Supreme Uprising Chapter 180

Chapter 180 The Heaven Burning Dragon Fists

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Back at the Rising Dragon Army Chang’an General Headquarters, the Flame Emperor was feeling restless. Although he had already sent someone to intercept Luo Yunyang, deep down he knew how difficult it would be to stop Luo Yunyang.

That son of a b*tch really made people both adore and hate him! Objectively speaking, the Flame Emperor thought very highly of this young man. However, Luo Yunyang had a very obstinate temper. Once he made a decision, even 10 bulls couldn’t change his mind.

He wouldn’t be able to convince Luo Yunyang. Even the Viceroy would be helpless if he tried.

The 400 kilometers to Shen’du would be paved with danger every step of the way. Although he still didn’t know exactly what reward the Nie Family had offered, he knew that they did not like people knocking on their door, so they would definitely have offered something precious.

To the Nie Family, getting approached by someone on their doorstep would be an absolute humiliation!

Meanwhile, news kept coming in from the Sky High Military. The scout who had been sent to intercept Luo Yunyang said that Luo Yunyang had emerged victorious. However, this news made the Flame Emperor’s heart clench even tighter.

The people who had approached Luo Yunyang at first had been just a bunch of small fries. Based on the Flame Emperor’s experience, when the small fries stopped showing up, something big was about to happen.

Soon, 10 grandmasters had gathered at the Long Snake Ridge. Actually, more than half of these grandmasters ranked even higher than the Flame Emperor.

If the Flame Emperor found himself in a similar situation, there would only be one outcome for himdeath.

Mobilizing the entire force of the Chang’an General Headquarters wouldn’t be of much help to Luo Yunyang. Not unless taboo weapons were used.

However, the Flame Emperor only possesed one of the eight codes required to activate Chang’an City’s taboo weapons. He would need the other seven codes in order to use them.

“Put me through to the Viceroy!” The Flame Emperor couldn’t sit still.

“Commander, the Viceroy is in a meeting. We can’t reach him right now!” one of Lu Qubing’s trusted aides said hoarsely when the call was connected.

Even if Lu Qubing was having a meeting, shutting off his communication device wouldn’t be necessary. The Flame Emperor could smell a conspiracy. “Think of something!” he said immediately. “As soon as you see the Viceroy, get him to call me back no matter what.”

When he ended the call, the Flame Emperor gazed into the distance. He knew that, even though he was boiling inside, there was nothing he could do.

Back at the Nie Household, Nie Tianyuan was sitting in a chair without saying a single word. A piece of paper was lying in his hands.

There was only one line printed on it: “Everything is in place at the Long Snake Ridge!”

Meanwhile, Lu Qubing’s aide was frantically trying to contact Lu Qubing. However, there was no reply.

At the Sky High Military General Headquarters, several grandmaster-level individuals were gathered in the operations room, waiting anxiously for the next bit of information.

The Long Snake Ridge was on the verge of exploding to life.

“I’ve been hearing about you for some time, Luo Yunyang, but I had some matters to attend to when I was in Mei’ya City, so I wasn’t able to watch you compete!” said Blazing Hammer Jack Wang.

The man had golden hair and black eyes. It was rumored that he was half-Eastern, so he was extremely proficient in eastern cultivation techniques.

There were even people who said that Jack Wang was one of the few grandmasters that knew Tai Chi.

Luo Yunyang smiled at Jack Wang, but didn’t say anything. Meanwhile, Jack Wang added, “The Long Snake Ridge will become your burial site. However, you have made quite a name for yourself at your young age, so I will give you a chance to slice your own throat!”

There was an unwavering confidence in his voice as he spoke.

Luo Yunyang stared at Jake Wang before he started laughing heartily. “Have you suffered any brain damage, Brother? Cut my own throat! You must be kidding, right?”

“How long have you been around for, young man? Although killing a bunch of martial grandmasters isn’t bad, let me tell you something. Those people were the lowest grandmaster entities in existence. Now, you will have to face us.”

“No hard feelings. We were just hired to kill you,” the pale-faced man called Scheler said softly. “If you spare us the effort and kill yourself, I can promise you that we will not exterminate you completely! What do you say?”

Although Scheler’s voice was calm, it gave off a frosty vibe to anyone who heard it.

As Luo Yunyang stared at Scheler, his cold, murderous expression intensified. He suddenly snorted. “Cut the crap! I hate noisy people! You will die today!”

Luo Yunyang didn’t listen to the man’s advice. Instead, he started speaking in a brazen tone. Scheler felt annoyed, yet it was Thunder God James who spoke up. “What’s the point of reasoning with him? Let’s kill him and divide the reward!”

As he spoke, James soared into the air, welding a big hammer the size of a millstone. He immediately smashed the hammer down at Luo Yunyang.

As the hammer started to descend, streaks of purple lightning surged towards Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang didn’t retreat when he saw the strong hammer. Instead, he soared into the air, clenched his fist, aimed at the thunder hammer and attacked it.

Jack Wang sneered as he watched Luo Yunyang take on the thunder hammer with force. Although his ranking was higher than James’, he would never dare take on James’ hammer head-on.

He knew that James’ source core was fast and that intense lightning was attribute-based, but the thunder hammer was a high-quality weapon personally crafted by James. When the hammer struck something, it produced the sound of a thunder. Lightning followed soon afterwards.

Facing the thunder hammer head-on required more than just courage.

Scheler had a cold glint in his eyes. The instant that Luo Yunyang’s fists headed for the hammer, he quickly drew out a black bone scepter.

The others all looked like tigers glaring at their prey, ready to make a move on Luo Yunyang at a moment’s notice.

They didn’t believe that Luo Yunyang could be killed by a single hammer blow, so they were all prepared to pick up the scraps.

However, the instant the thunder hammer collided with Luo Yunyang’s fists, a golden, white and purple glow gathered on his fists and crashed into the flickering hammer.


The thunder hammer immediately flew out of James’ hands, as if it had struck a mountain. Meanwhile, Luo Yunyang’s fists, which now contained three powers, stuck James’ body.

James was sent flying. Before he could even land on the ground, an explosive force made his body blow up.

One strike! Thunder God James had been killed with one strike!

The smile on Jack Wang’s face didn’t disappear. Scheler didn’t halt his preparations either. Although none of them paused, when they saw the Thunder God’s body glittering in the sky like a firework, the expressions on their faces froze.

How was this possible?

This was what everyone was thinking right now. The Thunder God who had been bragging just a moment ago was already gone!

The Thunder God was dead!

The woman in the distance quickly turned on her communication device and started typing once more. “The Thunder God was killed with one strike!”

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