Supreme Uprising Book Chapter 423

Chapter 423 The Fiery Sun Sky Book

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Luo Yunyang was victorious!

The Bloody Massacre Path had won the challenge!

This was the Bloody Massacre Path’s first victory in thousands of years of challenge matches. t had also been the most exciting one!

Everyone had joyful expressions of their faces as they lifted Luo Yunyang and tossed him up in the air over and over.

Meanwhile, the members of the Fiery Sun Path had ugly expressions on their faces. They had been extremely confident and eager to browse through the Bloody Massacre Path’s Sky Book. However, they had never expected that, not only would they not gain access to the Bloody Massacre Path’s Sky Book, but they would also have to offer up their own.

Luochuan appeared extremely gloomy as he watched the cheering crowd. When his gaze fell on Luo Yunyang, he shuddered slightly.

Although they were all Star-Grade entities, the control of different Origin Source Laws and cultivation paths had made Luochuan belittle Luo Yunyang.

However, Luo Yunyang had just managed to get a draw with Ke Linqi, making Luochuan feel extremely afraid. Luochuan knew very well that if he had been the one participating in the battle, there was absolutely no way he could have won.

“Ruler, I’ve let you down,” Ke Linqi said, looking somewhat guilt-stricken as he faced the Pure Sun Ruler.

It was entirely his fault that the match had ended in a draw. Even though he had tried his very best, this result was not what he and the Fiery Sun Path had looked forward to.

The Pure Sun Ruler had watched the match closely. Ke Linqi’s performance had actually exceeded his expectations. The reason he had lost was simply because his opponent had been too strong.

“You’re not to be blamed!” The Pure Sun Ruler gave Ke Linqi a pat on the shoulder before he said, “No one would have thought that a newcomer would ever cultivate the Great Chaotic Hole Path. It’s just that the Great Chaotic Hole Path has always been”

Although the Pure Sun Ruler did not go on, Ke Linqi understood what he meant. The Pure Sun Ruler wasn’t just consoling him. He was also trying to tell him that there was no future for the people who cultivated the Great Chaotic Hole Path.

The crowd was still cheering, and the Blood Space Ruler didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping it. He knew very well that the youngest generation of the Bloody Massacre Path had needed this victory desperately. This was an extremely inspiring, heartening victory!

“I really did not misjudge you, Sick Luo. You are both disgusting to your opponents and disgusting to yourself!” the Pig Iron Tyrant King shouted. “You’re so insanely strong, yet you treated me horribly. I’m so sad! If you had not obtained this victory for us, I definitely wouldn’t have let this slide so easily!”

Luo Yunyang felt embarrassed after listening to the way the Pig Iron Tyrant King had addressed him. After all, it had been very easy to defeat the Pig Iron Tyrant King. However, Luo Yunyang had arrogantly toyed with him a little.

“Alright, all of you quieten down!” The Blood Space Ruler felt that it was time to calm the crowd down.

While he was speaking, he inadvertently spread his Galaxy-Grade presence and aura, causing the loud cheers to disappear in an instant.

“Brother Blood Space, it seems like I’ve gained quite some knowledge this time. He he I shall take my leave then!” the Pure Sun Ruler said softly after the crowd had quietened down. “Let me know as soon as you confirm the names of the people that will be entering our Sky Book Hall.”

The Blood Space Ruler didn’t decline the invitation. Instead, he beamed and replied, “Sure, sure, sure I’ll look for you personally.”

The Pure Sun Ruler’s face darkened when he heard this. He could naturally sense the mocking intent behind the Blood Space Ruler’s words.

However, a loss was still a loss. Hence, no matter how pissed the Pure Sun Ruler was, he could only swallow his anger and leave grudgingly with Ke Linqi and the others.

“Luo Yunyang, I hope that you can persevere and give me the opportunity to experience your Origin Source Path in the future,” Ke Linqi told Luo Yunyang before leaving on their flying craft.

Luo Yunyang understood what Ke Linqi meant. He was afraid that Luo Yunyang would face problems while cultivating the Great Chaotic Hole Path.

However, Luo Yunyang didn’t care much about Ke Linqi’s provocation. He knew that he would never experience the dangers of the Great Chaotic Hole Path.

The Blood Spirit Sky was in a celebratory mood, while the Top Blood District was filled with cheers and laughter.

Ordinary Blood Disciples considered this victory a proud, exuberant event that had washed off their painful years of humiliation. Meanwhile, the Top Blood District and District One only cared about this opportunity.

This was an important opportunity to browse through the Fiery Sun Path’s Sky Book after all.

The amount of information contained in the Bloody Massacre Path’s Sky Book was already too vast for Galaxy-Grade martialists to comprehend, let alone for Star-Grade blood disciples.

However, the Sky Books of the Nine Paths complemented one another. Hence, nobody would forgo an opportunity to comprehend any of them.

