Super God Gene Chapter 994

Chapter 994: Ancient Demon Emperor Tree

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Dragon King had been returned to the ring by Han Sen. When Demon Emperor entered the Fourth God’s Sanctuary, not a single sanctuary had been discovered by humans yet.

When he was about to enter the Fourth God’s Sanctuary, his equipment became useless, so he gave all of it to his subordinates.

Dragon King received his armor, and when he tried to ascend to the Fourth God’s Sanctuary, it saved him from certain death. His ascension failed, but he was not killed outright as was expected.

Therefore, Dragon King made preparations for a future sacrificial ritual that would allow him to one day be reborn in full.

The Dragon Ring was his last resort, but neither method had worked out well for him.

Furthermore, the armor was damaged. But regardless, Dragon King hid it someplace special, so he could recover it upon his return to the world.

Han Sen put the ring on and hid it with his dongxuan aura. He summoned Moment Queen so he could ask for more information regarding Demon Emperor.

Moment Queen scoffed and wished to ignore Han Sen completely, but she knew that wouldn’t get her anywhere. So, to gain his favor, she told him what she could.

When she first reached the Third God’s Sanctuary, Demon Emperor had already been in the Fourth God’s Sanctuary for ten thousand years. What she heard were only whispers, murmurs, and rumors regarding the figure. And she never even knew Dragon King was associated with him. What she had heard about most was the simple power Demon Emperor possessed. She had no idea about what he owned or anything.

Han Sen put Moment Queen away again. Then, he touched the ring and asked, “Dragon King, do you know someone named Yaksha?”

“He is another subordinate that belongs to Demon Emperor. We were never friendly, and he was always jealous of the armor I was given. Still, he never could beat me,” Dragon King told Han Sen without fuss.

“Did you know that he went to your sacrificial ritual?” Han Sen asked.

“That *sshole must have come for my armor. Little did he know that it was not with me. I foresaw the possibility of something like this occurring, and so I set up a trap. If he sprang it, he should be heavily wounded now,” Dragon King explained.

Han Sen did not move and asked, “You said you were given the armor. What was Yaksha given?”

“He was given a Demon Seed by Demon Emperor. It takes one-hundred-thousand years to grow. The tree that grows, upon maturity, can bear many fruit that provide spirit genes. If low-tier spirits consume one, they can outright open gene locks. But like I said, it takes one-hundred-thousand years for such a tree to grow,” Dragon King said.

“It’s no wonder Yaksha wanted to kill me, if it took that long.” Now Han Sen was understanding Yaksha’s motives a whole lot more.

Dragon King also said that if a king spirit ate one, it could increase a few self geno points. But whenever Han Sen ate one, it only provided him a single point. It seemed as if things were far more difficult for a super king spirit.

“I need to find a way to move that tree. Maybe I really can get it to grow some more fruit,” Han Sen thought to himself.

Han Sen kept Dragon King in the ring. He planned to leave him there for a while, as he wasn’t going to get the spirit’s armor just yet.

Even if the location he spoke of was true, the armor resided deep within the forest. And venturing there could prove too much, even for him. It was likely he’d encounter a variety of super creatures if he was to go there.

Even if he used the underground shelter, there was no guarantee it would work. And Han Sen was now responsible for the lives of everyone else who lived in the shelter, meaning he could not take so many risks. If a super creature attacked the shelter, it was likely they’d all be killed.

Han Sen looked at his self geno points and noticed he had a hundred and sixty-three. Forty-five of those had come from Dragon King.

Han Sen recalled he had to battle Split-Space King, so he decided to return to the spirit base.

“I hope he was patient enough to wait all this time,” Han Sen said to himself, as he drove the island to where he had proposed that the fight be held.

All the spirits were still gathered at Shen Xiao, waiting for the much-anticipated fight to commence.

Split-Space King had waited there for three days, and when the shadow-spirit never appeared, they believed it was due to cowardice.

Unfortunately, Han Sen’s absence only fueled Split-Space King’s arrogance.

“I expected more from the spirit that beckoned me to fight.” Split-Space King feigned disappointment, but the mocking of his tone was hard to miss.

“You really want to have a self-fight with me?” A voice came from an incoming island, with a handsome spirit atop it.

“The King”

“Is the nameless king spirit actually The King?”

“It would appear so.”


“Split-Space King said The King is garbage. I guess now we’ll see.”

When many spirits recognized Han Sen, they began to talk amongst themselves with great fervor.

“You are the king spirit that wished to fight me?” Split-Space King asked.

“Yep,” Han Sen answered.

“And you are The King?” Split-Space King asked.

“Yep.” Han Sen nodded.

“Well, that saves me some trouble. Let me kill you so we can get this over with,” Split-Space King said.

Han Sen started the self-fight. Due to Split-Space King being first rank in the entire spirit base, he was able to send him an invitation immediately.

Split-Space King promptly agreed, which led to his statue going bright.

“Self-fight? It really is a self-fight!”

All the spirits began screaming with excitement, as the hype consumed them. Only the greatest of enemies would commit to a self-fight, so it was rare to witness such a battle.

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