speak of? For whatever monstrous devilry challenges you, I shall slay unwaveringly!"

"Oh, so it's good that I can depend on you." Han Sen smiled. Wang Yuhang was very confident right now, so it was the perfect time to bring him to the Devil-Blood Shelter.

If it were any other day, he would most likely refuse to come. There were indeed far too many super creatures residing there, and with his bad luck, it'd cause a number of troubles.

The Angel Gene Fluid had not only boosted his courage, but when they engaged the monsters they'd fight there, the juice might very well save his life.

They both traveled north towards the Devil-Blood Shelter. Wang Yuhang's confidence had yet to waver, and he was visibly firm in the comfort provided by his ownership of the Angel Gene Fluid.

Han Sen merely hoped his cockiness would not get the better of him. When it came to fighting super creatures, he could still be destroyed.

The Devil-Blood Shelter was like a castle, and it was smaller than Han Sen had imagined it to be. It did look haunted, however. It wasn't as elegant and holy-looking as Moment Shelter.

"Did you not make mention of a trial of frightening fury? Pah, look hither. I, all by my lonesome, will engage this entire eerie estate solo!" After speaking, Wang Yuhang retrieved his injector and prepared to inject himself with one vial of the Angel Gene Fluid.

Seeing that the shelter was not too big, he did not believe anything powerful could reside within.

Han Sen grabbed his hand, however. He said, "I won't stop you from killing anything, but I think it would be best if we did some reconnaissance first."

"Fine. I'll allow the wretches that reside within a couple more minutes to cling to the fleeting, miserable excuses they deem as lives." Wang Yuhang put away the injector.

When Han Sen and Wang Yuhang neared the shelter, the latter's face turned pale. The heroism that had previously driven Wang Yuhang dribbled away.

Above the Devil-Blood Shelter, a large dragon could be seen flying. A strange bird was also up there. There were many vile creatures outside the gates, including something like a minotaur.

Half an hour later, they had positively identified five different super creatures. God knew how many more resided within the shelter.

"Little Uncle, your opportunity has arrived. Do you want to go out there and kill them now?" Han Sen smiled at Wang Yuhang, whose face was still pale.

When he heard what Han Sen had asked him, he jumped and said, "Is it my death that you earnestly desire?! The number of creatures there are too many, and to attempt an infiltration would be suicide. I am not fond of the concept of following you inside merely to die."

"We cannot rush in, you are right. But we can draw a few of them away. Aren't you quite proficient in that?" Han Sen laughed.

Wang Yuhang's face turned bitter and he said, "You are well-aware of how unfortunate I can be. If I venture any nearer to this sordid hellhole, every monster in the vicinity will lust for my blood and come at me like hounds. Think of the variety of grizzly deaths I might end up suffering..."

"Don't you have the Angel Gene Fluid? There is nothing to be afraid of," Han Sen said.

"I spent every last penny I possessed on obtaining these delightful solutions, and I bought them so that I might slay super creatures. I hadn't planned on using them just so I could run away," Wang Yuhang said.

"Little Uncle, it won't work. So, how about you go and draw them out? For any super creature we kill, you'll get sixty percent of the shares. Of the Life Geno Essences we sell, I'll only receive forty percent. If there are beast souls, you get first pick." Han Sen conjured a wide array of different temptations for Wang Yuhang. Killing the super creatures was what was most important, and Han Sen did not care too much about the rewards.

There would likely be more first-generations inside there, anyway. If that was the case, Han Sen wouldn't mind giving them to Wang Yuhang, at all.

"Are you sure?" Wang Yuhang's eyes suddenly sparkled.

"When have I ever lied to you?" Han Sen said, with a smug and righteous look.

"No, I want seventy percent. And all the beast souls we receive will be mine," Wang Yuhang said.

"Okay." Han Sen agreed.
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