Super God Gene Chapter 901

Chapter 901: Arrow Beast Soul
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Flaming Porcupine: Arrow Beast Soul.

Han Sen looked at its type and became extremely happy at the result. He was incredibly dexterous with a bow, so he thought it was incredibly fortunate for his first beast soul in this realm to be an arrow.

Of course, Han Sen still needed a bow to use it with. If he could return to the Alliance, he could have produced an alloy bow for use in the Third God's Sanctuary, but alas, he could not.

Qu Lanxi was a little dazed, following the spectacle of the battle she had just witnessed. An ordinary creature that had opened three of its gene locks had just been brutally, and quite easily, beaten. Han Sen and the wind wolf made a remarkable duo. Their synergy and cooperation was tremendous, and it was difficult to believe they had only known each other for two months.

Han Sen was used to cooperating with Little Silver, and his time with the fox had made him proficient at working alongside other creatures. Furthermore, he was excellent at using Dongxuan Sutra's formations. Teaming up with the wind wolf was easy. It had taken a while for Little Wind to start listening to Han Sen's commands, and it still had a fair amount of training left to go if Han Sen wanted their teamwork be comparable to his relationship with the silver fox in the Second God's Sanctuary, but it was getting there.

"Should we return home?" Qu Lanxi asked. She thought that hunting a sole ordinary creature made for a fine day's work.

"How about we proceed deeper? There is no rush." Han Sen didn't want to go back just yet. The Flaming Porcupine was too big, and he couldn't earn many ordinary geno points since its meat would have to be shared.

Little Wind, however, leapt towards the porcupine's body to eat its fill.

Han Sen barked at it to stay away. He collected as much meat as he wanted and left most of it for the wolf.

Although a lot of the meat was given to the wolf, he couldn't become lax in his assertions of dominance. Han Sen was the alpha in their partnership, and he had to make sure it stayed that way, lest Little Wind thought of challenging him. Beasts were like that, unfortunately.

Qu Lanxi saw that he had left most of the flesh for the wolf, and while it was strange for her to see such waste, she knew they couldn't carry that much meat with them, if they truly chose to proceed.

Seeing Little Wind continue to gobble up the meat that he had been given, Han Sen said, "Could you mask or get rid of this blood smell? I'd hate to attract more creatures."

Many creatures in the Third God's Sanctuary had to eat food to survive, and all creatures had to eat to open their gene locks.

"I'm way ahead of you; it has already been erased," Qu Lanxi said.

Han Sen nodded. Qu Lanxi's powers were extremely useful, and he had made the correct choice in allowing her to come. Far more trouble would come their way, had she not accompanied Han Sen.

After Little Wind finished eating, they continued their trek. But after a while, the wolf stopped moving and refused to proceed.

"Is there danger up ahead?" Han Sen started walking in another direction, and Little Wind followed.

Han Sen brought Little Wind with him for precisely this reason, and thus far, he was satisfied with the wolf's performance.

"Wait! My senses are in chaos here. I can detect numerous creatures inhabiting the area ahead." Qu Lanxi stopped dead in her tracks as she stated her discovery.

"Can you tell what they are?" Han Sen said.

"Some scents were left behind by the forest crabs; of those, there are a dozen distinct sets. But there are also around twenty iron bug traces, too." Qu Lanxi analyzed the area for a while longer, and then said, "Fourteen of the iron bugs are normal creatures, whereas seven are ordinary class. The tree crabs are all ordinary."

"You can detect their strength, too?" Han Sen looked at Qu Lanxi with shock.

"Different tiers possess different smells, but I need comparisons with others to tell. If I had never smelled a creature before, then I couldn't tell you," Qu Lanxi explained.

They slowed down their trudge through the forest, and before long, they caught sight of a crab that was around the size of an average household plate. Their shells were blue and their pincers looked frightening. The creature's pincers were currently holding a fruit, and it nibbled the fruit as it perched in a tree.

"The shell of a tree crab is not to be taken lightly; it is incredibly tough. The tree crab's mouth is what you should target, for that is its only weakness," Qu Lanxi said.

Han Sen nodded in acknowledgement. He didn't want Little Wind to go in and brutishly kill it, so he decided to summon his porcupine arrow which he would wield in his hand.

Han Sen would use it like a javelin. He stared at the tree crab for some time, and when the timing was right, he launched the arrow towards it with a mighty chuck. The arrow's course was true, but the crab saw it coming. It raised its pincers in an attempt to stop the incoming projectile.

But the arrow, as if it had a mind of its own, moved in the air. It wove around the pincer and drove itself directly through the crab's mouth.

"Tzzii!" The crab fell down from the tree it was perched in and died.

"Ordinary Creature Tree Crab killed. No beast soul gained. Consume its flesh to gain zero to ten ordinary geno points randomly."

Han Sen picked up the crab as Qu Lanxi looked on in shock and exclaimed, "Are you sure you're a new surpasser? You are very powerful!"

"My fitness is better than most surpassers, I'll tell you that much." Han Sen, without explaining too much, called for Little Wind to rejoin him. Then he carried on walking.

There were many tree crabs in the area, and after two miles of walking, Han Sen was able to kill eight of them. He placed them all in a sack he had brought with him.

What was most strange, however, was the lack of geno plants. They hadn't seen any in an awfully long time.

"Have all the wild plants been eaten by the creatures that inhabit this place?" Han Sen's heart sunk to the sudden realization.

"Well, that's not right." Qu Lanxi frowned.

"What's wrong?" Han Sen jumped, thinking Qu Lanxi had uncovered his ability to absorb plants and realized it was the reason he had actually ventured into the forest.

"I can smell many iron bugs in the vicinity, yet we haven't seen a single one. Something is wrong," Qu Lanxi said.

"When were they last here?" Han Sen asked.

"There were countless creatures as early as yesterday," Qu Lanxi said, as she continued sniffing the air.
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