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  • Super Zombie Factory

  • Genres : Action -  Adventure -  Sci-Fi
  • Status : Ongoing
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Super Zombie Factory summary:

I am the owner of a zombie factory, and the products are a bit shocking: Zombies, zombie dogs, lickers, hellhounds, tyrants, chasers…In the last days, they are the most terrifying biochemical weapons.In modern times, he is the best bodyguard.What I want to do is to collect their fragments, unlock them and manufacture them.Have you seen a zombie wearing a body armor, a helmet, and holding an AK?The tyrant of nearly three meters, its weapon is a tank turret.This is just the tip of the iceberg armed with biochemical factories.Tyrant T002, meat shield, judge, maternal body… these zombies you have never seen before will be the flagship products of the factory.My slogan: Be a rich man in modern times, and be a hero in the last days.This is the story of a boss.- Description from MTL

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Super Zombie Factory Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 908: 34 weeks ago
Chapter 696: Fa4 weeks ago
Chapter 656: 784 weeks ago
Chapter 40: Dog4 weeks ago
Chapter 24: Hit4 weeks ago
Chapter 7: Hunt4 weeks ago
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