Super God Gene Chapter 912

Chapter 912: The King
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When Han Sen saw his power manifest inside the forehead slot of the spirit statue, it created what appeared to be a white spirit stone. At the sight of this, Han Sen froze.

"Your spirit stone has linked with the spirit base. Would you like to enter?" A strange voice sounded from the statue.

"What is a spirit base?" Han Sen then watched the spirit stone fire a beam of light at him. Upon contact with this light, he was sucked into the spirit stone.

The sensation he felt was not too dissimilar to that of a teleporter, and after the dimensions unraveled before his eyes, he found himself standing on an island.

The island was as small as a basketball pitch, and it appeared to have been formed from finely chiseled jade. It was as if he was standing at the center of the galaxy.

Stars populated the skies above and around him, but upon closer inspection, they weren't what they first appeared to be. They were other jade islands, shining brightly.

"What is this place?" Han Sen had no idea what was going on, and he was shocked to realize he was still in super spirit mode. He felt as if he could remain in this state forever.

It surprised him, because he knew for a fact he could only last four seconds. Now, the mode had been activated for ten seconds with no sign of slowing down.

Of course, he knew it had something to do with the spirit base. Had he not entered this place, it wouldn't have continued in this way.

"Really? What is this place?" Han Sen looked at the statue that was standing before him.

"Spirit Base." The statue's lips did not move, but Han Sen could hear it speak with perfect clarity.

"Can I return?" Han Sen asked.

"You can leave whenever you desire. Would you like to leave now?" the statue said.

"Not yet." Han Sen felt safer, hearing what the statue told him. So, he looked around at all the other islands in the sky and asked the statue, "What can I do here?"

"You may challenge or be challenged. If you defeat other spirits here, you will obtain spirit geno points," the statue answered.

"Can I die here?" Han Sen frowned as he asked this.

"No; you will lose one self geno point and be returned to your spirit stone," the statue answered.

"What is a self geno point? How many do I have?" Han Sen asked.

"You have one, and you do not have a rank in the spirit base. Challenge a spirit in the first spirit base, and once you are ranked, you will be unable to battle those that are ranked lower than you." The statue was replying like an answer-dispensing machine.

"What is the first spirit base? Are you saying there are more?" Han Sen asked.

"When you open your first gene lock, you are given access to the first spirit base. If you open your second gene lock, you will be given access to the second spirit base, and so on."

Han Sen wanted to ask more questions, but suddenly, an island floated towards him. Upon it stood a spirit that looked like a giant.

"Ah, a new spirit has just arrived. How lucky for me. Challenge me!" the giant spoke to Han Sen.

"How did you know I have only just entered this place?" Han Sen frowned.

"Your statue does not possess a rank. Come challenge me," the giant said as he pointed at Han Sen's statue.

The giant had already been ranked, so he could not challenge Han Sen. If Han Sen wished to challenge the giant, however, that would be allowed.

Han Sen noticed a bunch of numbers appearing before the statue on his island. Han Sen counted them, and noticed it was the figure of ninety million. If that was the giant's rank, then he was incredibly low.

"Fine; I'll challenge you." He was going up against a spirit that had only opened its first gene lock; therefore, he had nothing to be afraid of.

"Come on, then. Bring it!" The giant looked extremely happy, and his fist burst into flames like a meteor breaching the atmosphere.

Han Sen cast his Sonic-Thunder Punch and smashed the giant into pieces; then the spirit returned to his spirit stone.

As the body disappeared, a red light entered Han Sen's body.

"Nightfire Gene +1; Rank Achieved."

Han Sen looked at his nightfire genes and noticed he had eleven of them.

He looked at the statue and saw there was a number there. The number was the same one the giant had possessed, and when he looked towards the giant's statue, it had disappeared.

"This is interesting. I can get a lot of spirit geno points here." Han Sen was immeasurably happy.

His power was fixed in super spirit mode, but although he could employ any element, there were no buffs applied.

If he was able to gather many spirit geno points, he could max out all his buffs. He'd have a greater resistance to the elements, and he'd be far stronger.

"Are you a king spirit?" The giant respawned and looked at Han Sen.

"Kind of," Han Sen answered queerly. He was only a king spirit when he decided to turn into one.

"My name is Flame Giant. Might you tell me your king title?" The giant knelt in front of Han Sen, as if he was smitten with him. The spirit was acting as if it'd be a great honor for him to learn his title.

"My title is The King," Han Sen randomly spouted.

He wasn't a king spirit, so he was able to make a title up.

He was in super king spirit mode, so the spirit in front of him was of a lower class. As such, he decided to title himself above most others by claiming the title of The King.

"You are The King! It is a most wondrous and glorious opportunity I have received, to see you. Your title will be heard by all one day, that is for sure! And one day, you will indeed be an emperor." Flame Giant poured out praise in abundance.

Han Sen laughed in his heart, saying to himself, "I am already The King. There is no need for me to become an emperor."
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