Super God Gene Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Seckill

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But soon, Liu Hongtaos smile disappeared.

The moment the martial stele lit up, Dollar summoned the bloody slayer and ran toward the ape called Luo like a hurricane, a golden spear in his hand.

In the blink of an eye, Dollar was in Luos face, his spear stabbing Luos stomach.

Luo Tianyang roared and hacked his mace madly at the mutant sawfish spear, making the spear fly out of Han Sens hand.

Liu Hongtao was ready to applaud, but then he saw that Dollar calmly reached for a golden katana at his waist and slashed it toward Luo Tianyang, who was only inches away.

The ape did possess great strength, but it was also clumsy. When fighting from afar, this disadvantage wouldnt show. But at such a short distance, there was no time for the ape to dodge.


The nine-foot-tall ape was cut in half. Luo only gave a whimper before he turned into his own body and died. Blood flowed like a river.

Everyone was blankly watching Han Sen, who put the katana back into its sheath and took back the spear calmly. Dollar killed Luo who had shapeshifted into a sacred-blood creature in less than ten seconds.

After the moment of silence, cheers broke out like a tsunami. Everyone was calling Dollars name, bringing the whole martial hall to a boil.

Su Xiaoqiao was the happiest person among all. Twerking on the stands, he shouted, "Dollar Dollar I love you, like a mouse loves rice..."

Liu Hongtao was dumbfounded. He sat there like a deflated balloon, not accepting the fact that Luo had died.

"Red-hoofed beast... My red-hoofed beast... how could this be..." Liu Hongtao almost spilled out blood.

Son of Heaven gritted his teeth very hard. He didnt care that Luo was killed. But his ape beast soul was one of the few sacred-blood beast souls he had. It, along with all the mutant beast souls, was ruined with the death of Luo. Son of Heavens heart was bleeding.

"Dollar, Ill make you regret you were born," Son of Heaven cursed inwardly. He very badly wanted to kill Dollar, but felt somewhat helpless about it.

Before, there had been a chance to besiege Dollar with his gang; now that Dollar had wings, that plan would no longer work.

Now Son of Heaven regretted very much that he had used his one-use sacred-blood wasp arrow. If he still had it, he would be able to kill Dollar, even if Dollar could fly.

He thought more about it and realized that if he had never used that arrow, Dollar wouldnt have the bloody slayer beast soul. Without that shapeshifting beast soul, Dollar couldnt have killed Luo so easily.

Thinking of this, Son of Heaven wanted to eat Dollar alive. There was something stuck in his chest which he could neither swallow nor spit out.

"I must find out who Dollar is! If I couldnt kill him in Gods Sanctuary, I will kill him in the Alliance." Son of Heaven was determined to have Dollar killed, or he could never let this go. His loss was indeed huge. Luo was dead, and he had lost many beast souls, including a sacred-blood one, while Dollar walked free.

Han Sen did not dare to get stuck in the crowd and simply flew away with his wings, not giving the audience any chance to approach him.

Dollar killing Luo Tianyang was the headline in Steel Armor Shelter. People had posted the story on the Skynet, but without a way to record images in Gods Sanctuary, words alone didnt attract much attention. In addition, Luo Tianyang was a nobody, so no one cared.

After all, this was only the martial arts contest within Steel Armor Shelter. If Dollar became the champion of Steel Armor Shelter and entered the contest among champions from all the shelters, then his match could be seen by the entire First Gods Sanctuary. If he became the Chosen, it would truly be something amazing throughout the entire Alliance.

But people in Steel Armor Shelter were clearly scared of Dollar. His opponents in the next few rounds all quit before they fought and simply didnt show up.

Killing someone in seconds was a brutal thing to do. And that someone had even shapeshifted into a sacred-blood beast soul. No one had the courage to put their life on the line.

Some people even accused Dollar of being a murderer and posted articles describing how cruel he was. Su Xiaoqiao and other Bullseye members were pissed off by those articles and wrote about the bet between Su and Liu, leading to compliments from Dollars fans.

But it had not changed the fact that Dollar had killed someone. Later, someone posted anonymously that Luo Tianyang had mutilated and raped many victims using Son of Heavens gang when he was alive. Many people from Steel Armor Shelter echoed the post and said it was a great thing that Dollar had done.

"Luo Tianyang was an animal. If I were Dollar, I would have killed him long before the martial arts contest."

"Well done. Thirty-two likes."

"An animal who deserved it."

"Ignorant, all of you. Murder is murder, regardless of who was killed. Dollar is a murderer."

"Dollar is a piece of s*#t!"

"Dont comment on something you dont understand. Everyone in Steel Armor Shelter knows it was justice well served."

"Exactly. I hate those who follow the herd."

There was quite a debate on the Skynet, but then the posts criticizing Dollar became overwhelming, and many posts that supported Dollar got deleted.

People in Steel Armor Shelter knew that Son of Heaven was behind it. However, no one had the nerve to antagonize Son of Heaven. After all, there werent many who dared to be the enemy of Starry group.

No one was willing to do that for a stranger anyway.
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