The Bloody Massacre Path had been losing for thousands of years. Therefore, the youngest generations had never had an opportunity to browse through any other Sky Books.

This opportunity had finally arrived. The doors to the Fiery Sun Path’s Sky Book had been opened, making many people excited.

“Greetings, Teacher!” Yang Shang bowed respectfully before his teacher in a magnificent hall decorated lavishly with gold and jade.

The person he was addressing was a middle-aged man who seemed to be in his forties. His expression was calm, yet full of killing intent.

“No need for formalities. What are you doing here, Yang Shang? You’re supposed to be resting!” The middle-aged man’s voice was calm.

Yang Shang, who knew his teacher very well, didn’t hide his intentions. “I would like an opportunity to comprehend the Fiery Sun Path’s Sky Book, Teacher.”

Yang Shang’s eyes immediately flashed with guilt. Although he looked ashamed, in the end, his shame was replaced by enthusiasm and the desire to get stronger.

The middle-aged man’s eyes flashed with a glimmer of approval. Yang Shang was indeed the student that he placed the most importance on. He was still the strongest Bloody Massacre Path Star-Grade martialist, and he was also considered the person with the most potential.

“I got it!” said the middle-aged man.

“Thank you, Teacher!” Yang Shang cupped his hand in salute as he replied.

There was a kind of gloomy look in the middle-aged man’s eyes as he watched Yang Shang leave. However, his eyes became resolute in an instant.

One could not pass up an opportunity to comprehend a Sky Book. After all, this disciple had the greatest hope of becoming a Bloody Massacre Path Ruler in the future.

However, only five people were allowed to browse the Sky Book!

After returning to his residence, Luo Yunyang did not rest immediately. Instead, he entered his meditation room and quickly replayed the match between him and Ke Linqi in his mind.

Solely based on their handling and control of their cultivation paths, Luo Yunyang was definitely no match for Ke Linqi. The reason he had been able to force a draw with Ke Linqi was his last move.

That last move had also been a little shameless.

His comprehension of Origin Source Law had to be strengthened. The victory over the Fiery Sun Path meant that there was an extra opportunity to comprehend their Sky Book. He had to take advantage of this opportunity to try and strengthen his comprehension of Fire Origin Source Law.

There was still a gap between him and Yang Shang when it came to their weapons. The Golden Sun Blade allowed Yang Shang’s Great Unrivaled Sun Path to unleash 200% of its power. However, Luo Yunyang’s crescent blade was only able to muster up 80%.

Luo Yunyang suddenly thought of the rewards of this challenge.

Beep, beep, beep!

Just as Luo Yunyang was thinking about what weapons he would be exchanging, his communication device rang and Badebu said cheerfully, “Boss, there’s a message for you.”

The message appeared with a tap.

“Respected Blood Disciple Luo Yunyang, your match against Ke Linqi, which resulted in a draw, has protected the dignity of the Bloody Massacre Path. In order to reward your contribution to the Bloody Massacre Path, the Blood Spirit Sky has decided to reward you with one million contribution points.”

One million contribution points? Luo Yunyang was delighted! He had been becoming more and more aware of the importance of contribution points lately, so he knew that receiving one million contribution points was a blessing.

Just as Luo Yunyang was rejoicing in this news, he read the last part of the message. “Your performance has already indicated your strength. From now on, you are a confirmed member of the Top Blood District. You will also be appointed as a special envoy that will oversee and supervise the Tianluo Empire’s administration for 100,000 years. Have a good time!”

What was the meaning of this? Although one million contribution points was a big reward, Luo Yunyang thought that there was nothing wrong with receiving them. As far as his permanent placing in the Top Blood District was concerned, it was certainly what he deserved.

Given the capabilities he had displayed, no one would even dare compete with him over a place in the Top Blood District. However, what were they implying by asking him to supervise the Tianluo Empire’s administration for the next 100,000 years?

They had even wished him a good time!

“I haven’t read this wrong, have I, Boss? They actually gave you a big reward. Supervising the ruling status of an empire for the next 100,000 years is really cool!” The little fiend jumped around crazily, his eyes glittering like stars.

His glowing eyes were full of anticipation, as if he was a beggar who had seen gold, or a starving young man who had come across a delicious delicacy.

“Boss My Great Master and Supreme Ruler, how can you seem so indifferent? You should be happy! Do you even know what is going on? This This means that they’re basically handing the huge Tianluo Empire over to you. Don’t you get it? You will get to do as you wish!”

“The empire they have handed you is a toy you can play with in any way you want. It is a reward. If you want, you can even appoint a new emperor.”

“Even if you are willful or unruly, or change the royal family for no reason, no one will dare criticize you!” The little fiend danced around. “Star dollars, treasures Everything will just appear in your pocket without you even making a sound. This is so damn cool!”

As Luo Yunyang listened to the little fiend’s rambling, a rare smile formed on his face. However, why was there no news about the spots for the trip to the Fiery Sun Path?

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