Supreme Uprising Chapter 217

Chapter 217 Blood Calls For Blood

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Surpassing others was an eternal issue.

Luo Yunyang had forcefully suppressed Yan Que and stunned all the ancient martial families. In most people’s eyes, this made him the number one martial grandmaster.

However, before he had even stepped off the Yellow Leaf Platform, the Guardian Deity had become a god-grade entity. This dazzling, brilliant development shocked the entire world.

God-grade powerehouses dominated not just the Da Alliance, but humanity in general. Only god-grade entities could decide which direction humanity took.

God-grade powerhouses couldn’t be provoked, so the Collective God Union led by the Martial God led humanity.

Actually, the Da Alliance had only maintained order thanks to the support of the Collective God Union.

In the past 20 years, there had been very few breakthroughs, which had disappointed quite a lot of martial grandmasters. However, now that the Great Snow Mountain’s Guardian Deity had advanced to a god-grade entity, many martial grandmasters who had remained silent for years felt hopeful once again.

Many figures started heading for the Great Snow Mountain right away.

Representatives of the Da Alliance and the 13 Eastern Cities, as well as Martial God disciples representing the Martial God himself, set forth to congratulate the Guardian Deity, who had just ascended to the God Realm, and try to pull him to their own faction.

Some even more dramatic people started using virtual banners on the Sky Vision to express their good wishes and congratulate the Guardian Deity.

Nobody mocked or made fun of these ingratiating actions, as everyone thought it was only natural that the Guardian Deity got to enjoy this sort of treatment.

The Great Snow Mountain used to be a hidden sect, yet the Guardian Deity’s ascension had let it soar to new heights.

“Damn it! Of all the times to do this, the Guardian Deity had to do it now. Our leader won’t make the headlines any longer!” Zhao Buge cursed as he gnawed on his fried chicken at Base 7.

Although the Guardian Deity was a god-grade entity now, in their eyes, that was just a code name. It was Luo Yunyang who was their true boss.

A group of people had gathered beside Zhao Buge, including Fat Shen Yulang, who had been Luo Yunyang’s friend in secondary school. This fact alone had made his status in the Ardent Sun Group improve greatly.

“That’s right! This fellow didn’t pick the right time. Our leader had just smacked these ancient martial families to the ground. Hs impressive strength terrified everyone, yet the f*cking Guardian Deity had to break through right now!”

In an effort to vent his frustration, Shen Yulang took a bite out of a chunk of venison and said, “Qin Feifei, how about we organize a group of people and go scold that fellow?”

Qin Feifei was in charge of various jobs within the Ardent Sun Group, so she usually handled similar matters. When she heard Shen Yulang’s suggestion, she snorted and started mocking him. “Have you lost your mind? People from Base 7 look down on petty tricks like this! As if you could scare anyone!”

Shen Yulang was speechless. Ever since he had arrived at Base 7, most people had been very friendly to him. Qin Feifei was the only one who seemed to have an issue with him.

Although he believed that he was big-hearted and carefree, he still didn’t want anyone in the small Ardent Sun Group to target him.

Plus, the girl who couldn’t even stand the sight of him was an old member of the Ardent Sun Group.

When he’d used certain means to get a few girls at Base 7 to ask around, he’d nearly puked blood when he heard the reason for Qin Feifei’s animosity.

It was actually very simple. Qin Feifei believed that Shen Yulang’s appearance was lacking, so it was harmful to Leader Luo’s glorious, imposing bearing. He couldn’t be blamed for being ugly, but he couldn’t go out and scare people when he was this ugly either.

What the f*ck?

When the girl who had made this inquiry had covered her mouth and giggled as she informed him of her discovery, he had felt the urge to faint. Life wasn’t easy for him! Although his body was full of unwanted fat and he huffed and puffed as he walked, he still trained very hard. How was he a disgrace to their leader? He was the kind of person that gained weight just by drinking water!

Damn it! He didn’t harm his own image, yet he tarnished Luo Yunyang’s? Wasn’t this clearly humiliating?

Shen Yulang gritted his teeth. His favorable impression of Qin Feifei had already vanished completely and been replaced by annoyance. He wanted to oppose this girl in a bid to regain his own dignity.

As he was about to disagree, Qin Feifei added, “Enough already. Stop being so chatty every day. This is useless nonsense. Leader Luo doesn’t need us worrying about him. We just need to work hard and improve our cultivation bases. Being able to look after ourselves so we are not a burden is the best way to help our leader.”

Qin Feifei’s words hit the nail on the head. Shen Yulang had nothing else to say. Suddenly, someone chimed in, “Leader Luo’s Blood Strike Guard is starting to recruit. He he… I’m going to inform Instructor Xu that I want to serve Leader Luo.”

“Me too!”

Many young people considered Luo Yunyang their idol, so in their opinion, following him would be a very good choice.

“Wake up, people! You won’t be able to join the Blood Strike Guard just because you wish to. Even if you did, you would just be serving yourselves on a platter.” This sarcastic remark was like a brick wall smashing into the group of young people.

Without even looking, everyone could tell who had said these hurtful words.

Xu Zhong’s harsh, unkind words had put them back in their place.

“That kid Luo Yunyang has really become a big shot… A Commissar, got it? Even I would have to salute him if I saw him. Every dog will have its day!”

Xu Zhong’s words left a lot of people speechless. Some people turned to look at Bai Yuming, who was eating silently.

Bai Yuming wished the earth would open up and swallow him. Xu Zhong had remembered the phrase he had used and used it to take a jab at him.

One should never discriminate against a poor young man!

F*cking Xu Zhong! Bai Yuming hadn’t objected to the fact that he had favored Luo Yunyang, so why did he have to bring up the past? So what if Bai Yuming had disliked Luo Yunyang?

Bai Yuming suddenly regretted saying all those things back then. He knew that no matter how hard he worked, given his natural aptitude, there was no way he would ever be able to surpass someone at the top of the Sky List.

“Check out the Sky Vision. The disciple of the Great Snow Mountain’s Guardian Deity has spoken. What the f*ck? It actually… actually…”

As the speaker’s voice became soft, a number of people quickly gathered over. On the monitor in his hands was only one line of blood-red words.

“After ending his isolation, the Great Snow Mountain’s Guardian Deity will kill Luo Yunyang.”

A sense of dread filled the heart of anyone who read that line. Sun Miaomiao couldn’t look at the blood-red words anymore. She was one of the people who were the most concerned about Luo Yunyang at Base 7.

“Luo Yunyang murdered the Great Snow Mountain’s 18 Guardians. The Guardian Deity says that blood calls for blood!”

Most people felt like an unseen force had clutched at their hearts when they read this. Although they had agonized over the fact that the Guardian Deity had stolen Luo Yunyang’s headlines, the newly-advanced Guardian Deity had just announced that he wanted to attack Luo Yunyang. This made everyone feel like a mountain was crushing their hearts.

The Guardian Deity wasn’t scary.

What was scary was that the Guardian Deity had just ascended to the God Realm!

The fact that Luo Yunyang was now the target of a newly ascended god-grade entity made his status immediately undergo a drastic change.

“Instructor Xu, aren’t god-grade powerhouses not allowed to arbitrary act against the mundane?” Sun Miaomiao asked Xu Zhong.

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